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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for December 5, through December 14, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Construction is underway to change the intersection of the Las Vegas Strip and Twain. Because of the new Wynn Las Vegas casino and Treasure Island Casino at this intersection, it will soon have a pedestrian walkover like Flamingo Rd. and Tropicana Ave. This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . Do you think more intersections on the Las Vegas Strip should have pedestrian walkovers or should they leave the Strip the way it is? Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I like the pedestrian walkways above the road, it keeps the people and traffic moving safely and quickly.  I think this should be done at all intersections on Las Vegas Blvd (Strip).  Howard Little  TX

* Yes, I really like the pedestrian walkovers. It makes it a lot safer to try to cross the streets and you don't have to wait for the lights! I'm all in favor!  Shawn Fechner

* I think the pedestrian walkover's in Las Vegas is a wonderful part of upgrading Las Vegas for the tourists. I think they should have pedestrian walkovers at ever intersection for safety sake of the tourists & the traffic can continue at there own pace.  Gary James  Sheridan, Missouri

* Yes I think walkways over the Strip should be at all major intersections,
because: They are safer for both drivers and pedestrians, They speed up traffic, When crossing them they are a good viewing point for the sights in
the area.  Don Suszko

*  I like the Walkovers. It's a lot easier to get from one side to the other instead of trying to cross The Strip during heavy traffic times. More (within reason) would be even better so you wouldn't have to walk a mile out of your way just to cross.  Dan Aldridge Michigan

* Yes, more intersections should have the pedestrian walkovers. The traffic has gotten outrageous on the strip, and the traffic drivers seem to resent having to share the street with the large amount of pedestrian traffic on the strip.  We really appreciate the walkways when we visit Vegas. We feel safer when we cross the street that way, and the view is nice as well. We also feel like we can cross the street quicker since we don't have to wait for the light changes.  Mary Prause  Pflugerville, TX

*  I think that the walkways have the potential to be both a blessing and
nightmare. Having been to Vegas numerous times I can tell you that I've had mixed experiences with these walkways. There are numerous factors that must be considered, such as safety, necessity and maintenance. I've seen the escalators out of order on countless occasions at the Flamingo/LV Blvd. intersection. Furthermore, many of these walkways turn out to be more of an inconvenience than a benefit. When you have to go up and down and in and out of several hotels just to get across a street, it can be rather burdensome.  As a New Yorker with streets even busier than Vegas I can tell you that we get along just fine without walkways. If they build it, make it simple. Make it a benefit for the pedestrians, not for the corporations whose corners the walkways happen to grace. Thanks for all the great Vegas news,  Adam Greenstein

*   I'm all for more pedestrian walkovers. They help get across LV blvd. and shorten the walk. Also provide great views up and down strip. Diane MacDonell  Amelia Island, FL

I think that more pedestrian walkways should be built on the strip because it gives pedestrians a safer way to cross the street. Additionally, it will help the flow of traffic along the strip because there will be less stopping and waiting for pedestrians to cross streets, especially side streets.  I also think that the Casino owners at the intersections where the walkways would be built would be in favor of this because the walkways take the pedestrians directly to their casinos.  Jan Harris

YES to any and all crosswalks above the street area...the last time I was in LV, about a year ago, the traffic is so heavy that someone driving swerved to miss a car and came up on the sidewalk...luckily, we were able to get out of the way, but with so many people and so many cars, put as much distance between them as possible...just my thoughts... Teresa

More pedestrian walkovers are not only desirable but essential for the safety of everyone. Additional walkovers will certainly facilitate the street traffic which is, at times, atrocious. They will also provide monetary savings for people traveling by taxi and will enable people to get between locations much faster. Walkovers also present visitors with choice locations for photo opportunities. They will also keep tempers from rising during high traffic times by creating a much more favorable and enjoyable traveling environment. Also, walkovers are attractive and only add to the ambience of the Las Vegas Strip.  Frank J. Black  Boulder City, NV

* I think that the pedestrian walk over bridges are very important to Las Vegas. They create a safe path for our tourists to get from one side of a busy street to the other, in a town with a tremendous amount of traffic. Many/most tourists walk, and the bridges are welcoming. They are more likely to go across the street if there is a bridge. The bridges are also a big factor in easement of auto traffic on the "Strip." Flamingo moves much better than before, as does Trop.  The next place that one should be erected is on the east side of the Strip at Harmon. That's a zoo, but there is no business to sponsor it, unless the new Marriott timeshare ("Chateau") does. But it is needed.  Las Vegas is one of the most progressive in construction to ease traffic, and I'm proud of that.  Fern Modena  Henderson, NV

I believe that they are a wonderful idea as traffic then, does not have to wait for all the " Jaywalkers" & " Late Walkers" crossing the street. Safer too for the pedestrian as we have witnessed a hit & run already. Not a pretty Site.  Lisa Pitts  Calgary Alberta Canada

* Definitely there should be more walkways over the busy roads. I use what is available now and it is so convenient. With more and more people visiting Vegas it will eliminate the horrible traffic on the street. I feel there is a safety factor here with less cars and accidents. Mostly, with all the senior citizens visiting, it makes it easier to get around. I am one of them, with a knee replacement, and I try to find all the shortcuts I can. I am in favor of this project. Thank for the poll. Hope it helps. Mary in FL

Yes I think that the crossovers for pedestrians are a great addition in Las Vegas. For one thing traffic would probably move a little faster and the drivers would not have to be waiting forever for the pedestrians to cross or cross at wrong times against the light. I would use them faithfully. I love Las vegas and that would be a wonderful addition.  Janet L. Baumann  Chicago, IL

* Yes they need a lot more walkovers it helps the car flow through Vegas better.  G. J. Smith

* Hi Richard, Yes, more pedestrian walkovers should be built as they are very convenient convenient when you are trying to cross the street, all of the traffic is unbearable when you are trying to get from one place to another. Time is precious when you are visiting Las Vegas and standing and waiting for traffic lights is a waste of time. Thanks for the best information in your newsletter.
Beverly Kircher  Clifton, New Jersey

I definitely agree that more pedestrian walkways are needed. I have been going to Las Vegas for the last 10 years and I personally think that the walkways are the best thing that Vegas could have instituted. They are so much safer. With these walkways, I feel that it is a lot easier getting from one casino to the next without taking your life in your hands with the crazy drivers of Las Vegas.  Ann, Kulpmont, PA

* Have more pedestrian walkovers. It will help solve the traffic problems.  Charles James  Nassau Bahamas

* Pedestrian walkovers are one of the best things the city of Las Vegas has done to help ensure the safety of its tourists. I think they should have one at every intersection. We all know that Las Vegas is an adult kiddieland and unfortunately many act just like kids when it comes to getting from point A to point B. Many are walking around with their heads in the sky trying to get a glimpse of all the sights while ooohing and aaawing and not paying attention to safety while crossing streets. Many do not pay attention to the cross, don't cross signs and assume the person driving the car will stop for them.  Boy they are a bigger gambler than I am. I'm not one to play Russian roulette. Admit it, I'm sure you've seen many of these people.  Many of these visitors also rent cars in Las Vegas. If you've got gawkers walking up and down the strip; trust me you've also got gawkers behind the wheel of a car.  The walkovers not only provide a safe walk across the streets they also provide an excellent way to safely take in the views up and down the strip.  My vote goes for the more walkovers, the better. It may take a few more minutes to get where your going but those few minutes of assured safety are more than worth the price of losing life or limb.  Fran S  Montpelier, OH

* I believe this would be beneficial for a walkover at the Las Vegas strip & Twain intersection, to keep the pedestrians safe and the motor vehicles moving along these intersections. As My wife & I visit Las Vegas, I prefer to keep moving than to wait for a walk light. This helps me not to worry that much of pickpockets while waiting for a walk light. When you have allot of people in one area at a time attitudes get started.  Danny

* The pedestrian walkovers are a HUGE benefit to the city of Las Vegas, not only for the flow of traffic, but for the safety of the pedestrians.  I have been coming to Vegas for years, and I have seen my share of bad accidents. Tourists come to visit and decide they want to go "all out", and rent the car of their dreams and cruise The Strip. The problem is usually threefold; 1. They are unfamiliar with the locale they're driving in. 2. They're unfamiliar with the vehicle they're navigating. 3. Alcohol usually plays a role, either by the driver, the pedestrian, or by another driver that is being encountered.  Removing the pedestrian from the intersections greatly reduces the risk of danger to all, and I wholeheartedly believe that the walkover should be used on every major intersection in town.   Renie Rodden  Snohomish, Washington

* Richard, Thanks for the poll: I am "all in" for the idea of more walkways on the Strip. The way the taxi drivers and others drive, I am not surprised that there aren't more accidents involving people getting hit. Also it will enhance traffic flow, not having to wait for the pedestrians crossing the street which causes backups on the strip and side street to get on and off the strip. I fill it will cut down on accidents for people not paying attention on the inside lanes of traffic and people turning down the side streets and cut down on the horn honking. It may take a few more seconds to cross on the walkways, it's better to save lives than take a life "because I couldn't wait two minutes because that slot machine in the casino was calling me."  Having a handicapped son the walkways with the elevators were so great ,believe me the traffic when trying to cross the street when there weren't any walkways was horrible, We practically had to run with a wheelchair to avoid not getting hit or getting a horn honked at you.  Kanita Morgan  Indianapolis Indiana

Yes, I believe having more walkovers would be more beneficial in getting people from casino to casino. I know I would go to a casino if I could get to it easier!  Rhonda M.

* Even though I don't live in Las Vegas, I have experience the safety and non congestion of pedestrian walkway within New York. With a fast pace environment and peoples disregard for traffic regulations in traveling across street and admiring sites, this would be a godsend! I will be visiting your great strip between Dec 19 - 24, 2004.  Michael Harris  Richmond Hill, NY

Well, I like the concept of the pedestrian walkovers. I agree with having one built at every other block along the strip. However, if your going to put in a pedestrian walkover don't completely block the pedestrian off from walking across the street if he/she chooses. Some of your current walkovers don't give the pedestrian a choice but to go upstairs to get from point A to point B on the strip. Sometimes we like to use the walkover & sometimes we prefer to cross the street. Build the walkovers - just also leave street level walkways on ground level. Walk-On!  Larry Strehl

* I like the pedestrian walkovers at intersections that have casinos on the "4 corners". Very safe and convenient.  But anything less and I prefer to cross the street, treating Vegas like any other vacation destination.  I like to mix it up, I guess; and enjoy the best of both worlds! Vegas is all about pushing the limits...good vs bad; winning vs losing; safety vs risk; etc.  Robin Beck  San Diego CA

* Definitely there should be more walk ways. Trying to cross the street on the strip can be a near suicidal event. The traffic rarely lets up and the taxis and limos drive very fast through the intersections. I am surprised more people aren't hit by cars each year. Janae Griffith


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