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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting March 25, 2002


#1.    Wow. Last newsletter reader poll stirred up an interesting response about children and Las Vegas. This week’s question goes hand in hand with last newsletter’s question. 

What do you think is the "proper age" for young people to drink alcohol, gamble and see adult shows in Las Vegas? Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

I feel 19 years old is okay.  My son and daughter both went up to Windsor, Canada when they turned 19.  They both played a few slot machines, had a few drinks.  My son actually won a few bucks at blackjack!   And, neither of my kids are addicts!!  They're both in college----like rock music----eat too many cheeseburgers.....etc. So, I feel that 19 is an appropriate age.....Heck, I've seen plenty of 40 year old people that can't handle the booze and gambling!!  

*  It needs to stay at 21. if it is under 21 you have kids drinking and acting just that like kids and we don't need that in Vegas.  G.J. Smith

*  I feel the drinking age should remain at 21 years and gambling because hopefully at that age they will be more mature and be able to handle the situation. As for shows I think it would depend on the the show. If there is nudity 18 should be ok but a lot of other shows are good entertainment that a younger person could handle. They see a lot of nudity on TN at any age. D.L.H. Albuquerque, N

*  Age 21.  Bernard L.Crocker

*  Personally, I believe a proper age to begin drinking, gambling, and taking on the joys(?) of sex should be at least 70--and then only if accompanied by both parents. Realistically, the age is unimportant, it is how the person conducts himself (excuse the gender based politically incorrect pronouns I am prone to use) that determines when one can and should be allowed to consume alcohol and engage in other "adult activities." An obnoxious drunk or an irresponsible person is a pain to himself and others regardless of his age. Responsibility and maturity do not come to an individual as a birthday present.  HBHWANGO  

*  I think 18 yrs. old is old enough, after all if your old enough to fight and die for your country, then you are old enough to drink and gamble.  gemini7

*  Twenty-one is a good age to keep the limit at in Vegas. We tend to want to grow up to fast. There's lots of time to be an adult. It can't go beyond twenty-one, how can we ask our sons and daughters to go off and die for us and not allow them to go to Vegas.  Duffy

*  I think the legal age for drinking and gambling should be 18.  My reason is if the young men and women are old enough to fight and lose their lives for our country they should be able to enjoy the benefits of an adult. Dottie B.

*  21.  CataloniElectric

*  I think the minimum drinking/gambling age should be at least 21 years old.  Young people want to grow up fast and then spend their entire life trying to be young.  Adults that have many experiences and paid dues should be considered adults.  Linda Harbough

*  When you see all the 18 and 19 kids who think they are adults is really funny.  Most people who are 21 are not responsible for their own actions, that is why we have lawsuits giving millions of dollars to people because the coffee was to hot.  When the mass public starts taking responsibility for their actions is when they should be allowed to drink, gamble and enjoy adult entertainment.  Unfortunately, that would be a small number in today's society.  I think 25 should be the minimum age. H. Sinclair


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