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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for February 5, through February 14, 2004


This week a federal judge is expected to rule on the constitutionality of Clark Countyís anti handbill ordinance. This weekís Reader Poll asks the question . . . should those people that stand on the sidewalk and hand our adult literature on the Las Vegas Strip be allowed to continue or should they ban them? Why or Why Not?

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Reader Poll Replies:

*  I find those people very offensive and would love to see them removed from the sidewalks.  Dave  CA

*  What ever it takes to get those annoying people from bothering me and my friends as we walk down the Strip is perfectly fine with me, constitutionally or not.  Linda  Los Angeles.

*  They should not be allowed to pass out adult literature, because if someone really wants it, they will find out where that particular action is.  The people invade your privacy and invade your space.  It is crowded enough on the walks etc. without adding to it.  June Colgrove

*  I don't believe they should be able to stand on a corner and pass out that find this stuff littered all over the sidewalk and streets...makes Las Vegas look like a dump and not a vacation spot...also walking with your children and seeing this trash all over the streets is not very good...well anyway that is my take on this subject.  Frank Bogardus

*  I don't think they belong on the streets.  I get tired of walking down the street with my husband and having them shove them in your face.   Put them someplace where if people want them they can go get it but why should I have to be bothered and my husband also.  Another thing a lot of them end up on the sidewalks.  It makes the city look scurvy.  Nan

*  Its about time sanity prevailed and the handbill cretins get pushed to the curb.....pedestrians have rights too and the unknowing get a real shock when the local smut peddlers hand them something that definitely IS NOT FROM THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE!  Passing by the string of purveyors you would think they would be bright enough not to offer over and over when you just refused the same thing from his buddy standing next to him. This is probably my worst peeve about to the timeshare sales people. Don't get wrong, I am still coming every chance I get but eliminating the smut peddlers is a fantastic development.  rscott0437

*  We have been to Vegas a few times and every time we leave our hotel we are harassed by '' snappers''. To have someone snap and shove anything in our face is rude and very annoying. I can not understand how they are allowed to get away with what they are doing. Everyone should have be able to walk the strip without being harassed by anyone. And to see them do it to a family with small children really has gotten me totally disgusted. Who can chase them away? Who is willing to take responsibility for having them make me or anyone else uncomfortable while I am on vacation? Why canít anyone do any thing to make them go away and stay off the strip? Where are the police, these people are harassing everyone , arenít they loitering ? Do they really have the right to stand around " snapping " in everyones face? I donít think so.     l. Spero

*  If the street people of Vegas were handing out newspapers, Bibles or currency, would there be such an effort to remove them from Las Vegas Blvd. ? I would very much doubt it. It is the nature of the hand out that is objectionable to so many. A newspaper is full of advertising and for that matter so is a Bible. To some, the nature of the message delivered in a newspaper or the Bible is objectionable and in conflict with their beliefs. I do respect the rights of business, religion and even Republicans to promote their ideals. The laws of our nation have consistently given us all rights to express ourselves. I do have the right to disagree in this case on moral grounds, but not to ban these card carrying hustlers from their promotions. If the services and entertainment describe in these objectionable card are legal, can one expect that their advertisement should be banned. I am not always happy about time share promoters and others wasting my precious moments in Vegas. But, I guess that I should not expect the law to take them from my sight. Yes, the brazen forwardness of their approach is unnerving to someone new to Vegas. Yes, the smut they promote has very questionable value. Even the clicking sound of their card flicking can get on ones nerves. The littering of the sidewalk and construction fences does distract from the beauty of Vegas. In my opinion Las Vegas would be better if card flicking were left to the dealers in the casinos. Ban the street people. No!  Fine them for littering and give them community service to pick up their mess. Thanks for this opportunity to give my opinion. My wife and I will be at Imperial Palace enjoying our third trip to Vegas.  Bill Gray

*  I feel the "sidewalk snappers' who hand out smut on the strip should not be allowed to be there for a few reasons. Las Vegas wants to become more family friendly then this would be a good place to start we can keep our children out of the casinos and the nightclubs or any where else we feel is not a good place for them to be but we still have to walk out of our hotel to get anywhere we want to go. Should we be harassed by them as soon as we hit the sidewalk? I think not!  How many times have I felt very upset by the fact that no matter how many times you try not to look at them they are all over the strip. You can really see that they have no reason to be there other then to benefit themselves not Las Vegas, they are a major part of the litter on the sidewalk, the crowded strip is hard enough to move around on without having to play " dodge the snapper" you really have to get the people who want Las Vegas to be a really good place to vacation with family to see the "snappers' as a big drawback.   Lenny S

*  They should be stopped not because of there sexual content but because of the mess they create on this beautiful city or better yet make the ones that hand them out clean up the mess when people throw them away and the wind gets them.  Gary Kern

*  Why not. no matter where your from some one some time has handed you a flyer for whatever cause was going on in your town. From school fundraisers to bone marrow transplant donors to political candidates.  So why not let these poor souls make a buck. you don't have to buy let alone look at the material. leave em be.  Watcherboy

*  We want them off the street!  Heather



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