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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for June 25, through July 4, 2004


Summertime has arrived in Las Vegas and the temperatures soar over 100.  Some casinos now offer topless or total nude sun bathing.  Would you consider using this service?   WHY or Why Not?

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets! Each Reader Poll.  The 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.)

Reader Poll Replies:

*  I do not think my body is ready for a topless or more sun bathing.   Gina  T.

*  No, that would not be for me.  George Houston Texas

*  Sign me up... now that is what Vegas is all about.  Tell me more and what does it cost?  David CA

*  No - I feel that families with children should not have to watch where they go because someone is naked. If they want to do that - then they should have adult only hotels with the nude option - but there should not be anything that could be untoward for young families.   Sharon Miller

*  Boy, what a choice. I can see two or more sides to this one. Being a male, I think "wow". Being a gambler, I think that it would keep a lot of men out of the casinos and hanging around the pools. Plus being in a city where alcohol is 24 7 There might be some problems. Now I am not a tea toter by any means and I know that after tossing down a few buds and having a not to profitable run at the tables or slots, Off to the pool for eye candy. My self I would normally not sunbath nude, but after a few, who knows what would happen.  Chuck Merica

*  No I would not participate in this, and to be truthful would probably not encourage my husband to be by the pool areas where it is going on, because like most woman who have had children my body just can't compete with "show bodies" and its one thing on stage but quite another live and in person if you know what I mean.  Cathy Kellner

*  i see no problem with it as long as there is a designated area for it that is very private. I myself would not do it but that would just be a personal choice.  Jennie Smith

*  I would not use this service, just to protect the eyes of others.  BG

*  Would I consider using this service? If "using" encompasses requesting a low floor room overlooking the nude bathing area, then YES, I would definitely "use" this service.  Jeff Stephens  Massapequa Park, NY

*  Well, I for one would not be interested in nude sunbathing in Las Vegas. For one thing I just find it too hot in Las Vegas to do any sunbathing, nude, topless, bottomless, or any other way. Also, I really do need a tan where those swim trunks usually go, and I'm afraid I could do some serious damage down there, which could really cramp my style for quite a while. And besides, I go to Las Vegas to Eat, drink, be merry, enjoy the casinos great air Conditioning, and win their money from them,  And not necessarily in that order. So, others can have their topless pools, if I want topless, I'll polish up my glasses and be going to the late show at Bally's or something similar. And I won't have to worry about things getting "close quarters" in the pants if I really enjoy the show, due to sunburn. I would encourage others to consider high rating sunscreen, in liberal amounts, though!!  M Rathz

If I was young and beautiful I would sunbathe nude. But since I am not I would really put on a show. I would definitely give a lot of people a good laugh. They would never see my privates if I was lying on my back. The abdomen sags too. Old age is not a pretty site.  lindansg

No, I would not use it because I am too old and too heavy. But, more power to those who want it. Just have it in a sheltered area so as not to offend others.  Ginny Jones Terre Haute IN

No, I am now to old, hairy and fat to torture the other guests, but I don't mind looking.  Tom Ayers  Montclair CA

No, who would want an all over sun burn?  Jeanette and Hugh Wilson

Yes, I would use this service.  Gary & Kay Smith

I would use this service only if they allow photography!      Howard Kendall

*  No I would not use this for two reasons.  1. Unhealthy any way you want to look at it.
2. People who like to exploit themselves are the ones who do it. There is no reason for public nudity that is rational.  Sherrill Ball

Totally nude sunbathing – in Las Vegas? Well, it’s an interesting concept; one that’s been “taking off” in Europe for years, but is the U.S. ready for that?  With two out of three Americans overweight according to statistics and a lot of those weighty folks journeying to Las Vegas every year, the idea sounds frightening to say the least. Can you picture the woman from Des Moines sitting at the slot machine next to you with the cigarette hanging out of her lips suddenly appearing at the nude beach? I say no; I wouldn’t use it, and although my husband may have visions of beautiful women sunning themselves by the pool, the reality may be something other than perfect.  Evelyn Cortesi 

Yes, I would definitely participate. I have visited a nude beach twice in California, and here at home in Arkansas, I sunbathe nude almost daily. I hate tanlines!  Deb Douglas

If it is a place to "see and be seen" then the majority of the public is not going to go. If it is a "European Relaxation Topless" then you will have a hit!  20 pounds ago, I never would have hesitated to say "sure" to topless. Now, I would have to say...... Topless beaches in Europe are for people to relax and enjoy beaches, America is not so interested in relaxation - I am fairly certain that the only people allowed at these places would be the "beautiful" people. Topless doesn't bother me, I would go topless... It might bother the other people there, IF they were looking. In Europe, people don't look, if they do, they don't see... I've been there. It is very comfortable. The only people ogling are the Americans.  Totally nude? 2 words, Sanitary Issues! Not doing it! Not even going! YUK!!!!  Thanks!  Tamela

*  It is highly unlikely that my wife of I would take advantage of this option even though we have the bodies to show off.  Our main concern would not necessarily be modesty, but neither of us would potentially want nude pictures of us plastered all over the internet. If we choose to sunbathe sans clothes, we do in in the privacy of our backyard where there are high fences.  Will Deschenes

I am unsure whether or not I would ever use this kind of service as I am not an exhibitionist. This might be a good thing for a nudist or someone who lives in California or some other place that has nudist colonies. However, I think if casinos do offer this type of service, it should be in a place that is restricted to adults. Children should not be subjected to this type of thing until they are teenagers and perhaps not even then. There are simply too many sexual predators out in the world today. The same reasoning could apply to adults as well. I would hope that this type of service would be regulated and anyone suspected of being a sexual predator would not be allowed or welcome. There would have to be certain restrictions for this type of service to work. I, myself, don't think I would ever want to use this type of service as I am very modest about my physical appearance.  Janet Stephens Amarillo, TX

*  Personally I would not use this service but I applaud all who have the confidence to do so.   Hawks0707

My husband likes to walk new places and see things he's never seen before; I like to swim and sunbathe.  We've been married 44 years and never had a honeymoon or a vacation with just the two of us. My husband has this problem of stomach cramps when money is spent unnecessarily. With our children grown, I thought perhaps I could convince him to travel some. However, our daughter is an Air Force career single mother and it has been our great fortune to have the two grandchildren for a year while she was in Korea and again this fall when she unfortunately goes to Iraq; and our youngest daughter is getting married in September, thus curtailing any plans I may have managed to talk him into.  Between July, 2004 and November, 2004, a dream vacation for us would be two weeks in Las Vegas with you paying airfare and lodging.  My hardworking wonderful husband could see all the sights during the day while I shine in the sun and water; play the slots with me at night, again using your money so his stomach wouldn't hurt; and enjoy the rest of each night doing wonderful activities curtailed by the presence of grandchildren.  Linda Chesnut  Potomac IL

*  Flying at night over the entire Strip as well as downtown to see the lights. This would remind me of Christmas time when a child. The family would find our assigned seats in the family car, to view the Lights of Christmas. What a Beautiful site. I remember being so excited. I would not know which direction to look first. The lights were beautiful! I am still a child at heart and still get excited at the attractions of lights.  Dream Vacation would be to fly over the strip and downtown area at night.  Vie Bowser  Beaumont TX

My Las Vegas dream vacation would be to leave the rain soaked state of Washington, head to sunny Las Vegas, land at McCarran airport and be picked up in a sweet limo, whisked away to a fabulous hotel where I could stay in a beautiful suite, wake up to a wonderful breakfast at my favorite eatery...lounge by the pool and relax in a cabana because I am a nurse and could use some pampering, go to the spa and have a wonderful massage, swim in the pool, go to Little Buddha for lunch via my limo, do some gambling, for what is Vegas without that, drive down the strip and take in the sights, pick up my best friend Tom at dinnertime and treat him to the best meal the strip had to offer...end the evening at Mount Charleston looking out over the city with a bottle of wine...taking in the sights and forgetting all my cares.....Kathryn Castricone  Bremerton WA

*  It would be wonderful if everyone were as free spirited as the next or if everyone raised their children the same but we don't. Therefore if there were an adult inclusive hotel that would allow topless sunbathing where you wouldn't have 12 year boys gawking at your chest that would work. Otherwise, no thanks! Elsie Ramos

*  Bad idea, there are to many children coming to Las Vegas now that it is a theme city for the family. its a shame that it turned that way, but that's the way it is. If it was all adults I wouldn't mind it at all.  Pat Ski



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