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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for January 5, through January 14, 2004


This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . Rumor has it a 24-hour Las Vegas TV Channel may be coming to your television this year. The show will feature food shows, game shows, talk shows and news and entertainment. Would this be something you would 
watch on a regular basis? WHY or WHY NOT? 

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets! Each Reader Poll.  The 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.)

Reader Poll Replies:

* I would not watch a 24 hour Vegas television show.  The over exposed Travel Channel has given me way to much Las Vegas already.  Ann T 

*  I would gladly watch the TV station on casinos and gambling. Stanley Nemec

*  No, I would not be interested. Anything I want to find out about Vegas is on the internet and I can get to it whenever I want!   Martha M

*  I try to come to Vegas as much as possible, of course with a job, 3 kids and no money it is hard to do so. I think the 24 hour channel would be awesome as you can be there mentally if not physically and see other people having fun. Susan Higdon 

*  In regards to your question, I would watch this TV station on a regular basis; however, only in the evening hours, due to working during the day.   I would like to see various places and areas in and around Vegas spotlighted.  The city is growing so fast that there is always something new to see when we go there.  Knowing this in advance would help plan the trip more.  Would like to see various spas spotlighted, the new upcoming monorail, places off the strip, etc.  Be realistic and not only dwell on gambling. Trips to Vegas can be wonderful; you don't have to gamble all the time you are there.  It's great to meet friends, go to shows, relax by a pool, treat yourself to spa treatments, wonderful food buffets, shopping, etc.  Have daily drawings for "free" things from people that send in names for drawings.  Would also be fun to see "instructions" on "how to play" various casino games, etc.  Spotlight various performers, shows. I'm excited about coming again in October, 2004!!!  Robin Sheets

*  I would regularly watch a 24 hour Vegas TV show!  I love Las Vegas and have been a regular visitor to "sin city" for many years. It is absolutely My FAVORITE vacation spot!  Can't get Too Much of a good thing!!!!   Pat Berzanski

*  Yes, I would watch the shows on that network. I love game shows and would like to have the chance to participate in them when on vacation to the greatest city around. Thank You Robin Baldwin 

Yes, I am sure I would watch it!! Why, same reason we watch shows about Las Vegas on the travel channel, as well as other shows, elsewhere on TV. The reason, simple. we don't live all that far from Las Vegas, and we have many, many fond memories of the trips the two of us have gone on there. Unlike the Indian casinos, where you really do pay for pretty much everything you get 9 meals, drinks, entertainment, Las Vegas is still different. With a bit of effort and forethought, even with all the changes downtown, and everywhere else, the deals and fun are all still there. Where else can you get an absolutely huge blended drink (Lady Luck casino) and then take it out on a hot summers day and drink it as you wander down the street past the casinos, and nobody bothers you???  Not where I live. It's that freedom to be happy and be left alone, as long as you aren't bothering anybody that I think makes it such a special town, especially for adults, and even more so for couples. In this crazy world, we all need escapes and pressure release valves, and Las Vegas is just one of the best. Now, where are those 2004 coupon books that just came in the mail?? Gotta get my strategy going for that next trip! Bring on that new channel, and send it to Adelphia cable. Thanks. M Rathz

*  Hello!! Yes, I would love a 24 hour Vegas show and I would watch it whenever I could because I just can't get enough of Vegas sense being there in Oct. of 2003. I read all the Newsletters I can but a TV show would be able to enlighten you on more things happening around Vegas for those of us who just can't get enough and want to keep track of all the latest news etc. Sincerely, Dawn Hannock

*  Yes I would definitely watch this channel. I watch everything I can on Vegas. The travel channel has some good shows but a lot of reruns. For those of us on the east coast that can only make it to the super city once a year it would be a welcome change from the ordinary channels. I would enjoy programs on Las Vegas from prior years as my parents used to visit annually and unfortunately they cannot share those fond memories with me. They are the reason I first visited Vegas. I said I just wanted to see it once, but the city keeps drawing me back. I LOVE IT!! Margie Amon

*  Visitors watch 1 hour at most, but 24 hours will help.  Donkurklis

*  I would definitely watch this show. I will be going to Las Vegas for the 10th year this year, and each trip we make we try and do different things. Having seen numerous shows on Las Vegas on the Travel channel has helped us in the past. We have gotten great tips on things to do and see as well as places to eat. It is also nice to sit back and watch a show and say, "gee, I was there or gee, I did that." Las Vegas is not just a place to gamble, and by airing shows such as these only proves it. Ann, Kulpmont, PA

*  Yes I would watch it. Because there is something new always going on in Las Vegas. Kirk Ungerecht,

*  I would definitely watch it.  I already watch those kinds of shows and it would be fun to watch them from a more local location.  Linda Bowles

I would watch the channel for sure(if we get it in Canada) I love any info on my favourite city and my husband would be happy to get access to the computer once in while… Brett & Joan Todd

*  Personally, I think a 24 hr Las Vegas channel would be fabulous! I am currently planning a trip to Vegas and have been HOOKED to Travel Channel's Las Vegas Week Specials. I've learned so much valuable information that I have actually resorted to sitting in front of the television with a pen and paper to take notes. TV shows can feature gaming lessons/tips, food, deals/bargains, features, activities, "The Best Of", and more! Considering the number of people who visit Vegas EVERY YEAR, I think many many people would find this useful!  If cable can create entire channels that revolve around speed, fishing, or bowling, a channel devoted to Las Vegas is more than warranted.  Thanks,  Renee Samuels

*  I would watch the channel because we go to Vegas at least once a year & this would bring a little of the city home with me until I can return. When the travel channel has a special on Las Vegas I'm glued to the TV. This city is a whole different world than what most people have to live day to day & it gives you all the fantasy satisfaction that we all dream of. It's a place that you can go and actually be around the luxuries that would usually be reserved for the rich & famous, and that is why I watch TV in the first place is to keep from thinking of the mundane day to day living.  Janet Keene

*  I would like to see a channel that has info, news and happenings about Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We travel there at least once a year and I would find it very interesting.  Gordon Smith  Douglas, WY



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