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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting February 15, 2003


#1.  World Situation Update. . . With the situation that is going on in Iraq, North Korea and Afghanistan does that keep you from traveling to Las Vegas? Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies: 

* No, I will continue to visit Las Vegas regardless of what is happening around the world.  Tom C.  AZ

*  Yes, it has me worried, but I am still making my trip in April. Viva Las Vegas.  Helen CA.

*  Does it keep my wife and I away no, but it makes us wonder about flying sometimes.  MM David K.  TX

*  I am more concerned now then ever before about the flight itself and about the threat of biological weapons in a town like Las Vegas where the water supply and air systems in the casinos could be accessed. Strange after 911 I felt safer for awhile and traveled to Las Vegas more then usual. My next trip is scheduled and I am concerned, If anything happens I my not go.  Respectfully submitted, Judi Ketchum

*  Despite any threat of terrorism, I've been living my life as usual. This includes travel (mostly Las Vegas and Disney World). My theory is if it's my time to "go" I'll be doing what makes me happiest.  Joanne K

*  The world situation sure is unsettling. After Sept. 11, 2001, my husband and I had a trip planned to LV near the end of October. We are both in public education so our "off" time is strictly dictated by the school calendar. We did not have the flexibility to reschedule to another weekend (we live in WI, so 2 day weekend trips are out). After attempting to cancel our flight twice (and thankfully being talked out of it by the America West phone people!), we went. We had a great time! We have gone 6 times since Sept. 11 (Oct., Dec. of 2001, April, July, Oct. and Dec. of 2002) and we have 3 upcoming trips planned (April, July and Oct. again!). Our next trip will take us first to LV and then to LA before going home. I'm more anxious about the LA leg of our trip than about the LV days. I'm sure we will go unless things take a drastic turn for the worse. I guess we must continue to live our lives with some semblance of normalcy. But we must not laugh in the face of danger either. I told one of my 4th graders the other day, "I think our world needs to go to the health room to get an ice pack." To fourth graders an ice pack from the health room cures all ailments. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get a giant ice pack right about now? Deb in Wisconsin

*  I say take advantage of the cheap airfare and room rates and let the timid ones stay home. -Brian J Atlanta GA

*  Why should we do exactly as these terrorist want us to do. They want to disrupt our lives. Many people wonder what they can do to fight these terrorist, your survey has the answer hidden in it. We should travel more, not less! I am making it a point to come to Las Vegas this year in spite of the threat. I am also buying more stock to help inspire our economy. If everyone would do just the opposite of what these terrorist expect, and in a grand fashion, We as Americans can drive them away as all of their efforts will become futile!  Howard Kendall

*  You gotta go sometime - if we get "shot down" or whatever I just hope it's on the way home not on the way there. Whenever I leave Vegas I say to myself "now I can die happy - a little poorer, but happy" lol.  Luck to all Jennifer

*  We're going to Vegas!  Since 9-11 my husband & I have been on vigilante pins & needles. We've prepared for a disaster as possible and have postponed our vacation plans for more than a  year now. No big disasters have happened since 9-11. So We're ready for an "unreality" break! We're escaping to Las Vegas and leaving the war behind for a few days.  I just hope the gas prices don't spoil our plans.  Laura Smith

*  We have postponed our trip from Feb. 19 to October. Hopefully the war will be over.  Scooke

*  We are due to come to Las Vegas, via Hawaii, Anaheim etc. in March - there is not way that we are going to be intimidated by the world situation - we could just as easily be hit by a bus crossing the street.  When your number is up, it is up.  Sue Ellbourn  Whites Valley, Sth Australia

*  I absolutely will not change my life due to terrorist threats.  If I do that, then they win!  Barbara Aroeste

*  No it does not stop us. Bernard Crocker

*  No it will not keep me from going on vacation to Las Vegas. After September 11.  We just can't let terrorist Shape or everyday lives forever. We have to live everyday as we did before.  Ken DeAngelis

*  We are on our way to Vegas in March.  We had our plans set back at the end of November, but I would still make plans to go regardless of what happens in the Mid East.  The only thing that might keep me out is if they identified that the airlines were unsafe for travel or that Vegas itself ( God forbid ) had been attacked.  Our plans for coming back in Oct, are already set too.  The only REAL thing that will keep me out of Vegas in the near future is that we are planning to go to Hawaii next year.   Daniel Aldridge

*  Hey people!  I think if it's in Las Vegas, baby, let it all hang out!  I do however think that discretion is important. I also think that "family" oriented places should opt out, and abstain.  Hey, Vegas is SIN city.  Laura Wilson

*  I personally see no problem with it. While I would not partake in it, they currently have Topless shows, so what is the difference. I say live and let live.   Vegaswinner777



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