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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting December 25, 2001

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1.  In the year 2002, how many trips to you plan to take to Las Vegas? Is this more or less than you visited Las Vegas in 2001?   Why?

*  My husband and I just returned from Las Vegas. We were there December 26th -December 30th. We always go to Las Vegas twice a year. We love Las Vegas!  We will not let September 11th stop our trips to Las Vegas. We must not be afraid to enjoy ourselves.  Shirley Woolley  Indiana

*  We go to Vegas one time a year. we will do the the same in 2002.  G J Smith

*  We will probably visit Vegas only once in 2002 as opposed to twice a year as in past years. This is because of costs.  Ron-Kate

*  My husband and I came out to Las Vegas in July of 2001 to get married. It was the first time in my 32 years that I had flown. I loved it and we loved Las Vegas. We had to return home after a 2 day honeymoon, but there was so much that we didn't have the opportunity to see that we are coming back for 6 or seven days on our 1st wedding anniversary. So we won't be making more trips to Las Vegas in 2002 than in 2001, but we are going to stay longer this time so we can see more and do more. Thanks for the newsletter. Lynne Miling - Comstock Park, Michigan

We will visit Vegas four times this year and it will be the same amount we did in 2001. Reason for Vegas is the accommodations, the entertainment, and after 50 trips we feel comfortable with the layout of the city.  Robert Jones

*  I expect that I will be in Vegas about 10 times in 2002.  I try to go every month, but once in a while work gets in the way.  For year 2001, I went 11 times.  What a city!!!!  Dean  WA

*  Since October of 2001, my first time to Las Vegas, I have been back twice.  Las Vegas is the most exciting place I have ever visited.  My three girl friends and I each time we go have a better trip than the last.  Thanks to Richard Reed, owner of, the best Las Vegas web site, he showed us some real highlights of Las Vegas.  I hope to be in Vegas about every six weeks for the rest of my life.  Thanks for a great time Richard and a great source of Vegas information.  Keep up the good work and don't stay out to late.   Cindi   TX

*  Plan 2 to Vegas in the year 2002.  Paul Orzech

*  If 2002 is any indication of 2001 I should be in Las Vegas about six times.  It seems that no other vacation to any other city gets me as excited as going back to Vegas.  If I am lucky, maybe I can get more than 6 trips in 2002.  Wayne T.  OK

*  I only made it twice in 01. I am planning to make three trips in 02 if my luck is at least luke warm. I used to go at least five or six times every year but at 75 the old bones can't take as many hours at the green top tables as they used to.  HBHWANGO

*  Plan to make 3 trips to Vegas in 2002-------one more than usual.  Chuck1929

*  I will be making at least one trip to Vegas this winter.  Sharon Kaste

I plan to visit Las Vegas 3 or 4 times in the year 2002. This may be 1 or 2 times less than I would visit in a year because I hate the traveling part of a vacation and the older I get the more I dislike it. But all and all you have to love Vegas and I would never stop going!! Kris in MN


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