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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for December 15,  through December 24, 2003


This week’s Reader Poll asks should Casinos be allowed to have adult clubs on their property.  Rumor has it that several of the large casinos are investigating whether or not to open their own adult clubs, do you think this is a good or bad idea and WHY?

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Reader Poll Replies: 

*  It would not bother me if casinos had adult clubs, it is something that I do not go to when I am in Vegas and it would not have any impact on myself.  Ann G. 

*  I think it would be a great idea.  It would bring a higher class to an industry that could use an image uplifting. Roger  CA

*  Hi!  I thought this was an interesting question--especially when I looked at it from the previous angle.  No one ever questioned the casinos when they put theme parks and massive game rooms in their casinos, did they?  Many people didn't and still don't like the "family" aspect of Las Vegas, but Steve Wynn proved that more people come to Vegas for the shows and entertainment than any other part of the entertainment equation!  After the success of some of the newer Gentleman's clubs that have opened recently around town I would guess that if the casinos didn't "keep up" that they'd be walking a major portion of this business to establishments outside of their properties.  I would also venture to guess that this could be big business for them at some of the major conventions--conventions where the attendees are known not to be big gamblers!  I would also venture to guess that IF some of the major properties did this that it would be done in a very upscale and low key manner.  They don't call Vegas "Sin City" for nothing!  Jean H

*  Yes the Casinos should be able to have adult clubs. In Sin City it is ridiculous that to go to an adult club you have to go the the sleezeeee part of town or to Freemont Street, but there are some that would consider Freemont Street SLeezeeeee. The clubs could be discreetly located where they would not be offensive to those that are offended by such activity.   eaglepointone

No.  Rndfinch

It isn't what it used to be.. where is the glamour, beautifully dressed people.. I had been out of the USA and returned after 11 years. Took a trip to see some beautiful hotels with people dressed in sweats and children.  Get back the glamour.... nice clubs restaurants and no children would be classic.  sheran

*  I think that it would create a new revenue for the casinos, but with the amount of monies that the casinos already take in. You would have to wonder if it would be worth the risk of bringing the bad element that comes along with exotic dancing clubs into the casinos, most of the public including the elderly population just want to have fun in Vegas and exotic clubs could drive them away, so is it worth the risk, I say no because revenue is revenue and if you have a steady stream don't rock the boat. Richard Western

*  I think that as Las Vegas is really an adult area already, (kids not allowed in casino's etc) and adult clubs would make little or no difference to most visitors. Children mainly frequent the shows that are there to attract them so why not have something other than gambling, to attract the more adult of us?  I personally would not visit (wife is looking over my shoulder while I reply lol) but do tend to lean towards adult fun now I am out of short trousers.  Anyway, I understand that there are many adult "get together's" including adult webmaster seminars so I doubt if much will change in that respect. So... yes I think there should be adult areas, but keep them discreet and organized with constant checks by police and what ever government authorities happen to run Las Vegas.  StevieBee Norfolk UK

*  I think that the Casinos should have Adult Clubs on their property.  Casinos are mostly for Adults, and as such should give the adults what they want.  I do not think that the Adult Clubs should be next to the main entrance of the casino or on the ground floor, but like most of the casino's show they, should be upstairs in a more private area.  This way the the casino should not offend those who would not like to go or feel bad by being near such entertainment.  Las Vegas has been a long time favorite, as a place where adults like to vacation, and lately more and more attention have been given to the town for a FAMILY place to vacation. I believe you can have both, you should not throw away the old customers to get some new ones, lets keep both.;  David

*  Yes, adult clubs should be included in casinos. I can't imagine why not. Currently most of these clubs are located in questionable neighborhoods. Casino properties would probably profit liberally from the inclusion of such entertainment for their guests who seek it, and making it available for those interested would keep them on the premises, rather than having to leave in order to seek such properties in outlying areas. The clubs should be located sensitively away from the main activities to avoid offending those who would not be interested. The casinos would, no doubt, make the cover charge fairly steep in an effort to eliminate some unwanted element. I, personally, would not be interested in such entertainment, but would not be offended knowing such clubs are located in areas off the beaten track in the casinos.  William R.

*  It would depend on what type of "activity" their ultimate goal is. If it's to encourage prostitution with the help of "liquid courage" then I say no.  There are already places for that and with the amount of children now in Las Vegas I don't think it's appropriate. Las Vegas used to be a place for adults to kick back and have some fun. I imagine the original marketing plan was to bring more revenue to Nevada by making it a "family friendly" atmosphere. Now, I think the "family friendly" idea has back fired since they (the casinos and hotels) feel there is a need to have "adults only" clubs. Personally, I don't understand why parents expose their kids to certain activities that are apparent in Las Vegas. If they hadn't tried to turned Las Vegas into a "family friendly" atmosphere in the first place, (which I'm sure was purely for monetary gain) then the need for these "adults only" clubs wouldn't be an issue. Lucy C

*  Well well the big boys just figured out that big money I mean big money is being generated by the strip clubs off the strip. So they finally figured out that they may as well dip there beaks.  I say why not. Vegas is after all and adult Mecca. isn't it?  Watcherboy

*  I think that the large casinos should be allowed to have adult clubs.  The larger casinos are cleaner and classier, and I am sure this would spill over into the clubs.  This type of club would cater to the higher class individual and would possibly force the questionable establishments to clean up or risk loosing clientel.  I am sure the adult entertainers would be treated better by the establishment and the clientel, and would make better money. Thanks - Pam Blackburn

*  Bad idea women (wives) don't enjoy the hookers hanging around there would be even more with adult clubs in casinos. There is enough sex clubs there anyway. Get rid of those peddlers with the pamphlets too. The garbage all over the streets make Vegas look like the city dump.  Walter J Zytnowski

Hi Richard. The adult clubs are not a bad idea for the casinos. It is entirely up to the individual if they want to go to this type of club or not. People are on vacation and should be enjoying themselves in whatever form of entertainment that they would like.  Thanks, Richard Have a Happy New Year  Bev K



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