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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting June 25, 2002


#1.   Keeping with last weeks question, Insider Viewpoint has decided to create online game(s) you can play for free and possibly win prizes. This weeks question is, what casino game(s) would you like to play on our web site? Slots, Video Poker, Craps Black Jack, Roulette, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Keno, Caribbean Stud, or ????? Please advise which game you want to play and WHY that game?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  Would like to play Yahtzee with the walking dice.  It was a fun game to play at the mirage Hotel when we was there and they took them out.  It was a cute game.  Would buy the machine if I could find one. Thanks  Deb Hocking

*  Craps and video poker.  RICE503

*  One of the things I would like to see would be the new slot machine games that are so complex with multitudes of buttons and complex payouts that are so hard to figure out at the casinos. We enjoy the simple slot machines of yore and don't know how to play the newer ones and if you had them on line you could then explain to us how to play the video slot machines so that we'd know how to play them the next time we're in Vegas.  Heather H.

*  Blackjack.  Mark Nobert

*  I would like to see slots, craps, pai gow poker, black jack and sic bo.  However any games that your able to give us will be fun and at times a learning tool. i for one would like to practice games like pai gow and sic bo, then be able to play them for real in a casino knowing what is going on. cya Watcherboy

*  I love poker all kinds of poker. Tony 

*  Slot and video poker.  murrdog777

*  I would like to see video poker and blackjack.   stjolee

*  Video Poker, a little knowledge really helps. Gayle Cotten

*  I would like to see SLOTS because they are fun.  I would like to see Caribbean Stud because it looks like fun and I would like to practice.   Thank you!  chgobeagled

*  I love the mindless enjoyment of playing the slots. This is my number one choice for online gaming. When I am tired from working all day, I don't want to think in order to enjoy myself. Slots give me a mental boost when I need to relax at the end of the day.  Occasionally, I play video poker on my computer at home. I've heard that you need to practice doing this to develop your strategies for different machines when you do play "for real" in order to have the best chance at winning. This would be my other choice for online gaming. Thanks for allowing me to play a part in the development of your online games.  Sincerely,  Carol A. Stachewicz

*  I have played roulette and find it very exciting! Even though you only play for tokens in that particular game, they have added a bonus called a "moon shot". If the ball lands on a "x" sign, your winnings are multiplied by x10 or even higher sometimes. Even without the "moonshot" it is still one of my favorite games. Thanks and I look forward to playing if you can establish it. P.S. Its nice to see you so much on the Travel and Discovery Channels when they interview you about gaming in Las Vegas!  Thanks, Jim Stegall

*  I would love to see Slots, Video Poker, and Keno.  These are the games that my husband and I play when we go to Vegas.  Rose Marie Mezzapeso

*  Blackjack and slots.  Kirchhoff's

*  Want to play slots,   like to hear the "clink" of coins also with the slot machines.  Margaret Smith

*  Craps has more action.  Al Beauchesne

*  Slots.  Robert Gancarz

*  video poker, craps, black jack, keno.  Thanks Kriss

I like to play blackjack, so that would be the game I would prefer .  Linda  MA 

*  My favorite game would be video poker.  Ann T.


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