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Reader Poll August 9, 1999

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type 

#1. Some Las Vegas Casinos, Bellagio for example, do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to enter their casino, unless you are a hotel guest accompanied with an adult. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, why?    

* Agree with their policy. My opinion is that Vegas is for adults. I never took my children with me. For family vacations we went to Disneyland. Brenda

* Casinos are no places for children. Just returned from Vegas and saw more casinos than the Bellagio that did not allow children in the casino. Even though Vegas is trying to build itself as a resort family town it is still based on gambling and I for one don't want to be throwing craps while some kids are hanging around the table or playing Black Jack and have mothers holding kids on their laps. Lawrence

* I believe everyone should be 21 years old to be in a casino. I'm not sure what the drinking age is in Nevada but if it is 21 then that is even more reinforcement. It's sad to see all the children in casinos in the evening. I saw a couple with a baby in a stroller and a little boy about 5 or 6 years old so tired he could barely stand in a casino at 1:00 a.m. and was very bothered by it. Both should have been tucked in hours earlier. I feel that it is a place for adults. Stayed at New York New York for two nights in July and adults were way outnumbered by teen-agers.  I guess that the roller coaster attracts them. Will not stay there again for this reason. Stayed next two nights at The Orleans and it felt like a more adult place. Was very comfortable there. Yes - 21 please.

* My husband and I visit Vegas twice a year. Last summer we actually witnessed several young children (10-15 years of age) playing slots in several of the casinos, and I felt very uneasy about that. This summer it was very different. In several of the major hotel casinos we saw security guards escorting children out of the casino area, asking where there parents were, and telling the children where they had to stand. I was very happy to see the under 21 rule enforced. Las Vegas is not for children and the casino areas are especially not for the children. I am in favor of the hotels enforcing the under 21 rule at all times. 
Mary Kay

* I agree, but if the age of consent is 18, that should be the age that you can be in a casino.  I was at The Luxor last August and I felt sorry of the security guards, they worked their butts of keeping unescorted children out of the casino.  

* Agree, DEFINITELY! However, I didn't appreciate it when I was a guest at Bally's and my 19 year old son and his friend weren't allowed in the casino even though he was with myself and his father. Sharon

* I agree 100%  John

* I agree. I go to Vegas for a holiday from the everyday world and crying babies or whining kids is not what I pay to go for. It is utterly disgusting to see people out at midnight and later with tiny children in strollers, etc. in an adult orientated place. That is what Disney World is for. Sandra


* I agree because Las Vegas is for adults. Children do not belong in any casino with or without an adult. Tom

* Casinos are no place for kids to be dragged around. The business that takes place within a casino is adult oriented and should be restricted to those who are eligible to participate. The problem of children hanging around casinos unsupervised is epidemic in some areas and is a sad reflection on our society. If families wish to engage in a family vacation, they should give serious consideration to to the endless array of family destinations in North America. Thanks.   Bill

* Absolutely agree. Nothing like a mob of ill-behaved youngsters to spoil the ambience of a place like Bellagio. Keep them at Treasure Island, MGM Grand amusement park or Circus, Circus - places that cater their entertainment to kids. Adults should have a few places of refuge.  John & Kathie

* I don't think anyone under 21 should be allowed in casinos.  MK

* I agree that patrons under the legal age should not be part of the gaming experience. If casino's want families to enjoy their resort they should offer those items that teenagers want. Video games, swimming pools, rock bands, etc.  Chris & Marcia

* I totally agree with keeping anyone under 21 out of the casinos. It is no place for the youngsters as they are not permitted to touch the machines.  It is an adult playground and it should be kept that way, Thank you,   Rosemary

* I completely agree -- gaming areas should definitely be restricted to gamblers who are of legal gambling age.   Joanne

* I agree with the policy. Casinos seem to be lax in allowing children in the gaming areas..   Shirl

* Agree.   Creates a better environment for the "serious" gamblers in he casino.   Saul

* Agree. Top of the line, elegant casinos should have the right to limit guests to age 21 or older. When I entered the casino at Bellagio, I felt relaxed due to the lack of noise and the elegance of the surroundings. Every casino doesn't need to be filled with the sound of slot machines ringing and people screaming around a crap table.     David

* Agree with the no one under 21 rule.  Children have no BUSINESS in Vegas!! It is a place for adults not children. Go to Disneyland if you have small ones. Go to Vegas with your adult children. Older teenagers are an "iffy". I mean 19 and 20 year olds..... They, maybe, should be allowed. Thanks.  Margaret

* Absolutely agree. Casinos are no place for children. The casino should be a place where adults can enjoy themselves freely. The types of activities, costumes worn often by staff and even behaviors witnessed are often poor modeling for children. Adults paying for a trip to Vegas to relax and enjoy adult entertainment should be able to do so without dodging strollers or listening to crying and tired kids. When my children were young I would never have taken them to such a place, Vegas should not ever try to promote itself as something it should not be- a family oriented vacation destination. Take them to Disney World.      Joe

* yes - adult places for adult entertainment. take the kids to Circus Circus.     Bill

* I agree ! Leave your kids home ! PLEASE!!     MN

* It was a distinct pleasure to visit the Bellagio and not have a thousand screaming kids under foot.    Bob

* I do think this is a good idea. When my husband and I come out, we want to be around adults not teenagers or children, that is one of the reasons we like Vegas, because it is somewhere that is for adults.    Marlyce

* Yes, I agree. No matter how much the industry tries, gambling and children are not a good mix. Casinos and children should not mix and I enjoy the adult atmosphere in some casinos. Kudos to Bellagio and may others follow.   DW


#2.  Who should receive comps and how much should a gambler have to play to receive free food or lodging?

* All guest of any Hotel should receive comps for their selection of accommodations and the money they will be spending gambling. The more comps they are given, the more time they will be at the Holiday spending their money. It is good public relations to reward people for leaving their money. This will insure a return of travelers.  Doris

* Everyone who plays should receive some sort of comps. And as is the system, in most casinos the more you play and the more you bet the better the comps. I agree with this and think it is the only fair way. Had a problem with the Imperial Palace about this when they would not take my wife's slot club card at the table and rate me on my play. Said it had to be the person named on the card, refused to rate me. They lost a lot of business.  Everyone get a joint slot club card, if they won't give you a joint account don't sign up.    Lawrence

* I believe that comps should be based on loyalty to a hotel or casino. I am not a big time gambler, but I go to Vegas at least 3 times a year and I always stay at The Luxor. One trip I am small time, but 3 times a year I spend a grand or two and they should take into consideration that I have sent them at least 6 couples to visit The Luxor on my suggestion. They ask for this help, but do not seem to care where the referral came from.    Don

* A lot less than what it takes now, or at least throw a few crumbs the way of the "small-time" gambler! Not all of us that come to Las Vegas are rich, but still contribute greatly to the casinos' wealth! It would be nice if those of us with modest incomes, who come to Las Vegas once or twice a year, were shown a little appreciation once in a while. In the past we could at least count on inexpensive food and lodging and that's even gone by the wayside!!!!      Sharon

* I like the idea of slot clubs for comps but I have not found one yet that rewards the small gambler ($1500/YEAR) At that rate a person should at the least receive a free meal. Most clubs may give you $5.00    Mark & Judie

* I think (1) hour of $10 play or better on tables or (2) hours of $.25 or above slot play should get a free meal; I think (5) hours of any play should get you (1) free night, (10) hours (2) nights, etc.    John

* I like the slot club idea of comps although the generosity and frequency differs from casino to casino. I do not think you should have to beg for comps and therefore there should be some guideline or advertisement as an incentive to play more and longer. At the Imperial Place, if you earned 100 points in a 24 hour period you got a gift and your points were not deducted...but I did not know this the first three days I was there and therefore missed on the extra gifts...and if I happened to be at the high end of the required points I would certainly play long enough to get the gift...Is that not what it is all about...extend a carrot to get you to
play longer..    


* Comps should be available to anyone who plays at the same table longer than 60 minutes. The fair market value should be at least $12.50 per hour of gaming with a factor based on winning or losing. using some type of multiplier will make the gambler feel better after losing $$$$$$$ at the table. Give the schmuck a nice dinner and show for the bucks that he blows.   Chris & Marcia

* I think comps should be given to those who frequent the casino the most often-- not the high rollers only.    Shirl

* The "average" gambler, as I believe these comps would encourage more active gambling on the part of the recipient.   Saul A

* A couple hours of $10 gambling should get you a free meal at one of the lesser restaurants in a casino. A couple hours of $25 gambling should get you a meal in one of their better restaurants. Five hours a day for each day around the nights you're staying, e.g., 3 days for 2 nights or 4 days for 3 nights, should get you free lodging and a meal.    David

* Comps should be given out on a person by person basis. They seem to give them out to only the high rollers. If you play for a long period of time and aren't playing high amounts of money at a time; you should be given something. Maybe a free buffet or something.  We go out to Vegas four or five times a year for a minimum of five nights. We play almost constantly for the entire time. We only play $5.00 to $20.00 at blackjack. My husband also plays poker all night most every night. We play the slots, craps, etc., too. We never get any comps!   A free buffet would be nice on occasion! We're not talking free rooms, just a meal or so. Thanks, Margaret

* I think anyone visiting should receive comps... give a little and get a lot back from gamblers like myself!  A little token goes a long way.    Melinda

* I think anyone should receive comps. If we could get more comps for food and lodging we would be able to visit more often. Airfare is pretty expensive from Kansas and when you throw in gambling money and lodging it adds up quickly for a middle class income.    Marlyce

* Who in their right mind is going to refuse comps? I feel it is not the gambler that determines comps, but the gambler determines where he or she gambles. Let free enterprise or choice determine where you play.  An informed player must look at as much information available. I am a low wager player and enjoy it. I also try to be aware of the few comps available to me. I try to be informed and feel that is my right. If I don't like what a casino is offering, I choose another or don't play.   DW


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