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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll March 25, 2001

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1.  Walking down the Las Vegas Strip it is almost impossible to walk very far before you are confronted with someone trying to give you some type of paper handout, mostly with adult material.  This weeks question is:  

Are you offended by these people trying to hand out material to you?

*  We have just returned from your wonderful city, but noticed a change from our last visit. Up and down the strip, there were people handing out literature about every 3 feet. They would "pop" the papers in their hand and stick it towards your face. It was very annoying. It was so excessive. Please get rid of this situation. All visitors seemed to be just as annoyed as we were. This does not reflect well on your city.   Jlcarroll

*  Whether it is adult oriented or not I find them offensive. I would prefer to walk the strip without constantly being bombarded by multiples of people waving papers in my face!!!   Darlene Relyea

*  No, I am not offended. This is sin city after all and to all the people complaining about being with kids, DON'T BRING YOUR KIDS!!!!  David Tse

*  My husband and I just returned yesterday from Las Vegas and the only real disappointment was the handout pests on the streets. It's extremely insulting that they show no discretion whatsoever. They don't care who they hand them out to and it's reached the point where there are 5 and 6 standing side by side along the sidewalks and you get accosted by each and every one of them. The crowds on the sidewalks of Las Vegas are immense enough without hoards of sex peddlers on them as well. Really these people are no better than pimps selling sex on the side walks. At least 90 percent of the litter on the strip is attributed to these trashy handouts. It doesn't make much sense when the city of Las Vegas is trying to turn the town into a place to take your family for a vacation and yet will allow these pamphlets to be passed to anyone. My 14 year old son was constantly harassed last year and it made us avoid the strip sidewalk the rest of our trip. There has got to be a better way than this. Why not restrict it solely outside the strip clubs where those customers are in that market in the first place?   Craigholcik

*  Nope, I don't really pay attn to them when I go to Las Vegas. I be going Las Vegas in June again for my 4 time I don't really pay attention to them when I walk the sidewalks on the strip go to the other casinos on the strip.    Countryboy0403

*  I am not offended by the fact that the literature is handed out. I am offended by the almost militant manor in which they try to shove it into your hands as you go up the strip. I would prefer that they leave it only in the newspaper type boxes and let the people who want it to get it there.   D Nifong

*  I find it annoying.  I find it very annoying especially when being accompanied by my grandchildren.  Although there seems to be a policy whereby the vendor must step back when being told no, why do I have to say "No" every 3 or 4 feet. If I wanted to locate adult entertainment, I'm sure it can be found just be asking at any one of the Las Vegas businesses.  Garry Koons  Sierra Vista, AZ

*  I find all the handouts are more irritating than offensive.  Peggy Stepler

*  Yes, I am extremely offended. It makes the whole strip look cheap. If Las Vegas is trying to portray a family image these days, it's not consistent to allow people to distribute pictures of near naked women. These papers are all over the sidewalks so one can't sensor them from their children. It's impossible to avoid seeing them. Karen V Bujnoski

*  No not at all. If you do not want the material all you have to say is no thank you and keep on walking, I for one don't want the material but there are people out there who do . SZ

*  NO!!! I don't appreciate the offensive adult materials forced on you while we were trying to have good clean fun in Las Vegas. If this is the result of legalized prostitution then I pray that the state of Ohio never legalize prostitution. I remember accepting the offensive material from an older woman. I told her that she should be a shamed because she looked liked someone's grandmother, but I guess she already knew it because I never accepted any from the young men.  Marc Lord

*  Yes, my family is offended by this material. It is annoying and I'm sure causes litter problems because, I believe, most people are not interested.  Many people may throw it away for someone else to clean up. Someone who is interested can find that kind of thing on their own.  Dave Mraz

*  YES!!!!   Lois & Wayne Carsience

*  Yes it does offend my wife and I.  sedigv44

*  I realize those people are trying to make a buck but it is really annoying when someone tries to stuff some paper advertisement in your hand. If people want them, they will get them. Besides that, to people who don't know what they are doing - it is kind of scary seeing all those people lined up along the streets. I think it probably hurts some walking tourist business for some places. People just don't want to walk past them.   nsclute

*  I absolutely despise this and wish this would stop. They stick their porno material right in my face. There must be a way of making the current procedure illegal or minimized so as to not invade my privacy of their smut.  Anthony Krusz

*  No, we are not. We have learned to just ignore them and they are not pushy if you ignore. However, I am offended by the pan handlers who sit in wheel chairs or lay in front of the casinos begging for money. We saw one guy actually putting something in his arm with a syringe!!! I think the Casino's should try to stop this. Is there no law against this sort of activity?  Pam Jones

*  Yes...just ends up cluttering up the street.  Ruby Clark

*  No, I like the papers. They are helpful in finding adult info in Vegas.     mhaskel1

*  I am annoyed by these people -- as well as a little apprehensive about them. They can be very bothersome with verbal abuse, as well as pushing their paper propaganda.  Joanne K.

*  Not offended, but L V would be a little better off without it.  John J. Flood

* YES, I am tired of getting these low life people getting in my face when I am trying to enjoy the sites of the city.  I believe that no one should be allowed to bother you on a city street.  Ann  LA

Yes, I get offended when people hand my husband and I adult material.  Do they think I am not visible or are they just that low of life person they will do anything to get their product sold.  Bonnie   NM


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