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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting March 15, 2002


#1.    Would you like to see Las Vegas become more of a family entertainment town or go back to what it was years ago, an adult playground? Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies: 

No No No.  Kids do not belong in Las Vegas. Adults need a place to get away from kids. Las Vegas used to be one of those places. What business do kids have in a town nicknamed Sin City? There are enough playgrounds for children like Disneyland. There are alot of people who go on vacation to get away from kids, and absolutely hate having them screaming and running around the pools and hotels, cruise ships are getting to be the same way. Lisa Reskovac

I'd like to respond to the question of whether Las Vegas should continue to become a family destination or whether it should revert back to the way it used to be.  It definitely should be a family destination. America is a country that attracts visitors from all over the world. Las Vegas used to be known as "Sin City". That is disgraceful! It used to be a haven of rampant gambling, prostitution, and all sorts of unsavory things. Although those things are still there, they aren't what's attracting the newer visitor. What kind of element would the old Las Vegas attract? The tourist destination of the new millennium is a family destination. And, from a financial point of view, a family spends more money than a single person or a couple. Many people I know who don't like to gamble want to go to Las Vegas. An ideal vacation destination is one that can attract people with many different interests and likes, and the new Las Vegas atmosphere certainly delivers!  gocaruso

I'd love to go back to the good old days, when you didn't have to dodge or fight your way through so many children when going through the lobby and elsewhere to get into and out of the casinos. Many years ago, four of us took the other couple's two boys with us to Vegas, but we barely got there when we said "NEVER AGAIN." The boys loved it, but one of us had to be with them all the time, so we couldn't gamble and instead of us being entertained, we had to entertain the boys. A friend of mine and her husband took her son to Vegas in August, and they are going back in April. The son had a ball and wants to go with them in April, but they don't want to take him, because they couldn't gamble last time nor go to nice restaurants and shows geared mainly to adults. We used to love Vegas and went several times a year in the old days, but we don't go as often since it became so "kid friendly." Let the kids have Disney and give Vegas back to the adults.  Jackie Andrew

I definitely would like to see Vegas as an adult playground only. Children should not be wandering around the casinos or waiting at the doorsteps for parents or sleeping on benches. Gambling is a very bad influence on children.  A family campsite would be more appropriate for children.  Ann Holan

* I would rather have it as it was several years ago because a gambling Mecca is not a very good environment for kids and most of the places they built for theme parks did not last anyway. A place like Circus Circus can handle it ok because they have catered to people of all ages from the start. It is not my favorite place to go but I do go into the casino occasionally. Thanks D Harrison Albuquerque, NM

*  Adult playground only please because that is what I would prefer. We're older and our kids are grown up. We don't fancy all the noise and activity that naturally occurs where children are. Casinos are your bread and butter and kids are not allowed on casino floors. In recent years, I have seen so many children parked along a wall at the edges of casino floors and dying of boredom while mummy and daddy play. Seems like "just a few minutes" turns into two hours before you know it and the kids suffer, not to mention that it is unsafe to leave the kids unwatched. So I vote no kids.  Josette Frey

*  An adult playground. Family's have Disney World.  OnToTheTee

*  Keep the kids home leave Vegas to the adults. the kids got Disneyworld. We got Vegas.  sedigv44

*  I like old Vegas; sin city baby, that's what I'm talking about. When me and the boys come to town, we enjoy seeing and doing things we can't do or see in Ohio. In my opinion; it's about getting crazy and having fun without running into little kids being pushed around in a stroller. I love kids; but leave them at home when you come to Las Vegas, take them to Disney or Epcot, that's what they are there for. My opinion only Brian Jones

*  I think the quote made by mayor Oscar Goodman answers the question for me:  "People don't come to Las Vegas for Pirate battles and exploding volcanoes...they're looking for Bugsy Siegel." Regards, Mac

*  We would like it to go back toward the adult type of town. Children will have time enough of their own to be exposed to Las Vegas life when they get older. There is plenty of entertainment available for families all over the US. If the parents want to gamble and have adult type of fun then make it a separate vacation. The majority of the people that come to Las Vegas Do it to be away from kids and want to be able to let their hair down and have a great time. If people want a place where they can entertain their kids and gamble at the same time----let them offer gambling at Disneyland or some theme park---not Las Vegas. Keep it for adults, they got it where it's at today!!!   John Clinge

*  On my last trip to Vegas in January, I felt like I was at Disney World. If that is the atmosphere that I wanted and paid for I would go there!!! My wife and I both agree that Las Vegas is a place that was built for adults to go to. Over the last three years we have been witnessing the change from adults to kids. It is very annoying to watch small kids run through the casinos and to wait in line behind baby strollers. This town was not built for a baby sitting service!! Our group has already decided that next year we are going to go to Atlantic City. It will no doubt cost us more to go, but at least we will not be bothered by small kids crying. Please put Las Vegas back to the vacation capital for adults, instead of a playground for kids!!  Curt Aller

*  Go back to the way it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids can go to Disney.  K & P

*  I think Vegas should go back to adult play ground, i think small kids running around a casino is awful, people should take the family and go to Disney land not Vegas, Vegas is no place for kids, we go 2 or 3 times a year, put we try to avoid the casinos where the small kids are running around, they should be home not in a casino, we never took our kids to any gambling place when they were small, now they are all grown up, we go with out kids i think every one should do the same, no, no, no, kids.  Hanecak

*  We have been traveling to Vegas for the past twelve years. We do not enjoy the direction the casino's have taken as to size, large buildings which take a long time to get to restaurants and casinos. Also our past visit in March 2002 we found too many families, having to walk around strollers and hearing children cry and whine. We don't believe it is a proper environment for children. We also enjoy the area around Riviera, Circus-Circus, Slots-a-Fun, Westward Ho and Stardust because you can walk around and be in four different casinos within 30 minutes to an hour. The Dunns

*  I used be we could come to Vegas to get away from the kids, now there are kids everywhere. Go back to the old way. Make Vegas an adult playground again. Thanks.  Dixie Trindle

*  Go back the way it was years ago, an adult playgrounds.  Gary & Kay Smith

*  Las Vegas is a place we go on vacation to get away from it all, kids included. I would like to see it go back the way it was. Too many people are taking their kids and frankly, I am taking vacation to get away from mine, I don't enjoy other people's kids running around and crying, screaming, whining, ect........ Calgon, take me away!! :-) Kim, Michigan

*  Las Vegas has grown up, it is their responsibility to include the family.  murrdog777

*  I would like to see it stay family friendly. There's plenty of "sideline" entertainment for those who seek it. I would probably not come back if it goes to all adult entertainment. Las Vegas has come a long way, lets not ruin it now. Dewain Utley

*  I would like to see Vegas go back to the way it was and stop catering to kids. Who needs all those kids running around in the casinos. It would be a different story if the parents would not allow the kids to run free. If the families want a family vacation go to Disneyland or Disneyworld where kids are king. Hankstertwo2

*  I have never been to Las Vegas. We are planning on leaving March 25, 2002, and I would like to have Las Vegas back. Make it for adults only. Our family has been to Cedar Point, Disney World and NASCAR races. Now this spring break is just for the two of us. I don't need kids around if I want to see an adult show. Nor do I want the shows censored because of a young one in the audience. Thank you Nascarpak

*  I would like to see it go back to adults again, children don't belong there, and foremost, it a shame to see the kids sitting around in the lobbies while the parents go off to play in the casinos. So, the answer to your question is adults only. Sincerely,  Ssuss65302

*  Yes- please go back to the "OLD DAYS" let the kids go to Disney-I am sick of being run into by baby strollers & tripping over pimple faced kids running through the casino. BTC in Boston

*  I would like to have the old Las Vegas. I would like to have somewhere to go where I don't have to hear children whining and crying because they are miserable. Las Vegas is very limited to what children should be doing to enjoy themselves. I love children as much as any one, but when an adult is trying to get away from it all they don't need the stress of a child running around and screaming. Lynn R

*  I would like to see Vegas go back to what it was and should be an adult entertainment vacation. Since we have been going to Vegas for the last 12 years of so we have seen a marked increase in the number of parents taking their children. You see them with strollers in the casinos, one parent with the child (children) in a corner and the other on a slot machine, then trading places. If they want to take their children then take them to the things for children that are there, and not the casinos. How much fun is the child having there really??? If this is the vacation they choose then take someone along to watch the children when the adults are in the casinos. If they can't do that then wait until the children are old enough to stay alone or with a relative or friends and go alone. There is a time and place for everything and everyone to go certain places. Vegas is not the place to take children. We just recently returned from Vegas and I can't tell you how many parents we saw out at 2 or 3 a.m. with their little ones in a stroller, some wide awake and some sleeping. Like I said a time and a place.  Scott & Celia Herod

*  Adult play ground 100%, I go there to get away. Who the heck wants kids around. Ed from Jersey

*  I fell it should go back to being a adult playground. I put up with rug rats at home & on other vacations so it would be nice to go to Vegas without having to listen to children screaming and crying at the pools and in restaurants. Lynn

*  I think Las Vegas should go back to being what it was originally built to be -- an adult playground. It's absurd to have gambling casinos designed so that children walk through them on the way in and out of the hotels. The whole appeal of the city was originally geared to adults, and to try and sell it as a family destination just doesn't work.  Brian Jobson

*  I would like to see Vegas GO BACK to the "old" days and ways!!!!!!!!! I was in Vegas 3 times last year and it seems more and more a "kid oriented" town.......bummer!!!  After all, KIDS have Disneyland, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Disneyworld etc. WHY do they need to "invade" a grown up town like Vegas???  The streets were full of kids......the casino areas were full of kids, the buffets were full of kids.......hey, enough is enough!!!!!   Thanks!!! Sharon

*  I would like it to go back to the way it use to be, because when I go to Las Vegas, it is to get away from kids, work and all the everyday hassles. I like to go out for dinner and not hear all the crying and screaming. The Hommels

*  I would love to see Vegas go back to the way it use to be. It gave us parents that have raised their children a place to go and relax without the screaming and crying of children that don't belong in a gambling town. I love my children and grandchildren, but I also enjoy my time.  Ptowndot  

*  Like to see Las Vegas go back see it for Adult playground. You do not need kids, it not a place for them in a place for adult to have fun.  Cataloni  

*  I have had enough of the so-called family Las Vegas.  Vegas is no place for children and any parent who brings their children to Vegas should have their morals checked.  The smut being handed out on the strip, the 24 hour drinking, the explicit billboards, who is kidding who, Vegas never was or should never be a family outing.  T. Clark. 

*  Families have their place in the Las Vegas entertainment program, but it will never be the main interest of the people coming here.  Only Vegas can build billion dollar monuments to drinking and gambling, that sure isn't family values.  Gloria  W.  


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