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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for June 15, through June 24, 2004


If both sides accept the buyout / merger of Mirage MGM Grand of the Mandalay Bay Resort Group and receives Gaming Control approval, this would create the worlds largest gaming company. They would control 17 of the Las Vegas Strip properties. Do you think it is good or bad for the customers, the city, the employees, and business overall? WHY or Why Not?

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Reader Poll Replies:

*  I think it would hurt the customer the most, because one company controlling that many casinos will make it hard on us little size gamblers.  W. Williams 

*  I think it is a very bad idea. Like everything else you need competition. Before the large corporations came into Vegas at least you got a lot of little freebies which kept people happy and made them spend money in that hotel. Meals and drinks were cheaper and even if you went home broke you were happy with your free souvenirs. I remember when we went down town and got a free black and white picture of ourselves which is still on my dresser at home today and a free telephone call home. A simple free deck of cards was all we needed to keep us happy. I think the private casino owners were a lot smarter in drawing people in than the big corporations are today. Prices are going higher and higher and eventually your normal working guy will stay at home and spend his money at a local casino. One of the secrets are you have to give a bit to make a lot. I know being Canadian it's gotten very expensive to travel to Vegas, we've gone from 3 trips a year to one. Lynda Loipersbeck 

*  Not good for Las Vegas or the people coming to Vegas to spend their money. Less competition is never good for the users in any free market. Too much control wielded by a small group will make Las Vegas a less desirable place to come to on vacation.  F.D. Gray

*  This could lead to further increase in prices not only in room prices but in restaurants and entertainment as well. The average person may not being able to afford going to Vegas any more.   Gerry Drage

*  I think this would be a very bad move for Las Vegas. The elimination of competition would hurt the customers. I think room prices would rise, food prices and many of the comps would disappear. I am a $1.00 - $ 5.00 video poker player and my wife is a $.25 VP player.  We get comped well at the Tropicana. For this at the Mirage or Bellagio I would get squat.  So if all or most of the other strip properties were controlled by one company I do not see this being good for me or other visitors.  I will start spending my time at Lake Charles or someplace else.  Stanley Krause, San Antonio, TX

*  After reading the other answers I can only agree we the visitor will be the fall guy in the end no more competitions between the hotel's no more variety in room prices and free incentives to book at that hotel, here are times we come to Las Vegas and want to pamper ourselves so we stay at a $150.00 per night hotel and then there are times that its just a 4 day trip so we stay at a $ 79.00 per night hotel will that be taken away from us, I think so, I hope that the regulations in Las Vegas concerning a gambling monopoly come into play and they don't allow the MGM group to have that 17%.  Will it be fair for the employee's I don't know I have found that when there is a takeover the middle management be let go so not a good thing and were do they go Reno?  Lesley MacNeill .Vancouver BC

*  I think that is too much of a percentage of hotels owned by one company. It certainly seems like it would limit job change opportunities for employees.  Martha Mantel

*  Speaking as a person who has not been to Las Vegas much at all, I can only hope that the merger would open up more possibilities for all concerned. Perhaps with the merger, they will be able to offer more for a lesser price being able to obtain things for the casinos in bulk, and offer their employees better compensation plans. Vegas holds many opportunities all across the Strip, and as I search the Web, with my limited web searching knowledge, vast amounts of helpful sites offer us rookies help. The little casinos can still compete, offering the "free" little goodies that suck us in, and the big casinos offer the "overpowering" glitz and glamour we crave, therefore satisfying all our needs. Virginia Madden

*  This may be good for the employee's and business overall because the workers can amalgamate and get extra work hours between all the casino's if the owner wants to take advantage of that possibility. If one of the casino's is short of workers in one area, then maybe someone from another casino can fill that area in. This helps the owner and makes a few more dollars for the worker.  I don't know why they wouldn't do this unless it is that scary "UNION" word.  As for the city and the patrons, the city consists of the workers and the more money made then the more that gets put back into the city. Patrons, will still patronize.  As long as there is kickback, they will keep coming. I can't speak for the people of Las Vegas, but I know out of towners and out of country, come for the excitement and pampering.  I am from Canada and I have Casino's all around me. They say their casino's are just like being in Vegas and it isn't. There are machines and tables and bright lights. Here you have to go and buy tokens and the machines kick back tokens. In Vegas, you use the real McCoy. It's nice to walk up to a machine and just open your wallet and win. Here you have to buy all your drinks and some casino's will only allow 2 drinks in a hour. Pop and Water is free. In Vegas, all drinks are free and you tip the waitress properly if you want to see her again. There are stars performing sometimes here but there are stars lined up weekly to perform in Vegas.  No one came claim themselves to be just like Vegas except Vegas. Sherrill Ball

*  I wrote a short opinion. I read some of the others and it seems they are misunderstanding one statement.  You say that MGM would own "17 strip properties" - folks this is more than 17%, it is 17 individual properties i.e. Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, Circus Circus, MGM, Mirage Treasure Island etc.  Thanks SMK San Antonio, TX

*  I see it as nothing more than free enterprise at work. There is still plenty of competition in Vegas. There still is plenty of building going on both on the Strip and off the Strip. May was the best month ever and forecasts are for better things to come. As far as the
employees they will not see any effect to them. Vegas is growing and will continue to grow. Why?  The answer is that it appeals to the masses and produces what the visitors perceive and lets get real perception is where it's at. VIVA LAS VEGAS. 




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