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Reader Poll June 15, 2000

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1. Since Las Vegas is a 24 hour city, what time do you go to sleep at night?  Do you retire at nighttime the same as when you are at home or do you stay up later because you are gambling, entertainment, drinking or ?  please explain. . .  

*  I usually go to bed in Vegas at around 2:30 A.M.! If I could I would never go to sleep.  Janice l Wheeler

*  I retire a later than normal but not at an unGodly hour. When my husband and I don't agree on when to end the night, we just go back to our motel and I go to bed and he can go downstairs and stay up at late as he wants. However, he knows I'll be raring to go around 9 a.m. It works for us.   dwarfel

*  The purpose of going to Vegas is to party all day and night long. I'm an early riser at home, so when I'm in Vegas I get about 4 hours of sleep a day at best. If I'm winning I may not go to bed at all. Kris, MN

*  We stay up till the midnight breakfast specials start and then play a little more after eating otherwise we retire at about 10pm at home   Greg Tiesling

*  I stay up later in Vegas, up to 4-5 hours later. Need to cram as much excitement in as possible.   Dan Moore

*  Vegas is one non stop party.  I find that many nights I never go to sleep.  I understand Las Vegas is a late crowd and I plan on seeing it all.  I would like to meet up with Mr. Reed someday when he is healed from his car wreck.  I hear he is single and knows where to go and what gorgeous ladies to be seen with.  Brad

*  My normal bedtime hour is anywhere from 2 A.M. to 5 A.M., so I don't go to bed early in Las Vegas either. I stay up and play.  Patakitab

*  NO WAY When we are in Vegas we are there to party and have fun we stay up as late as we can and then when we do have to get sleep we only get a couple of hours sleep then we are up and at it again. You can always sleep at home not on vacations!!!!!!At least that's the way I feel.  Barth50

*  2 a.m. in Las Vegas is EARLY!!!!!We go out around 9.00 p.m. Gamble/take in a show. Eat around 1.00a.m. Gamble a little. Go to bed. End of a wonderful day! Up at 9.30 a.m. coffee and muffins by the pool. EXCELLENT! Elaine Brotchie England UK

*  I rarely stay up past 11:30 pm in Illinois, but when I am in Las Vegas it seems that 2 am is the appropriate time for sleep.  Roger, Springfield, IL

Most of the time in Las Vegas I go to sleep later than usual mainly because of all the activity that is around at that time and the shows are mostly later. However, if I am very tired it doesn't matter what time it is, I will catch a nap or just go to sleep. Since being from the midwest there is a two hour time difference so if I go to bed at 10:30 or 11 Las Vegas time it is quite late for me.  Most of the people with me stay up later by a few hours so they make up for my early evenings.  Thanks for the opportunity to voice our opinions and views.  Robert Kula 

*  I am not an early riser, so I tend to go to bed approximately 1 am.  Whatever the reason, it seems that while in Las Vegas often I have seen the sun rise.  What a place.  Walt Gleason



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