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Reader Poll Starting February 5, 2002

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1.  How many different slot player cards do you have from Casinos in Las Vegas or other cities?   Would you like to obtain more if we could make an online free registration service?


Hello,Richard !!   We have at least 60 cards from different slot clubs across the country. Online registration sounds great !! PS-I LOVE the waving Stars and Stripes on your site !!  Starauen  

*  Great idea about letting us sign up for more players cards.  I have eight already and I enjoy getting paid for playing. It just seems to make me feel a little better when I lost my money, but I know I have generated points that I can trade for food or whatever.  George B.   Hawaii

*  I have 6. Would like to get them via internet   Linda Buckley

*  5 or 6 cards.  Moe Hogan

*  It would be a good idea for more casinos to have slot cards to be available on line. I have about twelve different card from Las Vegas. The one casino hotel that will send you a card online is the Orleans.  Ken DeAngelis

*  Hi, My husband and I have slot cars for many of the casinos on The Strip. I've never counted the number of them but it's a bag-full!!! Some we got when we went to the casino for the first time, others we signed up for on the net. A central on-line registration of slot cards would definitely be great! Thank you, Jill Chalk Concord, NH

*  I have about 10 cards. yes i would obtain more if they were available through the internet.  Louis and Ron

*  The answer to your question on registration for Slot Cards is a big yes, it would save time standing on line and filling out the form or forms and id. It is a great idea.  SSuss65302

*  I have 15 different slot club cards. I visit Las Vegas 4 to 6 times a year. I usually try to play at the places that I am either comped a room and some food or places I would like to stay. I will be going to Las Vegas at the end of March for a convention and am staying comped at the Bellagio which is what I wanted. I use my cards for free food at other casinos. I'm not sure I would sign up for more since it seems that they have refined the clubs making it relatively simple to sign up when you are there. Jeannette  New Mexico

*  I have approximately 25 slot cards. I would also like to obtain more if there was the online free registration service as long as it did not ask for my ssno.  Cathy Antle

*  I have at least 15 different Players Cards for the casinos... I especially like the cards that can be used on both slots and table games. I always tell my friends that are new to Las Vegas to be sure and GET THAT CARD because it is a great way to earn comps. One of the casinos on the strip did try out an online registration but it didn't speed anything up and my name ended up being misspelled (not my fault) anyway so I had to stand in line to get it changed. IF a good system could be invented to pre-register for a card I would certainly use it.  TuckMN

*  I would love to see a online registration for slot cards.  John Morano

*  Yes, I would like to get cars over the internet. I have about 15 cards now.   Wesandjeanie

*  I only have two at this point. My sister on the other hand has one from just about every casino in Reno and is now working on those that she can only get in Las Vegas. We just returned from Las Vegas last week and it was a hassle to go through each casino with our large group trying to find the desk where you can register for the cards. That is why I didn't sign up for many, I just didn't want to bother with it. I think online registration is a good idea and I would sign up for many of them that way, being more prone to gamble where I actually had players cards.  Misscanina

*  I have 19 slot cards from Las Vegas and a few for Atlantic City. Some of these from Las Vegas were done online and some of these done online were sent right to me before I went but some I had to obtain there after signing up on the internet. Getting them ahead of time saves standing in line. I wish all casinos would allow this. Nancy S. New York State

*  i have about 7. and yes, i would like the on-line registration....LT

*  My wife has 5 or 6 cards from Las Vegas and 2 from Albuquerque NM. We didn't know you could get cards on line but it sounds like a good idea. D. Harrison NM

*  I have about 10 cards but would love to register online.  Anna M. Sangl

*  We have about 10 cards . yes we would get cards on e-mail if we could.  G.J. Smith

*  I have 14 slot club cards. All casino's on the strip. Spend most time at Caesar's because the rooms and meals are FREE. Tom.

I presently have 4 slot cards the newest one from Mandalay Resorts - The One Club. Yes I would get more if they were available online.  Anne Parkins

*  I am afraid to count them,  I will say 15 to 30 from Atlantic City, to Windsor Canada, to Iowa, to Biloxi, to Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, Mississippi,  New Orleans, Niagra Falls.  Best Regards  Mike Grybas



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