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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting December 15, 2001

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1.  It seems that every casino recently built has a multi-screen movie theater complex.  Do you go to the movies when you are visiting Las Vegas.  Why or Why Not?

*  No, I do not go to the movies in Vegas. I can go to the movies anytime at home.   Ollie001

*  No we do not go to the movies in Vegas. we can go to the movies here at home. we do go to live shows in Vegas.  G. J. Smith

*  The answer to your question about movies in Las Vegas is no. I don't go to the movies in New Jersey so why would I go to the movies in Vegas where you are on the go constantly with so many sights to see with never enough time to see them all. My husband and I love Vegas. We have been to Vegas about 7 times and hope to go back again soon.  Albert Kircher

*  Never.  My wife and I travel to Las Vegas 6/7 times per year for the past 10 years and have never even considered going to a movie. Vegas offers us something we cannot get at home. I'm and avid golfer but have only played twice on Vegas trips and they were comped rounds. We are from WV and can drive to AC in about 8 hours and still if we went to AC it would be like a trip to the beach. Vegas has too much to offer to think about movies. Wasted space could better be used for other things. A hospitality room for guest having later flights home put a charge on the room and let relax their last few hours in town. Price could be determined by amount of people who take advantage of it.  Tom Smith

Yes, now that we moved to boulder city we regularly go to the movies in the casinos. However, before we relocated from NY we never went to a movie in Vegas do to the limited amount of time we had to spend on vacation in Vegas.  Black4071

*  Yes indeed I look forward to going to the movies there where you are safe, clean, and newest screens and sound. I make it a point to see a couple each visit. I also love the shows and have seen most of the big ones. I will be there from Dec 25th to Jan 10th this year and will attend the Freemont New Year Party again.  Love your town.  a.b. N d.c.

*  Don't go to the movies when I'm in Vegas, too many other things to do that I can't do at home. Enjoy your newsletter. Keep up the good work.   Sharon Kaste

*  NO way. I can do that at home. And probably cheaper too. I suppose my husband would go. But not with me.  Jerri

*  No I don't go to movies when in Vegas. When I go to Vegas there are too many other things to do or see to waste my time going to see movies that I can see at home.   Jane Williams

*  Why would anyone go to the most exciting, interesting city in the world to sit in a movie theatre when you can do that at home?  Linda Lawson  Gainesville, GA

*  We were in Las Vegas for 2 weeks at the end of October and we did not really find out much about where you could watch a movie or where the movies were. We didn't know what was on or where.    dsallis

*  No, I don't go to the movies when I'm in Las Vegas because I can do that at home. I pay to go to Las Vegas to see shows and play the slots.  Sherry Foley 

*  I do not go to movies when I am home so I surely have no reason to go to a movie when I'm in Las Vegas. I might lull myself to sleep watching a rerun of an old movie on the TV in the hotel room but there is to much else to do to even think about a trip to the movies.  HBHWANGO

*  We live in Minnesota and go to Las Vegas every other month - also, we winter about 2 1/2 hours away. We always go to movies when we're in Las Vegas - for several reasons 1) It gets us away from gambling for a couple hours 2) The theatres are much nicer than at home - sound, seating, screen - great! 3) It's so easy - the theatres are right there.  On our trip the last week of November we saw 3 movies - Monsters, Inc., Heist, and Spy Games. Loved them all!  HMonnet

*  Personally, I can't imagine anyone wanting to spend time at the movies when they are visiting Las Vegas, but to each his own. Maybe locals like to go to the movies there and take advantage of a very reasonable dinner while at the hotel.  Other than that, perhaps some vacationers need to wind down for a couple of hours watching a movie, but you'll never catch me in a movie theater while on vacation in Las Vegas. No matter how long I'm there, it seems there never is enough time to enjoy it all.   CarolS2WOW

*  No, when I am in Las Vegas I enjoy all the things that I can not do in my home town of San Bernadino.  Carol  CA

*  Yes, I go to about one movie for every two trips in Las Vegas.  When I am losing, it seems to be a place that I can hide for a couple hours that does not cost me hundreds of dollars.  Ernie WI



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