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Reader Poll Starting July 5, 2001

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#1.  Most hotels/casinos on the Strip are charging a $3 nightly surcharge for electricity.  Do you agree with this practice?  Should it be more or less, why?

*  If you are worried about an extra 3 or 4 bucks a night, stay home. It amazes me that people will bitch about a few bucks on a room or dinner, then throw money away playing keno or slots. Las Vegas is still the best bang for your buck. Enjoy your vacation and forget about the few extra bucks. Jim Longbons

*  I do not agree with this practice, we pay enough as it is, then we drop our money on the casino floor and they still want a surcharge, I think not. maybe we should start going to these Indian casino/resorts that are popping up all over.  Pearl Maestas

*  If I could see the Casino's doing something to cut down usage of power I'd pay the $3.00. Of course, they aren't doing anything except turning up the thermostat on the air conditioning to give the appearance of an effort. The doors are still wide open to the 100% temperatures outside and the system is blasting at those doorways. Guess they can't shut off all the lights, etc. but there must be a way to conserve power. The easy way is to keep using and transfer the charge to the poor dope who just blew a months pay at their casino.  Karen V Bujnoski

Hey i go to Las Vegas to have fun with my wife and are best friends go 3 dollars is not going to stop me from going every year. We always look for good deals on rooms and airplanes anyway so we my save money anyway. so 3.00 is fine.  G.J. Smith

*  I'm disappointed. Three dollars a night? I don't spend that much time in my room to start with and then to have to pay extra. I don't understand why any visitor has to pay for California's mistake. Perhaps only California residents should have to pay extra or isn't Hoover Dam still producing the same amount of power as last year? I know the power is being sold to California at higher rates, why should I have to pay for California's years of stupidity of ignoring its energy problems.   Hibbertc

*  My wife and I were thinking about not going back to Las Vegas because the slots are to tight and now with the surcharge I know we wont be going back it is to easy to go to the Indian Casinos   Cliff Newbold

*  No they shouldn't charge any more to the customers. I think they are not hurting with the extra charge from the electric company. Just another way for them to make some more money. Give me a break! Jerri

just got back from Vegas spending 5 nites at the Sahara. they of course charge the $3.00 a nite. its unjust in my opinion. I won money but the odds are that with the money they make they can surely afford to cut this out completely, and on top of it the place was not that cool either on the casino floor or the room air conditioner. as a matter of fact all the casinos i visited were warm inside.  Ralph DiDomonic

*  No, I do not agree with this practice. It should be stopped immediately. It is a ripoff straight up. If the casinos want to conserve electricity then they need to cut back on their lights and add sky lights. The casinos are dark so they can make you comfortable as they take your money. Its a marketing scheme that created the darkness, not something the customer asked for. Same with running A/C with all the doors open, like on Fremont St. That is the Casinos choice, not the customers and we are not responsible for the Casinos actions. Besides, I expect that LV is not having an energy crisis but is selling electricity to CA. If there is a shortage its because of that, not because the customers want to turn on a nite light in their hotel room.  John S. DeBoo

*  No, I think a $3 per night is excessive. Room rates are already generally more than they were last year. Electricity and power are normal operation expenses. It costs me more to drive to work this year but my boss doesn't give me any extra for my fuel costs.  Linda Lawson  Gainesville, GA

*  I feel that a $3.00 surcharge is completely acceptable. I am quite sure that most of these resort/casinos already take a chunk out of the bottom line by giving the freebies and promos they do to lure us in. We all must pay our share, and it is way worth it for me to pay $3 to see the beautiful lights of Vegas. Sincerely, Steven Morris Milwaukee, WI.

*  I agree with Robert...I hate that there is another fee charged on a confirmed reservation, but understand the additional charge. I feel its worth every bit of $3 extra to be on the strip and not downtown! Lisa Holmes  Texas

*  No, they should not because when I stay there, I usually buy junk in their stores like $1.50 chips, et cetera,  in the hotel for $5 and everything else at inflated prices, plus I gamble in their casino and have yet to win in Las Vegas.  To charge above the nightly rate is an insult.  Either raise the price of the room or leave it alone, but don't act like a panhandler!  I will lose respect for the whole city if I have to deal with that, and I do love Las Vegas, was married there last August, and am going back this month for another 4 or five days.   Richard Harriman

*  No, I do not agree with the surcharge. I don't believe there should be a fee at all.  Linda Sinette

*  I think the hotels charge enough, and they should all get together and put pressure on their congressmen, and all other public officials. That will stop this nonsense very quickly. The hotels can also create extensive conservation policies to reduce their utility bills, and charge those that use an inordinate amount of electricity in their rooms, or any business that doesn't cut down, will be given a surcharge by the utilities. The hotels are taking the easy way out, and not caring about putting up a fight to stop this. This will upset a lot of people and would show how petty and greedy the hotels really are.   Ron-Schwartz

*  I don't agree with the practice. They should just include this in their rates or just up their rates during these peak times to cover their electric costs. We wouldn't know the difference if they did it this way. James H. Shrieves

*  Thanks to the information provided on the internet, I patronized a hotel that did not charge the energy surcharge when I was vacationing in Las Vegas last week. If all the hotels start to charge this fee, I may start to have second thoughts and consider taking my vacations elsewhere. I live on the east coast and I could drive to many of the shore resorts that are just several hours away from my home, but when these resorts became what I considered to be very overpriced I looked elsewhere. In 1995, my friends invited me to vacation with them in Las Vegas. I have been vacationing in Las Vegas at least once a year faithfully ever since. I am already planning my next trip. Susanne

*  Can't believe they won't be making a lot more than they are being charged for electricity. It's not like they're losing money.  JoanneK

*  This is one good reason not to come back.  Roger,  Minnesota

*  No Way. They already charge for everything else. I wish the mob would take back over.  John Palma

*  No I don't Think a surcharge should be added to room rates, they are high enough already. Donald L. Harrison   Albuquerque, NM

*  If the Mandalay Bay properties can get by without the surcharge, why can't the others? Does Mandalay Bay have better management? Does this better management realize that by drawing in more guests, they will ultimately increase their revenue at the gaming tables? Why can't the Park Place management see this? Are they too focused on the "bottom line.  TsalagiBob

*  It seems to be fair, but don't they make enough money off us anyway.  What happen to the days when you had a chance to win?  Robert

*  I am against having anyone assess an additional cost on a confirmed room.  So I guess when the cost of anything goes down, the casinos will place a sign in the lobby telling me they are taking a couple dollars off my nightly room charge.  I highly doubt that will happen.  Sarah.


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