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Reader Poll July 15, 2000

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#1. Video Poker players always search for the ultimate prize, a Royal Flush.  Have you ever had one?  How Many?  Where did this happen? and What was the payoff?

*  On our fourth trip to Las Vegas, I hit the royal flush at Claude's Bar at the Golden Nugget at the quarter machines. It was 4:00 p.m. and I had all the coins in. Had just stopped at the bar for a drink on the way to the strip, played a few games and hit for $1000.00. What a surprise, and what a party we had. Can't wait to go back to the GN in October. (Hope I am as lucky)!  Pat M.

*  I got a royal flush in 1995 at Excalibur. Only played one Quarter, so payout was about $80.  Bill50201

*  I have never had a royal flush.   Brenz09

*  I've had two royal flushes. one for $1,200 at the Manhatten (on eastern and flamingo) August of '99. and one at Mcgoo's on rainbow and Sahara for $2,500 this year.  That is really good considering I rarely play.  ELTSINGER

*  I have had two Royal's, both at the Golden Nugget, in Las Vegas.  The first one was a .25 cent progressive. The Royal was dealt to me and paid $1,300. The next one, I was dealt 3 to the Royal and drew the other two cards. It paid $1,000. What a thrill.   S. Tast

*  My first Royal Flush was at the El Cortez in 1998. That paid $1000...and a free jacket. I then hit a dry spell until this past June. IN the past month I have hit four Royals on nickel machines paying an average of $200 each. Those were: two at the Regent Las Vegas, one at the Fiesta and one at the Mirage. Better than a Royal Flush was being dealt four aces on a ten play nickel machine; holding the four aces, out of the 10 hands I got three hands with a kicker....that one game paid 11,600 nickels, or $580.00! Don

*  I just hit my first Royal Flush a few weeks ago at the Motor City Casino in Detroit. It was on a 25c machine for $1000. I had just put my first 5 quarters in, held 2 cards and hit the Royal. It was great!!!   Trisha 

*  Had one - not yet.   Thanx.  Mark Drucker

*  In over ten years of playing video poker - I have only hit one Royal Flush at the Monte Carlo.   Terri Murrow

*  I have had a royal two times in a live game, never on a live computer game.  Dale f Cozad

*  Not Yet! I've got two upcoming short trips to Vegas and hope to get my first Royal Flush on one of them, preferably the first trip:  J Cote

*  I have had only one royal flush in my life, playing with some girlfriends. they were drinking at the time, and playing was a little chaotic, but the thrill was still mine. i think i made two dollars!   cam1003

*  We have hit two royals. One at MGM Grand in Vegas and once on the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship Sovereign of the Seas. Both times it was a quarter machine and both times it was loaded, the only way to play.   RS&GS

*  I have won royal flushes on both the 25c and 5c machines. It has been awhile since I won these. I only won 1 25c royal and it was for $1000. The 5c royal was worth $200. The places that I played in don't have the same type of poker machine anymore, so there goes my poker fun!!!   carynfromvegas

*  Have never had one---- but---- I was playing a machine one night in the Mirage and a cigarette was smoldering near me causing a terrible odor. I moved down two places. A fellow sat down at the machine I was paling, played two or three games and hit the big one for $1,000. I was sick and would gladly have put up with the smell if I had known that the Royal was just around the corner.  Karen V Bujnoski

*  Yes, I hit 3 on the video poker machines.. They were all on cruise ships. Two were on the Grand Princess for $1250.00 each. Hit one and then the very next night I hit another one. The third one was on the Rembrandt for $1000.00. It was wonderful. HB

*  Nope,  I wish I could say I've had a royal flush, but I can't. That would be so neat!!   tggolf"

*  Over the years of playing, many hours a month I have hit approximately 25, sounds crazy but after you have hit several you loose count.  Howard

I have only had one royal flush - at the Harrah's casino in East Chicago on a 25 cent machine. Unfortunately, I was new to video poker and only had two coins in!!! Big mistake!!!! I won $250.00 instead of the $1,000. :( But my husband one a real one, again at Harrah's on a quarter machine with the full coins in, so he won the $1,000. We have only been playing video poker for about a year...    JLew928


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