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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting July 5, 2003


If you were  a Las Vegas Casino owner for a day, what things would you change or fix to your liking and Why?  

(Do not be surprised if any of the good ideas listed below might become reality.  It is official, Richard Reed, owner of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, has been named head of Public Relations for Ellis Island Casino. Because of his three decades of being a casino player and owning/marketing many successful businesses, Mr. Reed addition is to enhance the players’ experience at Ellis Island. Reed is not a casino host, therefore, he can help players but does not make any income form their casino betting. His appointment does not affect Insider Viewpoint in any way and he continues to be a casino player at Ellis Island.)


Reader Poll Replies: 

*   I would make it impossible for kids to be allowed anywhere near a casino.  I think it should be a crime to have kids wondering around a casino, why do these parents bring children to an adult environment anyway, don't they know where Disneyland is located?  Barbara N.  

*  I would like to see many of the show prices lowered to us normal human incomes.  Barney Smith  

*  Mr. Reed, maybe you can help make my pet peeve a reality.  Some casinos have children play areas that have gambling type machines which pays off in paper coupons that you can redeem for prizes.  What is this, training ground for future adults and the casino feels a need to train them at an early age.  Disgusting at best!  Not to name names, but Excalibur comes to mind quickly.  Russ D.  

I agree with the comment regarding show ticket prices—they are much too high, and I can (and do) see the same stars in my local area for one-third of the price.   However, regarding Russ’ comment about the casinos training youngsters at an early age, I disagree.  Don’t blame the casino owners.  The parents of these children are training them at an early age to be gamblers by bringing their children to Vegas in the first place.  Children learn life’s lessons by watching their parents.  Leave them at home with a sitter, or preferably, take them on a purely family oriented vacation.   By the way, back to the question---coffee makers and refrigerators in all Vegas hotel rooms would be wonderful. Chris from Ohio

You must be 18 years old to enter my place.  G.J. Smith

*  I would figure out a way to remove all the smoke from the casino, either by banning smoking or obtaining equipment that filters the air properly.  It is very disgusting to visit a casino and leave smelling of cigarettes.  Lance D

*  Put a few clocks in the casino.  i understand why casinos do not want clocks, but some of us responsible people who do not carry a watch would like to know what time it is.  Gloria  FL

*  Kids and casinos do not mix and I would not allow persons under the age of 21 in my casino if I was in charge.  Not sure why parents think that a casino is a modern baby sitter.  I understand the parents wanting to gamble, but if they have enough money to gamble, then they have enough money to pay for a person to watch their children back home.  Estelle TX

*  Cocktail waitresses are suppose to be the most beautiful and gracious ladies bringing you drinks and making your gambling experience more pleasant.  Well someone needs to tell the extremely old, very very over weight cocktail waitresses that it is time to retire.  I understand unions and peoples right to work, but I also understand that a cocktail waitress that is 30 years past here prime and fifty to hundred pounds over weight does not enrich my Las Vegas experience.  If you are a professional athlete and you reach your prime, they do not renew your contract, why cannot the same thing be true for cocktail waitresses.  The only reason some of these new casinos do so well is because of the ancient staff that will not retire at the older buildings.  RR  IL



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