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Reader Poll March 25, 2000

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1. Along the Las Vegas Strip you can see various news racks filled with Adult literature containing sexual provocative pictures. In several locations people hand these pieces of Adult literature to pedestrians walking on the Strip. What is your opinion of Adult material being available on the Las Vegas Strip?

* Having the brochures pushed at you is very irritating. Apparently, this distribution of pornography is protected by the freedom of speech act and is difficult to enforce. Try tanning topless at a strip hotel and see what happens.  Pat

* O K with the stands but pppllleeeaaaseee no handing out the literature-kinda embarrassing    devoney51

* This is no place for trash like that especially when I'm walking with my wife & they are pushing it into your hand. Time for city officials to end this.  FinnDagofromMi

* I think the "handouts" are disgusting. I am pretty open-minded but when my hubby and I went to Vegas on our honeymoon we were inundated with these things. They didn't care if you were not in the least interested - they practically forced them on you. Do they get paid by the "piece" ? (pun intended lol)   H. Paterson

* They are not appropriate on the Strip where so many families are walking. It can be intimidating to walk through a group of them. Elaine Brotchie England UK ___

* Disgusting. a bunch of low lives.  Tw9111

* I wish they would just go away. It is not as bad as it was some years ago when they were everywhere, blocking pedestrian traffic, etc.  Now I believe they must stay inside a designated space, and pedestrian traffic can at least get past them, We all know there are strip clubs and whores in most US cities, even Las Vegas. If one desires such treats, most know how and where to find them without street vendor handbills. I say get them off the street for good.  I don't mind the literature racks, one can take it or leave it as you please. The people handing out this type of literature are still a bit too pushy for me.  George Ratermann

* I'm against censorship, however even Playboy and Penthouse magazines are kept behind the counter. Why not keep these "adult entertainment" ads in possibly cigar or liquor stores where kids can't see them, or even in some casinos where children aren't allowed.  Benny Low 

* I personally don't mind seeing the "newspaper boxes", if you don't want a flier, don't take one. On the other hand while walking down the strip just sightseeing and jumping inside various casino's I think the people handing out fliers should be banned. They are way to aggressive. You have to walk out of there way just to avoid them sticking pamphlets in your face. I have even seen them doing this to men with there spouses, and I have seen them trying to pass them out to women. Thanks, John H.

* We love Las Vegas, but we don't like the smut that they hand out on the streets. We go to Las Vegas for the upscale type of life that is offered. The smut peddlers take the shine away from Vegas. The political powers should work extra hard to get rid of the smut. Today we would rather go on a cruise for an upscale life. No smut on the cruises or any of their ports. J.F.H. LOCKPORT,N.Y.

* Although Vegas was once "Sin City" the adult material does not need to be accessible to children. I do like the fact that they started the while line law, those boxes can not be placed in front of a resort that has a painted white line on the sidewalk. The white line cuts down on it some.  David Nicolato

I hate that. That is the biggest reason I don't want to take my kids.  Oakridge

* I do not like it. It's immoral. It's like throwing sex at you, they just get right in your face. I hope it stops soon, as it is not fun walking down the streets of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is trying to be known as a FAMILY town. It's terrible for children to see. Sincerely, Joan Tatigikis


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