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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll Starting June 15, 2001

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1.  Do you think the casinos should have a dress code?  WHY or WHY NOT?

*  No... I do not feel casinos should have a dress code beyond that of common decency. The entire atmosphere of the casino's is bold and free so why not also in attire.  Karen

*  Yes, there should be some kind of dress code depending as to the caliber of the casino. It can be neat and clean, yet still be informal and comfortable.  Emeterio Moya

*  I do not think that casinos should have a dress code other than just common decency. If they add dress codes then the ones of us who fly in will need more and heavier weight clothes. There is also the fact that it is over one hundred degrees outside in the summer making dress clothes oppressive. These are private ventures so if they do decide on a dress code that is their decision but it would probably keep me out of casinos with dress codes unless they are really liberal like allowing sneakers and tee shirts. Dennis Nifong Charlotte NC

A dress code is desirable, however the majority of people this day and age feel the "casual" appearance/dress in good taste prevails. The gambler(s) of today along with those who don't gamble comprise 100% of the money poured into the coffers in Las Vegas. What percentage of these 2 categories are engaged in formal vs informal attire. The casual/informal dressed person is the stereotype today in all facets of life.   Alan Lee Judson

*  I believe there should be some form of dress code for the simple reason not everyone has a great body and there are a lot of people out there that should not be walking around with soooooo little clothes on . Deborah Keeler

*  Casinos should not have a dress code for the casino floor because the more comfortable a person is, the longer they are going to sit and play.  Judy L. Stigers

* The casino's would never impose a dress code. They could possibly loose a few bucks by driving away those who don't have a clue about dress, manners or social behavior. I do agree that the showrooms and other areas should uphold some degree of dress code. I've seen people at shows who looked like they were just dragged in from a homeless shelter. Karen V Bujnoski

*  No! Clean and decent yes,. But dress codes only separate the snobs from those who want to enjoy themselves. If you want to dress up that's fine but tuxedoes to tanktops should be welcome. It is how you conduct yourself not how you dress that is important. Harold from Maryland.

*  No- I think when you go to Vegas you should be comfortable and not have to dress up especially when it is hot. I don't mean look your worst but be comfortable.   Nancy Sexton

*  I have been to Vegas for the past thirty years and I really wish the old days of dress code were back.  Yes, it is hot in the summer and I do not think people should wear coats and ties, but who says you should wear the worst clothes either.  When you go into a casino today you see people in the worst clothes.  Granted comfort is important, but do any of these people have mirrors at home?  Somebody's mother needs to help them. Frank. NY

*  No, I like being relaxed.  However I do respect that many fine restaurants and various clubs should continue a better dress code than they have.  With regards to the casino area I think it should be left up to the individual, as long as they are clean!  Barbara  

*  Yes, I think that a dress code would really improve the casinos.  In the days gone by it was a pleasure to get dressed up and mingle around the important people.  Now a days you see people in the worst clothes, not their best, in casinos.  Bring back the old days.   Tom.


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