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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for January 15, through January 24, 2004


This week’s Reader Poll asks . . .  Do you think casinos should have a dress code?  WHY or WHY NOT?

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Reader Poll Replies:

* No, dress codes are for upscale restaurants, I like being comfortable when I go to a casino.  Mildred O.  

*  Yes, it would be nice to see people slightly dress up in a casino.  I guess I am an old softy when it comes to looking good.  Years ago when I first started going to Vegas the casinos had very elegant women in evening dresses and men in suits.  The look was impressive.  Now you have people in shorts and tennis shoes trying to get into expensive casino restaurants.   Mel  NY

*   That depends on how restrictive the dress code would be.  I've never seen anyone look totally unkempt in a casino.  Why would the casinos do anything that would keep people away?  Barbara Aroeste

*  No dress codes, within reason.  If I am going to spend my money in the casino, I want to be as comfortable as possible doing it.  Everyone has different comfort levels.  Some feel natural in suits, others in jeans and a shirt with a collar.   Roger Manning

*  Yes, I think there should be some kind of dress code in Las Vegas casinos to keep it the special place that it is.   Joyce Stringer

*  I believe that casinos should have limited dress codes.  Casual, clean, and fairly good condition should be expected.  Anyone that looks they just crawled out of a Dumpster or has body odor should not be allowed in a casino.  D. Turner, Brunswick, ME.

*  I don't think casinos should have a dress code because I like having the choice of whether I want to dress in casual clothes or something nicer. It would be hard to walk from casino to casino in a pair of high heels if you start out your day at a casino that requires dressy attire and you spend the day visiting other casinos. I think it is neat that you can dress however you feel.   Tammy Lebeau

*  I do not think that casinos should have a dress code.  I believe this because when people go to casinos they are going there to enter a different world then that of real life.  It is a world of excitement, strategy, women, money, alcohol, and much more.  The point is no matter the reason or state of mind intended for this particular experience, it is a getaway.  Therefore,  who wants to worry about what you HAVE to wear? Yes if you want to dress nice you can but allow the option to the person.  What about the Hollywood stars or people of status that just want to get away and not be noticed?  Would that not defeat the purpose? What about the person that really does not have much money (and really shouldn't be in the casino) but is there to blow their work check, they hardly want to dress up.  Anyhow we are the ones spending the money keeping these places open therefore it should be entirely up to us to decide our dress code for the evening.  Michelle Wallace San Jose, CA

*  Yes, there is nothing wrong with a reasonable dress code.  Wayneno14

*  Yes the casino's should have a dress code. Why not make Las Vegas as a place that is different from going shopping at Walmart. I believe going to Vegas is a time to dress a little nicer and enjoy the whole experience that Vegas offers. For a very short time in my life I can feel like somebody important.  a3a37989

*  I certainly think health and cleanliness should be a consideration for the casinos because it will deter players from staying or even entering the casinos.  The casinos put great emphasis on the comfort of their patrons and that is how it should be.  One of the reasons that Las Vegas brings people back time and time again is because it is perceived as a "step above" other casino's the "Cadillac" of adult fun.  As far as trends in dress, it is just a matter of time before what was new is old and society has a way of keeping those matters within the realm of decency.  Sandra Porter

*  I think they should have a Dress code as far as not allowing torn Jeans and Shirts in  the Casino.  Other then that your there to relax on vacation and you may just want to dress casual especially if your in a shirt and tie everyday or a dress you want to escape that for a bit and let your hair down. Dawn Hannock

*  I think a dress code is a good thing for any and all public places. This will help eliminate any unwanted patrons. A dress code doesn't always have to be enforced. This would be a good way to eliminate or remove anyone that is a common nuisance or just doesn't want to play well with others.  A business that asks someone to leave or refuses entry could always use this rule as a way to prevent drunk and disorderly people from entering or could fall back on this rule to ask someone to leave if necessary.    B. Henderson

*  In a town where America's pop princess gets married in ripped jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, the idea of casinos implementing a dress code seems about as likely as her actually having walked down the aisle a virgin!  I'm all for being comfortable but seeing someone's "family jewels" hanging loose and free, unruly and sweaty armpit hair peeking out of cut-off t-shirts or getting mispaid at the craps table because the dealers are too infatuated with the "jiggle" girl with the DDD implants leaning over the rail throwing dice, while amusing anecdotes to tell the folks back home, are not my idea of a great time in Vegas.  If society could self police its wardrobe and realize that cut off shirts and shorts that show far too much skin and other unmentionable body parts are not acceptable anywhere but your own fenced in backyard then this would all be a moot point!  Sara B.

*  I believe that on weekends casinos should have a dress code. I have never been to Las Vegas, but we will be venturing there the first week of February - and I know that we plan on dressing up. It's a town about glitter and glam, and walking into a casino to find a pot bellied guy in a stained wife beater shelling out chips at the blackjack table would take a certain amount of charm out of it for me.  Christina Hoy

*  Casinos and dress codes should be voluntary by guests who visit them. Forcing a restrictive attire would drive away potential spenders. I do believe that a person shouldn't look like a slob or give the appearance of being totally undressed. I also do believe that one should display acceptable taste and maintain his/her dignity. One has the freedom of choice.  Chuck M

* I feel there should be no dress code in the casino, what is comfortable and casual for one person may not be for someone else. Besides your on vacations you don't want a dress code for vacation, if you what a dress code go to a nice restaurant or go back to work, where there is always a dress code.  We go to Vegas for relaxation and fun. Although I don't think it would hurt anyone's feelings if we didn't have to look at people who look like they just crawled out of bed in the casino, but I do think it would be great if some of the people could find a bar of soap and tub before you come down to the casino.  I have never really been offended by someone in a  jogging suit sitting beside me at a slot machine, but I have gotten up and moved when someone sat beside me that GOD only know how long it has been sense they had a bath. So back to the original question, should we have a dress code NO, Smell code YES but I don't know who would want the job.  Ron Smith



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