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Reader Poll Starting January 15, 2002

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#1.  Dress Codes in Las Vegas - are they getting more strict? Years ago Las Vegas had a strict dress code. Realizing Las Vegas has warm summers, this week’s question is . . . many new nightclubs and various higher end restaurants require a better than normal dress code for the winter months? Do you like dress codes and would you patronize places that have dress codes? Yes or No and Why?

*  Yes, dress codes are good but not to extremes. It is nice to go into a restaurant or a nightclub or a show and see people neatly dressed.  It makes the atmosphere much more appealing. Thank you for your viewpoint questions to your readers. They are always good.  Beverly Kircher

Yes I like dress codes and if we could afford to eat in one of those restaurants, we would definitely patronize them. I sometimes wish there were dress codes in the casino buffets and everywhere in the public eye. Karen B.

*  Yes, like the dress code.  It is nice to see full grown people look good and out on the town.  Las Vegas was fun when you dress up and play with grown people.  Glad that the town is going back to the adult and get way from the kid town, it is a grown up town and play ground.    Cataloni

*  No, we would definitely not patronize any place, that places dress codes on the customers. Most people I have seen in Vegas, are there for fun and they dress comfortable. I feel as long as customers are clean and dressed casual, should be good enough. I thought the casinos are there to take your money, not tell you how to dress. If it comes to that, we will find other places to spend our money. Pennsylvania and Texas patrons.

I have been visiting Las Vegas since the early days when it was not much more than a railroad stop. There was no dress code and no air conditioning. Then the "big time" rat pack moved in and tried to tame the wild west. I have worn tuxedoes, suits, sports jackets and slacks as well as Levi's. Some like to think that the clothes make the man or woman but a horse's ass smells just as bad in fancy togs as it does running around uncovered.  The dress code should be: "decent, clean, and neat, with a generous helping of courtesy towards those around you!" Las Vegas is here to enjoy. So enjoy it and let the good times roll, with or without a necktie.  HBHWANGO

*  YES.  Sometimes, you just like to go out and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. You'd like for it not to be disturbed by 'ratty clothes' or jeans. I like jeans as much as the next person, but there are places where they do not belong. Personally, I feel high casual with a sport jacket fits the bill, but if the establishment requires a tie, I can do that too. Bob Jordan

*  I'm the type of person who looks good in whatever I wear just takes a little common sense. I would not patronize any establishment that had a dress code. Duffy

At the Rio one scorching July afternoon a friend and I asked an employee for directions to the VooDoo Lounge. She gave them to us and then, looking at her watch, told us that, because it was just after 5, we would not be allowed into the bar because we were wearing shorts. This from a woman dressed as Carmen Miranda! In November, I was part of a party in jeans that was allowed to progress to a rooftop bar right after a better-dressed African-American couple in front of us were denied entry for being too casual. Dress codes are appropriate in a few places and arbitrary and offensive in most.  Bill Hall 

*  Yes, I would still go to these restaurants. If I were to spend a couple of thousand dollars and take a week vacation to get to Vegas I would want the most for my dollar. If I went to a nice place to eat I would want the full effect of my dinning experience. This not only includes the atmosphere, decor, food but the mood of properly dressed customers. I wouldn't want to spend $150.00 to $200.00 for an evening out and have someone next to me in a T-shirt or sandals. Don Crossland

*  Yes indeed! it is the only way to preserve some area's where a person can take a date that they know will have some style.  Dressing down has gotten to the point that the theater and shows look more like a gathering around a pool. There is so few places to go that still have the flavor of old Vegas where dressing up was part of the experience.  A.B.

There are places that allow you to wear casual clothes and places where you should be in dressier clothes. You should dress appropriate for the place or function you are attending or stay away.  Don Turner

*  No, I have to dress all year for work, when I go on Vacation I do not take anything but jeans. The other reason is that its to much trouble to take nice clothes, Packing them so not to wrinkle them is impossible and before you can wear them you have to iron, I don't go on Vacation to do housework.  Donna McLaughlin

*  No, I do not think there should be a dress code. When I am on vacation I do not want to dress up. I want to go casual and comfortable. Scotty Chandler

I think dress codes are a good thing. A lot of people have no taste at all and go out of the house in clothes that are fit only for working in the yard. I am really tired of seeing people dressed like refugees and then going out to dinner in a nice restaurant. Look at your self in the mirror before you leave the house (or hotel room) and leave your cell phone off in the restaurant.  Ron4687

*  Dress codes should be a lot tighter than they are.  I like coming to Las Vegas and getting dressed up.  Sure, summer time you might have to make small adjustments, but I really like looking good.  Bart.  OH.  

*  Since coming to Las Vegas in 1985 the quality of the people and their dress has done nothing but go down.  Seems like sloppy and worn out casual clothes has become the Vegas nightlife attire.  I wish the powers to be would really go back to the old days and have men wear sport coats or suits and ladies were dresses or pant suits.  Wow, those were the days.  Sue Anderson   WA

*  A dress code should be enforced at the higher end establishments because it is annoying to a person at a dinner table wearing a baseball cap and a tank top.   OnToTheTee

No...I wouldn't patronize places with 'strict' dress codes. I'm on vacation spending my money and I want to be comfortable! Back home (Boston) I wear shorts all year.....yes, I shovel snow in my shorts. I am comfortable. If someone is going to tell me I have to dress up for them to take my money, they can wait another day!   Ron

* Approve dress code.  Fran Drewrey



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