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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll June 5, 2000

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1. When selecting Las Vegas Casino entertainment do you prefer adult shows (topless) or family shows? Why?

*  I prefer adult shows because i do not have children.   Scott Caldera

*  Adult Shows- The allure of Las Vegas is that it has a different moral climate than most of the U.S.  Gary Smith

*  I enjoy them.  Thanks,   Chochynadl

*  I prefer the adult shows.  Julie

*  Adult shows.  Darlene & Bernie Crocker

*  We prefer family shows, as we look for entertainment for the whole family.  Maurice Farn

*  I prefer adult shows, mainly because I still don't believe Las Vegas should be a family-oriented place. Let's face it... no one is going to go to Las Vegas unless they want to gamble a little. This is no place for children, no matter how enticing they make it appear. As far as nudity. I personally don't need to see a show with nudity, however, this is Las Vegas. This is what made it famous. I don't believe in taking it away.... you'll take away visitors right with it. I would like to see a show-girl variety show like Viva Las Vegas where there is no nudity or better yet a headliner. I'd much rather see an entertainer but I think a Las Vegas show is just icing on the cake.  dwarfel

*  I would NEVER go to a topless show! Why would I waste my time and money?  If I want to see breasts...I'll just look in the mirror!  I like to see a number of the many amazing "family shows" (if that's what you want to call them) offered in Las Vegas... from comedians to Cirq du Soleil. There's so much to offer in the town that never sleeps. Among my favorites are "Mystere" at Treasure Island and "At the Copa" starring David Cassidy and Sheena Easton at The Rio. I would highly recommend either of these shows. Other than headliners...such as George Carlin and Dana Carvey...the best comedy show I've seen in Vegas is at The Riviera.  Kellie Kruger

*  Vegas is the adult playground and adult entertainment is what we should get.  If you want family entertainment you have Anaheim. Rick Foss

*  There is a place for both. When we are with friends that object to the adult shows we book the family times. When we are by ourselves we always do the adult version. The shows are done in a professional manner.   Wallace Gay 

*  Family shows. I wouldn't be see dead in a topless show. It demeans women and promotes a perverted lifestyle.  Herbert G. & Alice L. Renner, Jr.

*  Family shows, that way no matter if we go by our selves or with some other people, no one will feel uncomfortable.  Karen Nix

*  I prefer family shows. Why? I find adult shows offensive to women.   Bonnie Young

*  Adult shows that is what Vegas is all about adult entertainment.   Bob Leth

*  Neither is a set consideration. We prefer to see shows which are entertaining and proven to be excellent. We sometimes rely on the opinions of friends who have seen a show.  Karen V Bujnoski

*  I see family shows "back home", can't see risqué shows there.  Why go to Las Vegas when I could just stay home instead?  Michael Kersenbrock

*  Prefer adult shows, I am an adult, the shows are done in good taste and the women are very pretty.  andrew-drobny



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