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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting March 5, 2002


#1.    If money was no object! There are 129 countries that have some form of land based casino. If you could gamble in any casino in the world, which casino would you visit and why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I think that its more a local question rather that a national one.  I come to Vegas to gamble, relax and have fine dinners. I probably would never attend a pro game unless my browns, yanks or rangers were in town at the time of my visit. since that would be unlikely I'll leave it to the local citizens who must support it for the most part.  Watcherboy

*  I think that Las Vegas is" uniquely qualified" as a pure ADULT destination!!!  The first time that I visited Las Vegas I was 47!  Anyway, there are plenty of places to go with sobering smelly children, take them to Disney Land, ...PLEASE!!!  I don't begrudge folks bringing their kids on vacation but take them to a place where kids can enjoy themselves with the family. Don't try to turn Vegas into a kiddy friendly destination. When my kids were young we went to "family" places, now that my kids are grown, we can all go to Vegas, without little ones around Thanks for letting me "blow off". Paul

*  Even though there are other locations in the world that solicit gamblers, I would still choose Las Vegas. The city that never sleeps and using a watch is to figure out what day or night it is. There are just so many attractions continuously alluring a person to participate. I have returned there many times and am still in awe of the place. Chuck from Arizona

*  No doubt about it, it would be Monte Carlo. where the very rich and beautiful people roam.. where tux and gown is mandatory. where there are more people with more money than god.  I would just want to see how the other half live  now that would be cool. Watcherboy

*  I would still go to Vegas because, there is no way you can see it all in a week or two, so I would move there and go bananas. Thanks Dennis

*  If money was no option I would still go to Las Vegas, I would just stay in a better room. Why go anywhere else when all most places are trying to do is copy the original? Give me the original every time. Las Vegas rocks!!!!! Jeff F.

*  I have been to Biarritz, Baden Baden, Nice, Monte Carlo, Macao, Atlantic City and many of the other casinos scattered around the world as well as having tried a few of the cruise lines. There is only one place to spend one's time if you want to gamble and still do the town-Las Vegas. The whole city is geared to provide the visitor with an array of fine restaurants, entertainment, and gambling. A visit to Las Vegas does not involve staying in one hotel/casino you have the whole ball of wax at your disposal. There is a total freedom to go and do pretty much anything you can afford. No admission as most European casinos have and little or no red tape and hassle when checking in and out of most of the hotels. Even with the present security conscious environment green cash, or multi-colored plastic, gets you in and out of the center of the most lively action in the universe.   HBHWANGO

I love Las Vegas. The resorts are so gorgeous and the shows are the best. But if I am going just to simply gamble and nothing else, I would have to say Biloxi is the place. Michelle

*  Even with money as no object, I would gamble in Las Vegas. Any casino, but especially Bellagio, Mandalay Bay or The Mirage. My number one reason is that I just love Las Vegas! You can do anything you want at any time of day or night! Also, I feel the payouts are better in Las Vegas because the casinos know that if you don't do o.k. in their casino, there's 100 more casinos to chose from within the city. When I gamble, I'm pretty sure I will lose my money, but when they keep the free cocktails coming, it's fun anyway! Tracy Rollins   Boston, MA 

*  I would Like to go to the Casino at Monte Carlo. It's exotic, been shown in Movies since I was kid in the 1930's. Movie stars from Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers to Sean Connery in James Bond movies are portrayed in those glamorous surroundings. I liked the Grace Kelly and Cary Grant scenes showing the countryside of Monte Carlo. Mary O. Massaia, Olympia, WA 

*  It would be Las Vegas as like all the different casinos and the glamour and other things to do besides just gamble.  Bernard L. Crocker

*  Las Vegas there is no city like it.  Audrey Taylor 

*  I'm not sure I would pick a particular casino - though I do like Paris and The Rio in Las Vegas. I would however, have no hesitation in saying that it would be in Las Vegas. I live within 3 hours of 12-14 casinos (NJ and Connecticut) and rarely if ever visit any of them. I wait to visit Las Vegas at least once a year.  Robert Jordan - New York

*  LAS VEGAS its simply the capital of gambling good eating and entertainment.  Jim and Carol Powell 

*  My favorite casino to visit would be Monte Carlo.  I hear it is fun, expensive and gorgeous.  Maybe someday.  Got win a big jackpot for that trip.  Linda  H.  CA

*  I have always wanted to be a big player at the Bellagio.  It is such a great looking building, water show in the front, I just think it would be great to be a big roller at Bellagio.  Hank  T.   OR

*  I heard that one of the biggest casinos in world is in Australia, I would like to see it.  Not sure what the name is but I believe it is in Melbourne.  Bonnie  C.  TX


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