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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting August 5, 2003


This week’s opinion poll asks . . . Would it be convenient if you could place your credit card directly into a slot machine and play? Would you use this option, Why or Why not?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*   I think it would be great to not handle the money.  It would be so much faster and easier.  Helen  Drake

I am not sure I have enough will power to use my credit card in the slot machine.  Sure would be handy.   Candice  

Oh yes, this would be very convenient.   I can visualize myself opening the following month’s VISA statement and conveniently fainting, too.   Thanks, but no thanks.    Chris from Ohio

Yes it would be more convenient but I wouldn't use it! It is too easy to go overboard on gambling with an option such as this. Some people don't know when to quit and their families suffer for it!  Beverly Y Garay

Convenient?  Absolutely.  Would I do it?  I sure hope not.  I don't take my ATM card to Vegas with me because I want to exercise some kind of control.  I'd hate to have to leave my credit cards home as well.  Barbara Aroeste

*  I would NOT use my credit card in a slot machine and I do not think the casino's should do that. People with gambling problems have a hard enough time. Then there is the whole issue of  forgetting your card and someone else using it. I have left a million slot club cards, they cost me nothing, can you image if you left your credit card and people could play it, Dear God. I do like the paper rather then coins being the pay out. Cleaner, easier and no waiting for a hooper fill. Thanks for asking, have to ask, is there a comp for replying? Ha Ha A true Vegas Diva. Judi

No way, I mean no way. I don't even like bringing a card on my trip but do for emergencies. What a temptation this would be to "get even" after cash is gone. How many poor souls would max out a card after loosing there bank roll.  Watcherboy

No, because you could lose too much money that way.  At least if you go to the ATM or cage you have time to cool off or think about what you are doing.  Will Roya 

Are you nuts?  If people could use the credit card to gamble do you realize how many people would max out every credit card they own and be in debt for the rest of their lives? So many of the people that gamble anyway are probably already in debt and need "gambling help" now but won't admit they need it.  I think using a credit card for gambling is a very very bad idea. Just having a credit card is sometimes a gamble. So I guess you could say, NO I would not use a credit card if that was an option.  Thanks for asking though.  Mickey Starr

No, I wouldn't use this feature as gambling holds no interest for me in any forms.  Ken and Cindy Richards

Credit card play at a slot machine would be alright if the player has control of his or her account. to the weaker it would be dangerous.  Ken Labak

I would not use a credit card feature on a slot machine. I would be concerned about over-spending. Also, my husband and I always prefer coin operated slot machines. They are a lot more fun when you win!  Janine Lewis

*  This would be much too dangerous for me.  I don't even take my ATM card when visiting.  Tjld123

I would not use this option because it would seem like a bottomless pit of cash and then reality would set in when the credit card bill came!  Mary Powers

This is too scary for me. The way I look at it is that if I need to use a credit card now is because I am loosing at that machine. That means its time to get up and get away from it . It gives you time to reconsider going back to gamble or just to call it a day. This is by experience I can say that. My husband and I have gotten caught up into the action, the drinks take over and next thing he's sending me to the nearest atm for "1 more shot". Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits.... Credit cards could be deadly to some people (who don't know when to stop). Nancy




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