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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting July 15, 2003


This weeks opinion poll asks... should cigar smoking be banned in hotels/casinos in Las Vegas?  Yes or No and Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*   I would like to see all smoking banned, but especially cigars.  Warren TX.

*  Smoking is a privilege, so is my breathing and I would prefer to not inhale cigar smoke.  Thanks for asking this important question.  Gloria CA.

Yes, please ban them.  I'm not saying there is some nicer smelling cigars out there but the ones I have encountered made me green in the gills!!!  This one older man was smoking this horrific smelling cigar in Vegas, my husband and I were walking up and down the crowded isles donating to the slot machines when we encountered this entire isle empty (except him), at first we couldn't figure out why it was empty till we took several steps in.  This man was cussing like a sailor and blowing this horrid fumes out at anyone that came close to him, needless to say we dropped a few coins and ran like the dickens!!  We will always remember that smell!!! The smell gets in your hair on your clothes (worse than cigarette smoke) and it makes you sick walking around in those clothes.  Nancy Lawson

Vegas should be an adult environment. Smoking is an adult activity. As an 'adult environment', those that do not wish to be affected by cigar smoke can make an adult decision to not be in that environment. I am not a smoker, and I appreciate provision of areas for non-smoking, but, cigar smoking is a part of the 'adult' gambling's tradition. Let's save someplace in the U.S. where political correctness doesn't dictate everything.  Sonny B.

Smoking is an option that each and everyone of us have.  If you choose to smoke - do so, If you do not choose to smoke - don't.  But on the other hand, smoke bothers some people and I personally believe there should be a separate room for Cigar smoking.  Pam W.

Ban them from casino.  Gene

I don't think that cigar smoking should be banned from hotel casinos. I do think that there should be a non smoking area for people who are offended by smokers. I smoke myself. I know that people can give you some real bad looks or not talk to you too nice if you are smoking at slot machine next to them.  Ken D. PA

*  Yes it should be banned. It smells terrible. why should non smokers have to put up with that?  Paul Polzin

*  Thanks for giving the opportunity to express my feelings about Cigar smoke. Both Cigar and cigarette smoke is a nightmare in Las Vegas. Many people I know would go more often and stay longer were it not for minority-rule on tobacco use in Las Vegas. I contracted Pneumonia, as a result of being exposed to cigar smoke. It is no secret and they shout it from the package to the mountain tops that this is poison. When do you listen?  Perhaps the employees of the casinos will have to rise up and class action sue their employers for sending them in line at the guillotine on their shifts. My Father died after tending bar for 40 years at numerous restaurants and country clubs. Californian's not only support lend to the profits of Las Vegas but many transplanted themselves to your state. We survive very well with rigid smoking laws. My family members express their lack of enjoyment of smokey areas. Wake up!  jeanmedia

Yes ban all cigar smoking it makes me sick.  G.J. Smith

I think cigars and cigarettes should be banned. many people have allergies. Vegas casinos do not have a smoke free area. this would be helpful. the casinos in my area have smoke free areas and it helps a lot.  Ken Labak

*  Cigar or cigarette smoking really is not the issue with me.  The real issue is why when most people smoke they are pigs about the ashes.  Look around any slot machine, it seems the entire world is their personal ash tray.  Driving down the road, on sidewalks, wherever you turn, you see people throwing ashes out and cigarette/cigar butts.  If smoking is a mature thing, then why do these immature smokers become a slob?  Watch a smoker and they act like God gave them a special right to litter and screw up the surroundings because they are "cool" people who smoke.  I think most of the reasons smoking is continually getting banned in more places is because of overall cleanliness.  Fine these sloppy pigs for littering and smoking will solve itself.  D. R.  

Yes, I would like to see them banned. The casinos are intolerable at times due to the smoking, so I spend more time doing other things when I would like to be gambling. Bill  CO

Cigar smoking is offensive. I used to smoke cigarettes but at all times was quite aware of those around me and concerned that my smoke might bother others. My sister still smokes and she is a very polite smoker and she as well is quite aware of those around her.  Unfortunately, I have never seen a cigar smoker that was concerned about others. The cigar just sort a hangs there from his mouth with the smoke going in different directions and there is normally no thought of where it is going or if the smoke is literally in the other person's face. Joan Sue

*  Hi Richard.  Regarding your question on cigar smoking in a casino. Yes they should be banned from smoking in the casino. It is not very pleasant for a person playing a machine or sitting at a table having to endure this smell. It gets in your clothes, hair and makes you sick. Especially if you do not smoke yourself. I cannot tell you how many times I have left a machine due to the fact that a smoker came up next to me and decided to play a machine and smoke at the same time. I say ban them and cigarettes as well.  Bev K 

Smoking should not be banned in Las Vegas.  Karen Rodems

*  Ban IT!!!!  It, really stinks up everything in place.  Richard Switzer

*  I'm a smoker myself, so I have mixed feelings on this. I would vote that cigar smoking should be confined to the golf courses only. Cigarettes are bed enough, but those stogies are just overpowering and really stink up a casino. Axe them! Geno G

I have asthma and cigar smoke sets off an attack... I shouldn't have to move to another area because someone sits next to me that is smoking... It's a health issue with me.  Gloria



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