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Reader Poll Starting February 25, 2003


Water....Yes, water is big news in Vegas. Soon it will be summer and the shortage of water to Nevada is severe. Since each month 3 million people visit Las Vegas, water is highly needed. Question...would you be apposed to having a room surcharge of a few dollars per night for the additional cost of water? Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  Yes, I think it is fair for tourists to help pay for the city water.  Count me in for a few dollars.  Ellen OR.

*  No, I live in California and we need water also, but making us pay for Nevada water does not make sense.  Don T.  Los Angeles, CA

*   Maybe a $5 per stay or something like that would be appropriate.  I would not be interested in paying $10 a day or some inflated price.  W Koons  Detroit, MI

*  Hello, I am from Ireland I have been going to Vegas on holidays for a number of years on average twice yearly. The prices of everything in my opinion have gone up in a price a lot over the last number of years. The last Hotel scam was an energy surcharge. No doubt that they will now jump on the bandwagon again & put a surcharge in place for water. The next Hotel scam that could then be on the way is a surcharge for too many hours of sunshine in the day. The sunshine is costing us too much for cleaning our windows. I honesty think that the big Hotel organizations are killing Las Vegas as they buy out all the small Hotels & Casinos one by one. The standard of food particularly in buffets are getting worse each time I visit Las Vegas, but the prices keep on going up. I still love the buzz when I get to Vegas, but the City is been taken over by the big organizations. Michael Weldon

*  That would be a small price to pay to enjoy everything that Las Vegas has to offer.  I would gladly pay a few dollars to make sure that Las Vegas remains a fun place to visit.  Hank T.

*  No "Surcharges" -- for water, electricity or anything else!  The price quoted for the room should be the cost of the room -- and what I see should be what I get.  If more costs are involved, add it to the cost of the room and don't try to hide it or trick me into paying hidden charges!  Bill Rose Cody, WY

*  I think things cost enough already, and either the casinos or someone else should pickup the tab. There's plenty of water nearby, so run another pipe to the Hoover Dam.. Justin Pressley

*  I am totally opposed to surcharges of any kind. These items are a cost of doing business and should be included in the quoted price of the room. Ron D.

*  Yes, I would be against a room surcharge for water, their is already one on electric, that I think is ridiculous No there place charges that. It will hurt your tourism.  Thanks Betsy

*  DEFINITELY NO WATER SURCHARGE. Drain all the man made lakes, ponds, water displays, swimming pools, at all the hotel/casinos before even thinking about a room surcharge for water. A room surcharge will not produce more water, but draining will. I, for one will not come back to Vegas, if a room surcharge for water is imposed. Robert Bliss

*  I would not mind paying a one time fee (say 3-5 dollars) per stay.  I usually buy bottled water and the fee for showers/baths/etc. MIGHT be needed and I wouldn't mind if it was a low, one-time per stay.  But let's not get on the bandwagon with "energy surcharge", "cooling (a/c) surcharge", "heating surcharge", etc.  It's the PRICE of the room for the week or however long the stay is.  Opinion: one time charge per stay.  Jim L.

*  I would be extremely upset by a water surcharge just as I was about an energy surcharge. Hotels would be much better off to simply raise their room rates to compensate for added costs and quit playing games with paying customers. Donald Marburger

*  In California we have the "energy" surcharge...when the crisis was over (we no longer have brown outs etc. and energy costs are back to normal) the hotels keep the surcharge for profit. This will happen in Vegas. Besides, they get lots of profit off of us at the slot machines. One place that is not hurting for money to pay for the water is Las Vegas!  NO!   Heather

*  Regarding the water issue.  As I've never been to Las Vegas, and don't even know what to expect in terms of total cost (rooms, meals, entertainment, travel) then I certainly would not be opposed to a water tax/surcharge.   If this would help conserve water and provide for a more adequate water supply, then I would say "go for it."  Walter L. Smith Little Rock, AR

*  No, I am opposed to paying for water. Las Vegas is rich enough to afford the cost. The money that all of the hotel and casinos make yearly is sufficient for defraying the costs from tourists.  Chuck from Arizona

*  You got to be kidding me. pay for water. you see I'm a firm believer that bottled water is the biggest scam in America if not the world. Tap water is fine. Get a filter, boil it then chill it, whatever.  Its all drinkable. now to pay in Vegas for water is crazy. Casinos make millions don't they??   Now their afraid water will break the bank.  Truck it in.  Get some Indian tribe to do a rain dance. The fountains of Bellagio could probably bath tourists for a year.  Give me a break, I'll never pay a dime for water here or in Vegas. Absolutely ludicrous.  cya Watcherboy

*  With the mighty colorado river relatively near + Lake mead I am amazed that LV is short of water.  In the UK water is piped 100's of miles from say Wales to the midlands, if we can do it I'm sure you folk can.  David Smith

*  I would not make a big stink about paying a couple extra dollars, but I would not be happy about it.  Think about how much money the hotels pull in on a daily basis.  If they weren't making money, they wouldn't be open.  I realize they go through some kind of drought thing, but this world is made up of water, ship it in for god sakes.  I'll just avoid the whole water thing and go in March; in fact, I leave Saturday, March 8th to enjoy the wonderful world of Las Vegas.  Wish me lots of luck!!!!!!   Jennifer from Illinois


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