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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for February 15, through February 24, 2004


Since Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world, it is only natural that the laws of marriage come under attack here in the 24-hour city. This weeks Reader Poll question is, should they change the Nevada marriage laws and allow same sex marriages?  Why or Why Not?

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Reader Poll Replies:

*  I feel that marriages should be between one man and one women.  Call me old fashion but it has worked for centuries, why change it now.  Bob. T.  NJ

*  Hopefully, people will not think I am a prude, but marriages are with one male and one female.  Anything else is not right.  Angela Towers  NY

*  Marriage should be for men and women only!  I'll change my mind when two men or two women can naturally conceive a child.  Diane Indiana

*  A family unit should be able to reproduce other family members.  Until that happens, same sex marriages should be illegal.  Don T  CA

*  I believe that people should be able to marry someone of the same sex.  It's all about love.  Who is anyone to judge who should marry and who should not?  Same sex marriage does not hurt anyone.  It's nobody's business when people marry!  I think way too much time is spent on trying to stop this practice!  The world would be a much better place if people stopped all this hatred towards homosexuals!!  The bottom line is that these are people.  Loving, sexual "HUMAN" beings!  They want to be happy like everyone else.  This would not hurt anyone!  And I must say that I don't like myself very much for referring to homosexuals as "these people"!  Bottom line is they are people, like you and me!  I am writing this letter as a totally unbiased person.  I've been married for 17 years.  Have two wonderful children!  I have never known a homosexual.  But then again, how would I know.  I wouldn't know because they are just people.  They don't flaunt anything in people's faces.  I think "we" as human beings should just leave them alone and take care of their own lives, and not be so concerned with other people's lives!! Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.  This topic has bothered me for some time now!  Lisa Erickson Superior, WI

I say yes, why not, this is the land of the free which include speech and to right to do as one please as long it does not break the law of the state, city, or the laws set down by the courts.  Johnnie Sampson

*  I am not gay but feel strongly about this issue. I am so tired of our government telling us what we personally can do. What right do they have to tell people who to love and not. Yes, same sex marriages should be allowed. I am happy for all those who find love and care share it.  Tearcher55555

*  Absolutely Not, Because God made Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve!  Being my point that religion is trying to take God from our American Pledge, so why in all the world would they allow man to man & women to women marriages. This is against my belief D.G. Indiana

*  No, It is not natural and if you do this you could be opening a whole new can of worms that the city does not need.  It is already considered to be sin city why make things worse by marrying gays. Don't get wrong I have gay relative and I love gay people, but to marry them. I just do not think that is right. Thank you.  Walter May

*  Hello, My husband and I frequent Las Vegas a couple times each year.  We own a vacation there and pay property taxes.  My opinion is NO to same sex marriages.  It is a mockery of a wonderful union of the man and woman, who become as one and begin a family to bring about the traditions of our nation.  How can a same sex marriage bring forth a natural family and teach them traditions of our nation?  I understand Las Vegas is the gaming capital of the world and has taken on the nickname of "sin city".  I think same sex marriage is a good qualifying issue for the "sin city", but personally find it appalling and repulsive. Thanks for allowing my opinion. Theresa Shepard

*  It has been illegal for this to happen for years why change it, and why let our children think that this is okay when it is not. This is not natural, marriage should remain only male and female.  Mischell May

*  No, there should not be same sex marriages. This may sound stupid, but the bible says " man and woman shall marry " Lana Stupnikoff  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

*  Yes, they should change the marriage laws. As long as gayness isn't illegal, they should be allowed to marry.  Edmund Tsai

*  Do not change marriage law to allow same sex marriages. The bible does not accept this behavior, so why should the state of Nevada?  JWWiley

*  I think that Nevada should change the marriage laws and allow same sex marriages. with all the sorrow and bad times in the world, if  the law change would bring happiness to some people, who is it gonna hurt?!!  Mary Powers

*  Everyone deserves the right to be happy.  How many divorces are there in a single year?  Does being married to someone from the opposite sex guarantee that you will remain happy forever and divorce free?  NOT!  To each their own.  Just because a person is homosexual does not make them a bad person.  I said it at the beginning and I will say it again - everyone deserves the right to be happy and I don't believe that we have the right to take that away from them.  Ann, PA

*  God made us man and woman in his image and set up marriage between them. With the woman made from a man. That is how it should remain. Man does not have the right to change what God designed.  Gordon

*  Marriage is a human right not a heterosexual right.  I am not homosexual however I identify with their struggle because before any of us are homo or hetero sexual, we are humans.  Basic human rights (and needs) should be granted authority over anything else.  It is my understanding that living a homosexual lifestyle is not illegal, which leads me to believe that homosexual marriages should not be illegal either.  As things change over time, the world changes, the country changes...Las Vegas can change.  It seems that laws change to fit the agenda of a mass number of people; I think this group of people their rights and needs should be met.  Our laws should change and if it is not changed soon, it will only be a matter of time before we are forced to change.  BRS Cleveland

*  The reason God created male and female , so there would never be same sex marriages.  Janet Franckowiak

*  I think that every state should change the laws to allow same sex marriages, but Nevada would be a good place to start. Separate but not equal does not make sense. Straight couples don't seem to hold marriage as sacred, the divorce rate is reaching 60%!! One of the couples in San Francisco that got married recently - 2 older ladies - were together for over 50 years. Sounds like a better record than most straight marriages. Why shouldn't these people get the benefits, rights and respects as everyone else?  Natalie Ellis

*  I don't think same sex marriages are appropriate for any state, however in Las Vegas I don't see the harm in having a simple ceremony that is non legal.  If two people are together they deserve some sort of commitment to each other whether it be legal or not. Different strokes for different folks. Christine Armes

*  Gays want civil marriages that will entitle them to benefit from over 1,000 federal laws that grant advantages to married people. Las Vegas hotels have been conducting commitment ceremonies for a number of years now, and I have not heard of any popular revolt. On the contrary, it has been a great boon to the hospitality industry in Las Vegas. My partner of 28 years and I want only a legal document that will allow us to care for each other and save two thousand dollars every several years to update our wills so that our surviving partner inherits the things that we worked together to acquire. We do not demand a superstitious religious ritual conducted by someone who makes their living claiming to be the spokesperson for the Almighty Creator. In my lifetime, Whites could not legally marry Blacks or Asians in my state. We live and learn, we change and we become more compassionate. Please don't use your religions to legislate the lives and freedoms of those of us who, through no fault of their own, are different from the majority.  Bill Hall

*  Hey, Las Vegas is known as Sin City, so all those people that think gay marriages are evil should only expect them to happen in Las Vegas! I think that since so many marriages happen in the city as it is, allowing gay marriages could potentially double the incomes of the small-scale chapels and many of the other industries connected to the marriage draw of Las Vegas. I say go to it! It can only further benefit the economy of Las Vegas, not to mention draw in a whole new crowd of people to further enhance the already flourishing culture of the city!  Jennifer Strasser

*  They should absolutely make it legal. This would generate new business in the wedding planning market which would help the economy. Whether gay couples are legally married or not shouldn't personally effect anyone's life but the couple themselves. When one of them are terminally ill, it would give the partner "pull the plug rights" that are not in place now and should be. Who better to make those decisions than the mate that you love and share a life with. The president shouldn't be able to declare it unlegal. Why don't we put it to a vote throughout the country???? Most people don't care enough to even vote on this one. That would be interesting!  jo3home



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