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Reader Poll Starting December 15, 2002


#1.  On December 13, the largest topless /adult entertainment club in the world opened in Las Vegas, called Sapphires. Vegas has become the topless and total nude club capital of the world. Do you frequent these establishments, are there to many, not enough, what is your opinion about topless and total nude clubs in Las Vegas? Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I think there should be a lot more.... it is safe fantasy and it does not hurt anyone.  Dave Baxter  

*  My friends and I go to Crazy Horse Too and Olympic Garden a lot, it is fun and where else but Vegas can you see that many gorgeous girls. Dwight W.

*  In my opinion there is to many of those type of clubs.  You cannot walk down the Strip without someone bothering you from one of those places.  Beverly Towers.

*  All of my friends and myself were at the opening of the new club Sapphires and it was great.  Tons of celebrities and good looking people.  The Vegas topless clubs have become somewhat of the late night place to hang out, without gang bangers or problems.  Don W.

*  Not sure how many clubs there are, but I have gone to a few of them and I see nothing wrong with them, so adding the worlds largest should do nothing but help Las Vegas tourism.  C. Towbin 

No I don't frequent them and wouldn't want them in my home town, but hey, we are talking about Vegas.  Anything goes.  When there are too many, some of them will stop doing business and close.  If there are too few, more will open.   Barbara A

*  Yes i go, no there are not enough, good ones are too expensive . . . should put them in casino gaming floors to draw in gamblers.  Colin Meyer

*  Wonder why its call sin city. " hello" cause of the woman and vice and gambling that go on there. its a place to see some of the most beautiful woman on earth (God bless them all) so I don't mind one bit. In my younger days I would be there like glue, now I'll still be there like flies on you know what.  Watcherboy



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