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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting March 25, 2003


On March 25, Celine Dion opened her new show at Caesars Palace with the highest ticket price in history of Las Vegas. Many early reviews are not flattering about this show, including the IVLV review in Showrooms.jsp. This weeks Reader Poll asks the following question. The average price of a Celine Dion ticket is $141.85, if you had to pay for a scalper ticket $300-$750 per ticket. What price would you pay to see Celine and Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

* Personally I would not pay $50 to see her.  I am sure she is a great entertainer, but someone has to put a cap on these ridulous salaries paid these entertainers and the inflated ticket prices.  Gene  WA.

*  I think whatever the ticket price would be fine with me, I am a true fan and would love to come to Vegas and see her.  Count me in.  Donna S.  CA.

*  Has the entire City of Las Vegas gone crazy. Expansions!!! High priced tickets will not pay for Caesars huge project nor will it drive customers to the door. The only thing I see is the price of the theater built must command these high prices. She is good and maybe real good but compared to shows like 'O' no way. If I were in a position of decision making for them I would feel the ground shaking under my feet. Economy--Economy--Economy not the right timing to present this act.  Tom E Smith

*  I would not pay more than $100 for any show ticket. Celine would be one that I would pay the $100 to see and I'm sure that tickets in that price range will be available once the show has settled in. If not so be it. You have to draw a line in the sand at some point and $100 is my line.  John Durkee

*  We would like to see the show, but those ticket prices are way tooooo much.  We have seen shows in Vegas for many years but the prices, on most shows, have gone out of sight and something has to be done to curb the outrageous ticket prices.       Ted & Patricia

*  I already have my tickets for May.  I am paying $125 per ticket to see her.  Caught her show live on CBS last night and I thought it was great.   M. E. C.

*  I have been a Celine Dion fan since I can remember!  Everyone else makes fun of her, but I believe she is one of the very few singers who actually have a true talent. ( It's not all fixed by computers.) I decided I was going to Vegas in June and check out her show; I figured about $50.00 a ticket, but what I found to be true was an OUTRAGEOUS ticket price.  I wonder if anyone would pay that kind of money to see her.  I am a college student and I don't have that kind of money to throw around, even if it is on Celine Dion!  Ashley Woods

*  In reference to your poll I am referencing back to the price of the Celine Dion tickets.... For the average person the tickets are too high to spend on 1 show ticket.... It's one thing to splurge around $100.00 per ticket per person but over that the average person cannot afford to attend the show or if they do you can only go to one show while you are in Las Vegas.. I would Love to see the Celine show but cannot afford to spend that kind of money for tickets.... Deborah Moody

*  Not only wouldn't I pay a scalper for tickets to see Celine Dion, I wouldn't pay $50 to a legitimate outlet for tickets to her show.  Don't like her-never will.   I realize that someone has to pay for that theatre and her ridiculous salary, but it ain't gonna be me!  Jill, Concord, NH

*  Hello from Canada. I am a big Celine Dion fan but I would only pay under $100.  I work hard for my money and it is hard to come by.  I would never pay over this amount for anyone.  Jackie.

*  The range I would pay would be between $50.00 to $65.00.  Tom Project Mgr./Estimator

*  Would not pay the 141.85 to see the show much less any other higher price. too many "good" shows to see at a good value price to pay that kind of money to see anyone. Jerry Evans

*  Ah, yeah, I have just a few comments on the show on TV last night, so here goes- in no particular order: She says early on in the show that while there is a lot going on in the world Iraq and blah blah blah, lets try to set it aside and have fun tonight. Ok sounds good, but then later she goes into this long 'ol talk about what the world needs now is peace and love.  Well Celine what Las Vegas needs is shows that offer DIVERSION from what's happening in the world.  People go to Vegas and pay big bucks to have a GOOD TIME.   I thought there were a lot of really interesting elements on the creation of the show.  But I did think it needed more color, after all this is Vegas, baby!!!  Too much with the blues, grays, mauves and blacks.  Ok, and what is with her haircut yuck!!!  I know she's straight but the whole evening had this sort of feminist we know what's good for men quality.  And the outfit she started the show in was WEIRD.  Lets see she ended a couple of songs laying on the edge of the stage with her legs spread out-EXTREMELY TACKY.   I was shocked to read the prices for this show on this site this am.  I agree with the other writer I wouldn't pay $50 for the show.  I go to a Vegas show- I expect some very serious entertainment.  As I told my wife after the show last night- while the guy who created O had a lot of great ideas, whoever thought Celine Dion could handle a 3 month gig in Las Vegas is out to lunch.  Three weeks- maybe- $300 for this show-NO WAY. Now, when is Leanne Rhymes, or Brittany Spears coming back to town.  I want to see Leanne do Unchained Melody again!!    res08wr9

*  Don't waste your money on a ticket to see her live. You will only be disappointed.  Buy the CD if you are a fan of hers, that way you will remain a fan of hers!  Sorry, but it's only my opinion. Elaine Duba

*  I wouldn't pay 2 cents to see her, as she's not one of my favorites.  However, I wouldn't pay $141 to see anybody, that's outrageous. We did pay $100 to see David Copperfield (it was a birthday treat) and he was great. We don't regret that. I would even pay to see him again, but not $100 ... I'll give you $50 for an encore, David, but not a penny more!  Chris from Ohio

*  I saw most of it free on TV!!!! She did not make an elephant disappear nor have a discount to the buffett!!!!!!! In other words been there done that, lets get in line at the Rio!!!!!!!   C.M.

*  HI, Well I say it would a door prize of  $1,000,000.00 given away at each of her shows for me to even think of going to her show !  You know there is an awful lot of things to do in VEGAS for $142.00 X 2 . But it might be worth a chance for a COOL Million .  After all that's one of the reason we all come to VEGAS to take a chance . Then only difference in going to her show and the other games of chance in VEGAS . Is that in one you might loose your bankroll in the other you might just loose your hearing!  Texasreddog 

*  I would pay $50 if I just hit a jackpot, she has a good voice and better backing apparently!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Howard Kendal

I was never a great fan of Celine Dion.  Cher, yes. Celine, no.  However I watched part of the opening,  carried live on television Tuesday night and I must confess, it was quite impressive.  I thought she gave a remarkable performance.  She has learned to move around and dance.  And the scenery was beautiful.  I am sure that the entire show is just as good.  I would not pay more than $75.00.  I am not rich.  I would go see the Blue Man Group again though!!  I loved Mystere.  I loved Splash.  Follies was good.  Siegfried and Roy costs too much!  Have also seen a number of entertainers, appearing for a limited time, who just happened to be there when we visited Las Vegas.  Some of the Lounge shows are really good too.  Sun Spots for one.  Let's face it everyone, some of the show prices are really out of the average person's price range.  R. Mezzapeso  Poland, OH

*  I think $140.00 is a lot of money I know you go to Vegas to gamble and most people have money. There those of us you go to Vegas on a fixed Budget and like to visit and do things and not everyone can afford that kind of money and would love to see her. when I return to Vegas again this summer I hope they can lower the prices a little for the people who love her so we can see her.  Antoinette Schmit

*  I couldn't believe when I heard how much she was charging. I wouldn't pay more than about 60.00 for her show. It will be interesting to see how much business she gets long term.  Gail Lashock

*  Tell you the truth, I'd have a scalper pay me money to go see that @@@@@.  I  caught a few minutes the other night , the night of her opening and what's up with those oh so phony hand movements. I never ever have seen a entertainer with gestures like that.  Spaz to say the least. No thank you on tickets to see her.  Watcherboy

*  $0.00, I saw if free on TV.  pancake six

*  We would not pay anything to see her.  She is way over hyped. Tom & Mary Walker from Wisconsin

* I would not pay to go see her, I really like her but I saw the show from Vegas & was not too impressed. I would not pay more than $50.00 for her show. I liked Debbie Reynolds & the Everley Brothers more.  Joyce Heinrichs


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