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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for December 25,  through January 4, 2004


This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . Las Vegas has permitted companies with  several bicycle types of transportation to be used on Las Vegas Strip to transport people.  Are you in favor of these slower forms of transportation?  Why or why not?

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Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I feel those bicycle contraptions are the biggest headache I have ever seen in Las Vegas.  The are slow, they get in the way and they slow down traffic to almost a stand still.  Get rid of them!!!   Wayne T.

*  I have not seen them but I overheard several taxi drivers at breakfast talk about what a hazard they are and how it was going to be a black eye for Las Vegas when people get killed on those rickshaw bicycles. Anything that slows down traffic in Las Vegas I am most adamantly against.   Maria 

*  We have visited Las Vegas for many years. And have found the men on the bikes are really pushy, and rude. If you do not take the ride. Thank you.  Sandy

*  These bicycles are creating a walking problem my mother and I were walking down the street we moved for one bike and had gotten bumped by another. Then we saw them in the middle of the street blocking traffic. Its bad enough we have to deal with strollers and little children now we have to watch out for the stupid bicycles. The next time we get bumped we will sue . thank you.  Wally Zee

*  Yes, I'm in favor of these. We took a ride on one on our last visit in September. while not as fast as a cab (depending on what traffic on the strip is like) it was certainly a good way to people watch and see some things that we would have missed if we had been riding the monorail (MGM - Ballys) or a cab. The "peddalers" seem more friendly than a few of the cab drivers (met some great cab drivers over the years though). Considering Las Vegas's climate they are certainly a viable alternative.  Bill S.

*  On balance I think no. From a practical point of view, more bikes may lead to more congestion and more accidents. I can't see the benefits outweighing these negatives. From a more pretentious point of view, Las Vegas is all about progress, advance and man's achievements. To introduce bikes would be a regressive step and would seem incongruous on the Strip. Great newsletter - thanks a lot and keep up the good work. I'm coming to Las Vegas in July for our honeymoon and very much looking forward to it.  Ben Bruton Nottingham, UK

*  No matter where these slow vehicles will be permitted they'll cause problems -- either to pedestrians or motorists. They shouldn't be allowed  JoanneK

*  I visit Las Vegas about 3-5 times per year.  The worst-case scenario is getting stuck in traffic on the Strip.  I'm all in favor of LESS traffic on the Strip, not more.  I believe there should be no taxis allowed on the Strip whatsoever.  If there were less traffic, on the Strip, it certainly would make for happier vacationers.  R.F. La Chapelle

*  Yes, absolutely. It will cut down the traffic a bit and give folks a new chance to earn a living as long as they don't interfere with people walking about its a good thing and slow is good in this fast paced town. Maybe, just maybe people will admire the beauty of the strip casinos a bit more. they are really a marvel of of man. Watcherboy

*  Yes I do. the last time I was in Las Vegas I used the bicycle type (this was not my first time). I enjoyed the ride because you see the backside of the hotels for one. the other is it is a slower ride, you get to know your driver. if your new to the area they can let you in on some great deals. Last of all you can rest your feet I love it keep up the great work.  Michael Willoughby  Springfield MO

*  I just returned the day after Christmas from Las Vegas, and I saw one of the tri-peds on the street. Of course the strip was crowded and wild all week, and then you have one skinny guy pedaling two very large tourists in his gondola, which almost tipped. We are stuck behind him with everyone trying to pass, and he wants to change lanes to turn left and guess what....... no will let him. Of course he is doing this change right at the light, and almost dumps his load on the street.  Then there's this July, when I was working at one of the casinos, and took a ride over to the Palms for dinner. There was a couple romantically being ric-shawed around the back roads and some car came tearing out of a parking lot and hit them. The passengers were so stunned they didn't wait for the police, they just stumbled away....who knows what their story was but they wouldn't accept my offer of a ride. The driver was thrown from the bike, and was injured, but truly they could have been killed. Well I guess my answer to " why not" would be VERY DANGEROUS and HAZARDOUS TO TRAFFIC!  Thanks Chris Grogis  

I am very much in favor of the slower forms of transportation that have been introduced in Las Vegas.  The most integral parts of the mystique of Las Vegas are the sights, the glamour and the lights.  Not only do the slower forms of transportation get people to their destinations faster than walking, but visitors to the most fascinating city in the world are able to look around them and see the things that have made this city famous.  When riding in a penny cab or similar transportation, the focus is not on the amount of money that is being spent, but on the amount of fun you are having in Las Vegas.  Travelers can be transported to ancient Egypt or the heart of 18th century Paris in a matter of moments.  Las Vegas is a destination, but more importantly it is an experience.  What better way to partake in such an experience than letting someone else do the work for you, while being mesmerized by the sights and sounds of of dreams coming true.  Vanessa Aznar

Yes, this is a good idea.  Las Vegas has so much to offer that it attracts people from all walks of life and for an infinite number of reasons.  Having this transportation options is necessary.  Couples can get driven around town at a slow pace while ridding in a carriage without the road apples that horses leave.  With so much to see, taxi drivers are not the best way to site see because their goal is to deliver you from point A to B as quick as possible so they can get to their next fare.  During the summer, it is so nice outside, who wants to sit in a car when the can be outside while enjoying the panoramic view of an open air seat.  Also, the traffic is already pretty bad at times on the strip so this would be an easier way to get around.  Chris Baay

I think it is a great idea for tourists but if it slows traffic that could be dangerous.  I think it would be a great thing if these bicycle transports had their own lane.  Linda Bowles




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