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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll Starting June 5, 2001

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#1.  Do you think the casino gambling area should be a NO smoking area?  WHY?

*  I am a non-smoker and my answer is no.    Trace Hagemann

*  No. Let them smoke! I am now a non-smoker, I stopped smoking last October for my own reasons. I feel that more and more rights are being taken away from American citizens. There is even a movement under way to ban the use of all fragrances, perfumes, deodorants, after shave, etc. from all public places. It is time to call a halt to these extremists. Things have gone too far. Smoker's are already made to feel like outcasts from society. Leave them some dignity and some means of escape, isn't that what Vegas is all about. The great fantasy land and getaway from our everyday stress and problems    riveroaks1

*  Yes, I think there should be at least a portion of the casino gambling area designated and enforced as a no-smoking area. People with sinus problems are greatly affected by the smoke and should be allowed to enjoy the games as well as the smokers without being subjected to the smoke. JoAnn Hermann

Just keep it the way it is. I don't smoke, but the friends we go to Vegas with do smoke. if you must make a little area for non smokers. G.J. Smith

*  Hi, yes, they should have designated smoking areas, first to respect the non smokers and the health issues involved. and employee's health also be considered. thank you.  Francine Poling

*  I don't think that smoking should be altogether banned, but there should be more restrictions. People smoke on lines, flicking ashes on the rug. They flick ashes in the coin tray which is DISGUSTING! People put their hands in their and they get filthy. I just think that smokers should have more respect for people. Also, in the designated non-smoking areas, I have seen smokers playing anyway. Some have no respect at all for those who are non-smokers. As a nurse, I see people dying horrible deaths from the effects of cigarette smoking. They literally drown in their own air, unable to breathe. I worry about the effects of second hand smoke and believe that casinos should have an air filtering system. Karen

Both my husband and I had stopped smoking 2 years ago after smoking for approximately 45 and 39 years respectively. We have been visiting Las Vegas for the past 8 years, every year. The only time smoking really bothers us is when someone is sitting right next to us, at a slot machine, with the ashtray blowing smoke our way. That really doesn't happen that very often. I find the most of casino's have terrific filtering systems for the smoke. I would not like to see casino's ban smoking altogether because I feel smokers do have some rights. Even if I am not a smoker any longer. If casino's keep up their filtering systems, then I don't see a problem.  I have been in a casino (in Conn.) where there is a particular area just for non-smokers. I didn't see any area's in Las Vegas just for non-smokers, however, I wasn't looking for them. Carolyn Brockett

No I do not think it should be NO SMOKING in your casinos and the reason is you'd loose money face it a big portion of your customers are at your tables and slots for what I am sure you hope is more than an hour at a time. in my opinion a NO SMOKING status would pull people away from machines therefore less money being spent. Some places offer a NO SMOKING section. Why can't Las Vegas do this as well? That way your smoking patrons will not be inconvenienced and neither will your Non Smoking ones. I am non smoker by the way.  jcjwalker

Only if smoke is being caused by a forest fire.  Cbatest

*  I will never set foot into any casino that makes their gambling area a NO smoking area. Will I stop gambling ? No, but I will stop going to Vegas.  Trudytoo

Smoking is a personal choice for each person. But I do feel that there should be at least a section of the casino strickly for non smokers. Some people have severe allergies and should be able to enjoy the casino without having to pay the price of ill health that could result. Judy L. Stigers

*  As a non-smoker, I am happy to find a non-smoking table or area in a casino, but I don't think the whole casino should be non-smoking. There is something fundamental, I think, about gambling, drinking, and smoking that should be a part of any casino experience. It's not like they're running a health club. Scottalott

*  Absolutely NOT!!! While I respect the rights of nonsmokers, and accept that casinos have "Nonsmoking Sections", this should be strictly a matter of choice for the individual, not an outright ban. Renie Snohomish, WA

*  I hate the casino area when you have one of those trendy guys who thinks that because he has a cigar sticking out of his mouth that it makes him desirable.  Quite the contrary.  Nothing is as foul as a good or bad cigar burning in a casino gambling area.  Cigarettes are bad enough but I think all cigars should be placed where the sun does not shine.    Ettie, NY

*  Smoking, gambling and drinking seem to go together, maybe that is why I have bad health and no money.  Leave the smoking in the casinos and remove the children that seem to be everywhere.  HG, IL

*  If I had my way the entire world would be no smoking.  I am really tired of fighting my way through crowds of smokers.  Who knows, maybe California finally has a good idea.  Tom.



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