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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting June 15, 2002


#1.   Insider Viewpoint web site is considering the addition of casino games to our web site for people to play for "free" and practice their skills before they arrive in Las Vegas. These games would not cost you to play, but you could win daily, weekly and monthly prizes. Our question is would you use them?  


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I would use them as long as they duplicate the same odds the "real" games at the casino are. Not phony payoffs like some of the products around.  JOHNLF163

*  Yes, I love your site and your information for my trips.  I'm sure I would love your games also.  Good experience for my vacation. Sharon Taber

*  Yes I think that would be a great idea. I think a lot of people would play them.  Sandy Buzzard

*  I would use them, if they were good games and used the odds of traditional play.  We just got back from Vegas and the video blackjack is not very realistic.  You can not use the odds on them, the catd does you no good and I believe a lot of people do well with the card, but the machines do not use that they have the odds that you will lose.  Rhonda Adams

What would really be nice is to have reviews of games and slots. How to play and so on. Many slots are very interactive these days. Giving an overview and explaining some of the "bonus" rounds would not only help the players but increase monies for the Casinos. They don't make anything with people sitting at their machines reading the payout and bonus information.  RUSISCHON

*  Yes.  Stanton

*  Yes, I would use them.  Amber McKrill

*  No   Carolyn

*  Yes.   LeBarron

*  I most certainly would use them!  I play the slots now on some of the different free sites.  Ann Martino

*  Yes, I would definitely use the free on-line "practice" games.  Lisa Kozik

*  Yes, I'd play the games.  Towny

*  Yes. Would play the games.  Marie & Steve Amato

*  Yes.  Kalwant Gosal

*  No.  Troy Mathew

*  Think that's a great idea = so many people do not have 'casino's nearby and when they get to Vegas it is all rather overwhelming. Practicing for free without making a fool of yourself would be great.  Prizes even better. Sue Ellbourn

*  I would love it and play them a lot.  Tony

*  Yes I sure would use any and all games you select for us to play.  I'm not saying I'd play every day but for free and with the possibility of winning something I'd give it a go. god only knows i could use the  practice.  cya Watcherboy

*  Yes I would most definitely use them! Will there be video slot machines, you know the ones with multitudes of buttons and hard to figure out?  Heather H.

*  Yes.  Gayle Cotten

*  Yes.   FHighnam

*  Yeah, I probably would use them - if they were really "free". I absolutely wouldn't use them if doing so was tied to my e-mail address, subjecting me to spam!  DCH

*  Yes, I would use such a service. In fact, I have played at other sites and have redeemed many prizes for earning points. These sites are great if you are a "regular" in Las Vegas because you can eat and stay for free at some of the better places on the strip!  Sincerely,  Carol A. Stachewicz

*  Yes.  chgobeagled

*  Yes, practice games.  Vondale Salem

*  We would absolutely play them.  We are currently searching the web for free Vegas types games to play for practice before our trip.  Primarily we play video poker, all denominations thru $5 machines, and prefer the full payouts but as you know, we can't always find them.  It would be a wonderful addition to have free video poker to practice before our trips.  Great idea!   Tamela Thomas

*  Yes.  Stephen Ferrin

*  Probably.  ktgertig

*  Yes, I would like to use them.  Doug Clark

*  Yes I would as long as they are not rigged to hit more than normal like some of the "free" casino's you can download. They give you a false sense of easy winnings.  Rick Bobst

*  Yes I would play them. jwachtel

*  Great idea - let the games begin LOL - Jennifer

*  Yes I would use them.  Linda

*  Definitely a great idea!  Robydavis

*  YES.  Gerald93299

*  Count me in.  I would definitely be one of the users.  I like to practice my bj skills and would like to learn vp.  Marilyn Crow

You betcha I would!  Sign me up!  Rose Marie Mezzapeso  OH

*  Yes I would like to be able to play some games on a trusted site.  Mitz

Free games with weekly prizes would be nice.  Judy Hundt

*  Yes, I would use the free games.  When I can not go to Vegas or Louisiana, I enjoy playing for fun. Thank you.  g-vdenn

*  Yes, Yes, Yes... Rudy Vega

*  Yes, I would play free games IF they are realistic to the real ones in Vegas' casinos.  Most of the slots I have tried don't compare to the "real" ones in any way, and I lose interest quickly.   Nancy Montag

Sure would play them.  Play a lot now, but would welcome a diversion.  Love your newsletter and Vegas.   Sherry

*  Yes.   Tom Shewbridge

*  Yes. I would use the free games.   STrevelino

*  Yes  Mark Nobert

*  Yes.  Melissa Burleson

*  Yes I would certainly use the online gaming, but I suppose the rules would be the same as all the others. USA Citizens can only win even though we Irish people spend lots of money no matter where we go on holidays. I suppose this is a USA Government policy?  Michael Weldon"

*  Yes... DollyH

*  Most definitely. I sure hope you do this. Thanks so much!  Terry

*  Yes, I think it is a great idea.  Karen   

*  If it did not cost me any money and I could see how good I played,. yes it would be an asset.  Mark T. CO.

*  Anything that would help me to learn any casino game better is highly exciting.  Maybe you should charge people to use it, this could be the best thing on the web.  Donald B.  TX

*  Not sure how often I would use it, but it would be great to have available to check how well I play.  Thanks for thinking of us, the casino visitor again.  Mr. Reed I appreciate your hard work and the fact that you understand what we face every time we enter a casino.  Gloria  Wilson  NY

*  Great idea, cannot wait until it becomes a reality.  Sonya T 


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