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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for December 15, through December 24, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Recent years have seen the flood of new casinos opening not only in Las Vegas but on Indian Reservations, River Boats, Cruise Ships, Internet, and other under ground casinos and betting parlors. This week's Reader Poll question is . . . Are you visiting Las Vegas more or less? If you are a fist time visitor, tell us how you selected Las Vegas. If you are a seasoned Las Vegas visitor are you coming to our city more or less than before the explosion
of the new casinos. Why or Why Not?

Reader Poll Replies:

I will always come to Vegas, it is still the biggest and the best and I live less than 19 miles from a casino.  James T. 

* I happen to be a half-seasoned resident of LV (7 yrs) and don't go on strip too often as it is just too "commercial". I sure wish I lived here in the "old days- 70s/80s but I would probably have left by now because of all the growth. The "old-timers" must have great memories.   Joyce Lodato  Las Vegas NV

We don't come to Las Vegas as often as we once. We find it has becme very concrete, and has lost that special quality it once had.   Sharon  Bowman Canada

In live in Cincinnati, Ohio which puts me with 45 minutes of 3 Casinos yet I come to Las Vegas about every two months. I like to play poker and I find better games in Las Vegas. Also, I think the Casinos in Las Vegas have started to give much better comps in the last year or so than they have in the past and I think Las Vegas is starting to cater to the average gambler again instead of kids.  K2259

* This year will be my fourth visit. started out on my honeymoon 28 years ago, finally returned for our 25th anniversary and we are trying to get there once a year. We absolutely love it - we travel with another couple and the four of us are in awe of all the excitement!  We will be there in September 2005 looking for new and exciting things to see.  Sharon Kull  New York, NY

* I am not a seasoned visitor of Las Vegas but I have been there quite a few times.  I think Las Vegas is much more geared for the wealthy than the average working person. I think the free entertainment is not as good as it used to be and the show prices are getting way out of reach of the average Joe. I am a winter visitor in Bullhead city AZ and when I visit Vegas I am so glad to get home. I like gambling in Laughlin but I enjoy the Indian casino's back home in MN more.
Thank you, Patricia Frink

* 2005 will be my 50th year of coming to Las Vegas. In those many years I've averaged at least 4 trips a year. I've already made reservations for a 3 days trip in January, and 6 days in February, so I just keep coming back for more of the fun. No Indian casinos for me, no sir, Las Vegas is the place that still holds my undivided attention because there is so much to do and see especially when the slot hosts make me feel like a special person. By the time spring is over I'll have visited Las Vegas 3 times, so 2005 looks like a banner year for the many times that I'll be visiting.  Allen L. Mitchell  Oxnard, CA

* We live in Northern Minnesota and this will be our 18th year of going to Las Vegas. We generally make 4 to 5 trips per year to Las Vegas as we love the atmosphere of the casinos Downtown as compared to the numerous Indian Casinos in Minnesota. I particularly enjoy the "Live" Keno lounges in Las Vegas of which we don't have here. Plus the nice rooms, meal comps, and the refreshments that the local Minnesota casinos can't compare with Las Vegas. And the slot machines seem much more generous in Las Vegas compared to our Indian Casinos that are not regulated. We will be coming back to Las Vegas on Feb. 8, 2005 and are bringing a couple of friends on this trip to introduce them to Las Vegas. So some show tickets would be nice!! We try not to patronize the local casinos as we prefer to spend our gambling money in Las Vegas as it is much more enjoyable. And with the good Lord willing we hope to keep on coming back to Las Vegas for many more years, as we love it there. Sincerely, Forrest H. Kauppi

* We like to go to Vegas once a year, but this year we went two time. Just love the place it beats all the rest. we are all set to go in 2005 . we may try to go twice in 2005 if we can. VEGAS YOU ARE THE GREATEST. G. J. Smith

I am visiting less but its because the price of everything has gone up. I'm not talking about Vegas ,I'm talking about here at home. I go to Kansas city to a boat. I would much rather be in Vegas. I have a good feeling about Vegas. I love Vegas. I'm hoping to bring my angle there this summer and we will get married there. She doesn't know it yet though.  Stephen Goodwin  Sedalia, Missouri

* Hello my name is John from New York I go at least twice a year to Vegas . it is the only place you get your money worth . get off the strip check out places the locals hang out . Arizona Charlie's , Cannery , Ellis island on koval behind Ballys , Texas Station , Sun Coast , Boulder Stations.  their is a lot more to Vegas than the strip with all the cattle . have a great night see you in Vegas . john  Oswego, NY

* We have been visiting Las Vegas for 5 years now and are visiting twice a year. The new casinos are definitely a factor in our visiting. Las Vegas has so much more to offer than other areas including Atlantic City which is just a two hour drive for us. No other resort can match Las Vegas - period. We enjoy the mega-resorts and also visit the "locals" casinos. With other local and regional attractions as well as the climate (it's a joy to escape the east Coast humidity) Las Vegas is the ideal adult vacation destination. It is truly unique.  Bill Sheneman  Red Hill, PA

Although we are an hour from two nice Indian casinos, there's nothing that compares to Las Vegas. We love the city: frequent visits to Trader Joe's, the outlet malls, and of course gambling. We prefer off-strips casinos, especially Green Valley. Being a video poker enthusiast, you can't beat LV for numbers and varieties of video poker games. We winter in Lake Havasu City, so we can visit Vegas often during the winter.  Kathy M.  Rochester, MN

* Other cities can try to compete with Las Vegas but no one can even begin to compare to the thrill of the greatest city in the world. Sure the others may be closer and more convenient to get to but they are just casinos. We have visited Atlantic City, New York and West Virginia casinos but there is only one Las Vegas. They certainly won't keep me away from the best!!  John & Margie Amon


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