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Reader Poll Starting February 15, 2002

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#1.  Gambling / Partying / Drinking / Keeping Late Hours are nearly addictive and almost a standard in Las Vegas whether you are a visitor or resident. What is the longest number of hours you have stayed awake while in Las Vegas?


*  Last year when we went to Vegas, our flight got in at around 11pm on a Thursday night. My husband finally went to bed at around 7am Sunday morning. Not only that, but when i woke up Sunday when he came in the room, I decided to shower and try my hand at blackjack while he was sleeping. I came back to the room 45 minutes later to get something, he woke up and I made the mistake of telling him I had just won a quick 350.00 on the blackjack table....... The next thing I knew he was saying "hold on, I'm going back down there (to the casino) with you". He was off again!! I think that was the "vacation without sleep" for us!! :-) Can't wait to do it again. Kim  Elmira, MI

*  My 65 yr. old mom and I stayed up last February, 24 hours. We walked the strip going from one casino to the next in the wee hours of the morning.  Around 7am the next day we finally made it back to our own hotel where we crashed for a couple hours before we started again! I'm sure it's not a record for Vegas, but for us two "Old Ladies" it was for us!  Janet

*  17 hours.  Pamela Truax,

*  Not including the time I actually woke up to fly to Vegas from the Eastern time zone, my longest time before hitting the sack was 41 hrs. My last game was at a craps table at 1am and after way too many Heineken's me and the other guy still standing called it a night. We did have breakfast at 7am and started the whole process over again. Not only do I believe that oxygen is pumped into the casinos but I also believe that oxygen is pumped into the whole city of Vegas!! Dave H. Columbus

*  Now that I have hit the big 50 and beauty sleep is needed, I would say 17 or 18 hrs awake doing all the questions suggested. You should of seen me in my hayday when only a quick nap of maybe two or three hrs was the norm. but I'm still going strong in the city that never sleeps.  cya Watcherboy

*  24 hours.  Patrick

*  I have stayed awake for 44 hours in one long winning/loosing gambling session.  Wow, did it take me a couple days to recover, but it was worth every minute of recovery time.  Cannot wait to do it again.  B. Sherwood

*  The most number of hours I have stayed awake partying in Vegas is 48 and it almost killed me.  Fun was immeasurable, but the alcohol intake was something that my body paid for days later.  Cheryl F. NY 

*  48hrs.  Lucille

*  I must be a light weight because after 36 hours I am almost like a walking coma.  It is amazing how I can put myself through that much punishment every trip and still enjoy it and keep coming back for more.   Your city visitor from Canada.   Roger T.  CA 

*  42 hrs,  Kerry Stutz


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