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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting July 5, 2002


#1.   Recently we received numerous requests for Las Vegas "Adult" information. It seems more and more people want to know about the real night life of Las Vegas. Delivering the information you want is important to Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas. We are not placing pornography photos on our web site. We are trying to find out how many people want the real night life descriptions of Las Vegas. This could be free information or we could make it a small charge, insuring that minors do not obtain this information. What do you think, do we need more "Adult" Las Vegas information on this web site, and why or why not?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  Although Vegas is trying to portray themselves as a family vacation spot, it still offers a lot of adult entertainment that people are obviously interested in hearing about.  This site should provide that info.  Besides, it is mainly the adult that goes into this site to make reservations and get the info needed to make plans for a Vegas vacation.  John Harchar

*  A very simple poll...YES!   David

*  As a regular visitor, I can understand why many of your readers would want to get the inside scoop on the adult night life in Las Vegas. Like hints on picking a loose slot machine, some "rules of the road" would be a public service. Like, since the marketing and sale of "direct services" is illegal, what can you do, where can you go, and what can you expect for your money in a way that will not draw heat? And, since I expect the local enforcement community will be reading your newsletter, what can you print that won't be rendered obsolete, or potentially get "me" arrested in a group sting operation? General Escort rules, what is REALLY at the end of the phone call on those postcards the Mexican kid pressed into your hand, rate the gentlemens clubs and stage shows both on and off the strip, hard facts of enforcement of the separation of working girls from the gamblers in and around the casinos, things like that. Oh, yeah. Commit the articles to an archive on your website with an index so I can find it again.  Just a few random thoughts. Great newsletter. Going to be in Bullhead City the 18-21st, got any deals in Laughlin? Side newsletters for Reno/Sparks, Henderson, Laughlin, Elko?  Don Bartley, Portland OR

*  Keep it clean, that is the seedy side of Vegas!  Dave Bolen

*  Yes, I would like adult entertainment info... Thanks, Mike

*  What do you mean, a small charge, to discourage minors - anyone wanting that information should be charged $100 at least - and even then, some 'kids' will still access it. If adults want truly 'adult' sites in Las Vegas, wait until they get there and enquire - or try the adult only sites.  Sue Ellbourn

*  Bring it on.  Duffy

*  I am not opposed to including this type of info for those that want it as long as it is done tastefully (no reason to show photos-just give the bare facts! Pun intended). Then for those that want more detailed info, they can contact the places that provide that sort of entertainment. As for charging for it to keep it from the hands of minors, well I'm not so sure that would really work either. Kids have already learned that where there is a will there is a way!  I just feel that there are enough charges for internet services already, so maybe just contact numbers for those inclined would be sufficient.  Margaret Fischer

*  Hi, I am an Insider Viewpoint cardholder, and I would like to see more information on Las Vegas adult nightlife. You could make that information one of the additional perks of having the card by restricting access to the information. This would be a suitable way to screen out minors since all IV discount card holders pay for their membership with a credit card.  Neal Nakamura

*  Yes, but I wouldn't pay a charge.  The simple fact is there is a lot of adult entertainment in Las Vegas and many of us tourists are interested in it.  BABYBROADCASTING

*  Outstanding idea... I am so tired of these sleezy places talking about Las Vegas, it is time someone took the subject and made it easy to understand without pornography photos.  I visit Vegas twice a year and it is always changing, I would gladly pay a fee of a few dollars to fine out the real insider story.... a couple taxi cab rides to wrong places would probably cost more than what you will charge me.  Thanks and cannot wait for the information..  Kevin D.  CA

*  Adding a "adult" nightlife section is a great idea.  I'm for it.  But it should be free.  MJKeys

*  So far LA$ VEGA$ is still an adult playground. Although I would have no need for that type of information with all the years we have been etc, I think it should be information that you should provide. I also think it should be free information as money has never stopped most minors from obtaining anything they want anyway. It's not like they could do anything with that information. Keep up the good work.  Larry Flewelling

*  Thank you for thinking about us family people.  I appreciate the fact that you are not placing blatant photos on your wonder web site.  However, I am a mom and my husband and I are not dead, we enjoy nights out on the town surrounded by adult entertainment.  If there was a small cost, that would be fine.  Not sure I would pay a lot of money, but your web site and newsletter have saved me many hundreds of dollars over the years so I am sure we would benefit from anything you make available.  YES, adult entertainment about Las Vegas done tastefully would be very appreciated.  Donna & George W.  NY

*  We need more "Adult" Las Vegas information on this web site.  greg123

*  If you did not charge to much, yes I would like to know what clubs to go to, where the single people hang out and what topless clubs are worth visiting.  Bring it on, I am ready.   Robert  T.

*  It is bad enough walking on the Strip and having all those shabby looking men thrusting literature in your face as you are walking along, we don't need it on the computer also.  All the taxi and bus signs are enough.  The metal boxes along the streets and street corners are enough.  And don't forget the billboards.  Yikes.  Get the drift.  Enough is enough!!   Rose Marie Mezzapeso

*  Yes, I would love to know where to go and what to do or not to do.  Vegas is very complex and I would appreciate your honest evaluation of the nightlife    Alice N.  

Donít think itís necessary or even wanted on this site.  Adult information is readily available and obvious in Las Vegas.  No need to book ahead!   Kathy Monnet   

Any adult who can't find enough adult info. on the net needs a brain transplant more than anything else. There is more than enough readily available already .  This is your opportunity to show maturity and good taste and let the pathetic little minds go somewhere. Daryl Dick   

*  I have been coming to Vegas for 20 years.  It seems like there is always something new.  Yes, I would pay a small fee to get the inside information on where to go and what to do.  With the prices of drinks and door cover charges as high as they are, I do not want to waste my money or time in a place when there is some place better to go.  Wayne C.  


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