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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for July 15, through July 24, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Rumor has it that one of the major casinos is seriously looking into building a 100-story casino in Las Vegas.  This week’s Reader Poll asks, do you think Las Vegas is ready for a 100-story casino, would it be too much, what do you see as the pros or cons of this type of structure?   
Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies:

* I think a 100 story building would be wrong for the city.  It would ruin the city skyline and it would an eye sore.  B Cummings   TX

*  Las Vegas IS ready for a 100-story casino. Las Vegas has always been and IS still THE most unique city in the U. S. and maybe the world. A 100-story casino would certainly be unique, a landmark, and if done properly, a big draw. Pending the availability of natural resources, it would be the next chapter in a boost to the Las Vegas economy in labor and visitor attraction terms.  Creating and selling the 'theme of story' is the key to it's success. Finally, it would have to be built to withstand a 'direct hit' by a airplane in flight, as it may become a natural 'target'.  Roger Tokushige Carson City NV

*  Well if they do lets hope it's something with imagination and not just a huge tower, as with all your great casino's I hope they go wild in design then it would blend in with everything else ,and what view's everyone would have, I think it would be great being first ie; the Strip, monorail the shows is what Las Vegas is all about, right.  Lesley MacNeill  Vancouver BC Canada

*  Of course Vegas is ready for a 100-story casino. If not in Vegas, where else? Vegas does everything to the max!  Rihajeanne

*  With the times as they are (especially in Las Vegas) of being the biggest, flashiest and most elaborate, it would seem to be necessary. But as a past firefighter, it terrifies me to see things get out of hand. I am a Vegas enthusiast and as a present travel agent/owner, these new hotels are business for me; but where does it stop? I would love to have the opportunity to put input into these hotels from my view: a retired firefighter, a travel agent and a Vegas fan. G'na Stephens

I think it would be too much. At first it may be interesting to see because it would be so big and striking but what it would set in place is horrifying for those of us that love LV for what it is. What could we expect next, the Strip to be crowded with skyscrapers? The oversized 100+ story buildings are an East Coast attraction that people should go to the East Coast to enjoy. Keep LV how it is with huge resorts and lights. The alluring aspect of the Hotels being so large is that you can loose yourself in them. If they go up instead of out they will just be another multi story hotel. Lets look at continuing the Vegas feel and not create a skyscraper town.  Sean Neely  Gresham Oregon

It would depend on where they will be putting it. It could blend in with the Stratosphere or the Eiffel Tower. If it would be constructed with good taste it would be just fine.  Jone  Erlanger, KY

Vegas is definitely ready for such a casino, but one has to consider the possibility of such a prominent building becoming an ideal target for those radical terrorists we now fear. Not meaning to sound paranoid, I just think it would be safer this day and age to expand outward rather than upward. The security measures involved with such a monstrosity would have to be totally invasive in order to fully protect casino guests which, in itself, could lead to negative feedback and a disappointing "returning guest" ratio. That would be defeating the purpose in my mind. Thanks.  Nancy Montag  Victoria, TX

 I think that would be awesome. Every time they do something new it gets bigger and better.  Debra Flatter  Owosso, MI

* A 100 story casino seems a bit much even by Las Vegas standards. The logistics of having people go up an elevator or escalator (I can't imagine 100 escalators) to several different floors to gamble instead of being able to wander in and out of the first floor and choose whatever game you want to play be it machine or table on one convenient floor. Perhaps it might work if tables were on one floor and machines on another but I think it's not practical and the novelty would wear off after the first couple of times. I don't think even a die hard Las Vegas fanatic would do 100 stories in the same casino. I posed this question to a few of my friends and they agreed with me. Have a good one!  June  Austin, Texas

*  The sound of a 100-story casino does seem to ring of overindulgence and doesn't sound feasible, but I ask you where else could you put such a structure? If not Las Vegas, then nowhere!  This could turn out to be a mega jewel in Las Vegas' crown. Just think of the attention this casino would generate! That may be just what the developer is looking for. Can you imagine the advertisements, "100 levels of gambling for you sheer enjoyment ~~ only at ___________ and only in Vegas!" You could have some floors that specialize in a specific type of game (Blackjack floor, Texas Hold Em floor, slot floor, etc.). I know that my husband is constantly looking for Blackjack tables that are open as they fill up rather quickly. It would be great to dedicate a floor to each type of casino game and with 100 stories, you could certainly do that.  As Las Vegas is rapidly growing and considered one of the top destinations for travelers, it might actually work. I'd certainly go check it out and I know of several other people who would also!  The only problem might be the cost of running the casino if customer turn out did not fare well, but I'm sure they could find some type of marketing plan to generate enough interest to promote the casino. Plus, first class restaurants, various forms of entertainment, shopping opportunities and lodging would help to offset any costs of the casino if they were incorporated into the resort.  Linda Hodges

*  You mean I'll be a 1/4 mile up besides down a 1/4 mile hall way? That sounds like the average guest will take forever to get any place.  Las Vegas is the land of excess. It would be fun to see. I'd check it out, but probably wouldn't stay there. The influx of new rooms should drive room prices down.  So, build it.  Douglas Shields  Lafayette, IN

*  I think it is dangerous to build something the terrorists would like to target. They have already named Vegas as one of the possible targets.  Lynn Fitzpatrick  Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada

*  NO! NO! NO! A hundred times no. Worse than sticking out like a sore thumb, It would more or less resemble "the bird" on a beautiful skyline!  Mary Anne Taglia  St. Paul MN / Las Vegas

*  I find it difficult to understand why a 100-story casino would be necessary in Las Vegas. I fear that it would be a major target for a terrorist attack.  Julie Steele  Livingston, TX

*  Height is not an issue, it would be eye-level with the Strat and Eiffel Towers. If you assume 4000 rooms, like the Excalibur, that would be an average of 40 per floor. Given the winds and the potential for periodic man-made earthquakes (are they still doing testing?) a stable design such as a cross-base would be likely, which would require no more than a dozen rooms per wing. This would not be a huge footprint for a remarkable object on the strip. For a typical casino block, this would allow flexible design for some type of innovative gaming area, plus some outdoor recreation space (put the pool on the SOUTH side of the tower, please?), plus acres of free and convenient parking.  The strip needs more rooms at certain times of the year, Comdex comes to mind (Oh. Sorry.). How about NASCAR or PARC weeks? The rest of the time, a house like this needs a draw, some unique design or entertainment characteristic that would make IT the destination, rather than the city. I mean, besides the obvious opportunity to "sleep" above the tour helicopters.  Would this be a tie-in to the development of the 61 acres downtown, potentially by the Trump Organization? Would the folks at the Plaza just sh**?  What does the Fremont Street Experience look like from 1000 feet up? Would Nellis have a problem with flight path?  Don Bartley Portland

*  If Las Vegas were to have a 100 story casino it might be just what a foreign country is looking for as a target where they could make a statement and take out a serious number of lives in the process. Why make us stand out as an easy mark.  Jean Jackman  Huntington MA

*   While the though of a 100-story casino would be exciting, and probably a huge draw for Las Vegas, I see the cons outweighing the pros on this one. Why allow a huge skyscraper mar the beautiful Las Vegas skyline? Plus, much of the allure of Las Vegas is the ability to walk from casino to casino. A 100-floor structure could be a logistics nightmare in terms of getting people up and down, and accommodating with enough elevators, escalators, etc. Finally, and most importantly, does Las Vegas really need a big terrorist target?  Laurie Gate  Watertown SD

*   Do the developers forget that it's still a sandbox near some of the biggest earthquake faults in the world? Very scary, and it's hard enough to get a clean room by 3pm at any casino, 100 stories HAHA! There are so many Indian casino's opening throughout the southwest, I think people will end up staying home and not going to Las Vegas that is ending up way too big with way too many people and price of rooms and food going through the roof.   Anna  Albuquerque NM

*  I think Las Vegas has enough. Are they money hungry? There is so much that it is impossible to see everything on a short vacation. Keep the favorites.  James Patterson  Fresno CA

*  Yeah baby! Go for it, bring it on! I am more then ready for this 100 story casino, fill it with lots of glass elevators, moving sidewalks and tall escalators, maybe a in-door water park with nice pools and hot tubs, make sure there is plenty of good food, create the biggest buffet in the world, that would be great! Surprise me with the rest but make sure everything is to the extreme, take it to the max and think slots!!  Lisa  Michigan

*  Yes, Las Vegas is ready for a high rise. if you can't go out you must go up.  Nancy L. Barto

*   No, I don't think this type of structure is needed in Las Vegas.   C  Des Moines IA

*  I think it's important to know where the 100 story hotel is planned to be situated. The traffic congestion along the strip will only be partially eliminated by the new monorail. A 100 story hotel/casino can only add to the traffic chaos. And unfortunately, in these times, a 100 story skyscraper would serve as a target to terrorists. I think better ideas can be come up with, ones with the beauty and intrigue closer to the ground.  Sincerely, Robert Torres

Yes I think it would be a good idea, as fast as Las Vegas is growing we need every hotel room that can be built, I'm sure there would be no problem filling the rooms, although I think I would be a little leery about staying on the top 40 floors, keep up the good work with your news letter, we look forward to it, it is awesome. thanks, Pat Ski



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