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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for July 25, through August 4, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Recently the Mayor of Las Vegas made a comment about supporting Adult Clubs inside Casinos. Currently the Nevada Gaming Commission highly frowns on the idea. Do you think Adult Clubs should be allowed in Casinos?
Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies:

* I feel Adult Clubs should be allowed in casinos, then at least you would not be drinking and driving.  Ben T.  FL.

*  This issue seems to be a big part of what draws many people to Las Vegas.  I am sure it is a highly lucrative business and it should be allowed in casinos.  They would have a better control on the overall happens that go on in an adult club.  Bonnie Towers

*  I do not think adult clubs should be in casinos. Some of the casino shows are risque enough and I am NOT a prude. If someone wants to see these other shows, let them go to them, just not in the casinos.  Martha Mantel  Palo Alto, Ca 

*  Mayor Goodman is obviously attempting to put a clear stamp on Las Vegas.  The casinos failed with their idea of making Las Vegas "family friendly".  Mayor Goodman's ultimate goal is to bring increased revenues to the city. Adult clubs may have an effect on the bottom line (no pun intended), all be it minimal. The current clubs and reviews do not appear to have waiting lines to see a little T&A.  If Mayor Goodman wants to pry the dollars out of visitors pockets, he needs to stick with the basics - CASINO GAMBLING. Most casinos have eliminated the 1 (one) dollar table stakes. Those casino operators that haven't, have waiting lines at their tables for the opportunity to play. Yet, one can visit most any casino at any time of the day where table stakes are $5 and above only to see deals standing idle. An idle dealer is not drawing any revenue, let alone the image visitors get. This is not a genius concept, just simple supply and demand. The city makes less on mall rental space and sales tax revenues than they are able to make on gaming revenues. Sin in the city is wonderful - more the merrier. However, Mayor Goodman would serve Las Vegas better by convincing casino operators to bring back $1 and $2 minimum bet tables. The
visitors will love it. It will pay huge dividends.  Brad Sharp

*  I do not think that they should be allowed, strip clubs do not have gambling , so unless the strip clubs are allowed to have that I think it is an unfair deal. Greed on the part of the casinos is the driving factor here.  Carl Popovich

*  Come on is this Las Vegas ??? Sin City ??Of course this should be allowed, 18 years and older, positive ID.  No reason what so ever should it not be allowed.  Paul

*  Sure, why not. Seems like another attraction.  Carol Wright

*  I don't see anything wrong with the idea of strip clubs in casinos. They will be out of the publics eye, and only those wanting to see them will go. They certainly need to be regulated, but that is a given.  Jerry Pirkl

*  Nah, I wouldn't personally vote for allowing adult clubs inside casinos. Why? Because you don't see Baseball, Football, Hockey, or soccer stadiums filled with adult clubs do you? Nah, a casino just isn't the proper place for an adult club. Don't get me wrong...I am not against adult clubs entirely. I just think they have their place and their purpose and the adult night club business can be and is very safe and profitable if operated outside the casino's. Lets be safe and keep the different types of entertainment in the people time, place, and perspective. Sometimes people these days can't tell when to draw the line. Me as a customer - if I want to have fun in a casino, then I'll go to a casino. But, if I want the experience of and Adult Night Club, then I'll go to an adult night club! I prefer them separate places.  Sincerely, Lawarence Strehl
*  I would support adult clubs in casinos as the square footage floor space is large enough to find an appropriate location. As each casino attempts to cater to every thought and desire, this would be one one them and allow for great competition among the casino community to use their creative energies.  Roger Tokushige

*  I think adding adult clubs inside casinos would really be cheesy. I couldn't see a cheap adult club in a luxurious place like the Paris or other fine hotel. Las Vegas is fun and full of things to do. Lets not cheapen the experience with smut.  Bh of Illinois

*  I definitely agree with the mayor on this subject. During our annual trip to Vegas, my buddy and I always make it a point to visit one of the newest and biggest strip clubs. In order to do so, we have to leave the premises of the resort we are staying at. And since most resorts are doing their best to keep their customers on the grounds, with shows, restaurants and shopping, our leaving the grounds is defeating the purpose. Putting an upscale strip club on site would definitely keep us around more often. Of course the problem the casino would have is the possibility of a dancer agreeing to leave the club and go to a customer's room for some "dirty dancing". But this might be handled by classifying the dancers as independent contractors, thus taking the risk off the casino. And since most bars at the more upscale resorts seem to have an abundance of "talent", and it seems to be an acceptable practice, the casino's fear of losing their gaming license seems remote. Arthur Fischman 

*  No!! Las Vegas as a whole has done well to raise the bar of casinos and have taken them away from the days of open prostitution. The addition of "Adult Clubs" will only derail what has taken years to accomplish. Don't let the Vegas lights turn from NEON to RED!!   Derek Honolulu Hawaii

*   It doesn't really matter to me one way or the other. When I'm in Vegas, I'm gambling. That's it. (okay, maybe some drinking too!) I don't pay any attention to shows, clubs, or anything else, so it wouldn't affect me in any way!  Anne Zavalick  Middlesex, NJ

*   If this a revenue generating idea than I believe like Brad Sharp, bring back the $1 & $2 BJ tables and leave the Adult Clubs where they are. Don't give the ticket pushers out front more junk to pass out.  Nick Perko  Junction City, Oregon

Adult clubs should be allowed if the casino wants them because ultimately this is a free country and the seller has a right to offer a product (as long as it is not illegal) just as the buyer has the right to refuse to purchase the product or patronize the company offering it.
Valerie Rogan  Seatac WA

*  No, absolutely not, never! Gambling has enough problems without a physical link to an adult club. While I enjoy going into a casino for many reasons, an adult club would not be one of them. Much of gambling in the casinos is still "innocent fun" undertaken by people who have set an amount of money they will play with and stick to it. There is nothing "hardcore" about it. An adult club is not about "innocent fun" or "trying your luck." I don't
want to be associated with any place that would have such a club on the premises. The clientele drawn to such a club will not be little old ladies from Tulsa.  Lydia Kraus

Yes I do think they should be allowed inside casinos. Look they go together. Sex and gaming. its against the law here in Missouri but we come to Las Vegas to do and see what we can't see here. We spend money there for a life we can't have here. That's what makes Las Vegas different, a place we can dream of ,a place we can make our dreams come true.  Stephen Goodwin  Sedalia, Missouri  

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