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Reader Poll Starting August 5, 2001

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#1.  If you could add one thing to Las Vegas, be it an attraction, an event, a specific entertainer, a restaurant, a building or a service, what is Las Vegas missing that you would like to see added?  Why?

* A comprehensive monorail loop system that links all hotels on the strip. The best example is the linkage between Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. The link from MGM to Bally's is too slow, and the monorail is not as nice. Jeff - Houston

*  I've wondered why Vegas has never invested in a Spanish theme hotel - considering how many Spanish people (Castillians, So. Americans, Mexico, etc.) visit this addition to the many immigrants who live in the USA. Being a Spaniard myself I have eaten in mediocre to o.k. Spanish restaurants but nothing to rave about - yet every cookbook I've seen will attempt to give you a recipe for Paella. There is so much culture in Spain....the music, flamenco, art, food and warm personalities coupled with passion! I think Vegas is missing something! (You don't have to include bullfights - the posters should be enough! ) Ole!  Anna Dizon

*  I would like to see an adults only casino. I don't mean anything x-rated just no kids. I no kids are not supposed to be allowed in any of them but that is really not the case. I had a small child peaking into my game on more than one occasion and in more than one casino. An adults only hotel and casino would be a goldmine. Mary Watts

*  We spend 6 weeks a year in Vegas, and we are constantly looking for more things to do that are usually marketed just to locals. Baseball games...fundraising shows at local high schools...things like that. For people who go a lot like we do, we like to find more community things happening? Only the 3 day at a time people want to spend all of their time in Casinos gambling.   Jim Morrison

*  I am not sure I would change anything.  This crazy town has something for everyone.  Robert  LV NV  

*  I wish you had more personal experience information on the Insider Viewpoint web site.   Mr. Reed, We have had the pleasure of meeting you and spending a full evening touring the great sites of Las Vegas.  We never had so much fun.  It seems that you have more to offer us web site readers if you would tell us more about the real "insider viewpoint" of Las Vegas.  We understand that nightlife is only one part of Las Vegas, but we have told hundreds of people about the night on the town with you and your friends.  Tell us more about the real Las Vegas Mr. Reed.   Mark & Deb  CA.  PS.   We are coming back August 24, will you be available?

I am very surprised it hasn't been completed already considering the history and potential from the number of transplants and visitors from the Windy City!!   CHICAGO DAZZLE!! CLASS!! NOSTALGIA!! GANGSTERS!! What could be more Las Vegas than place where it all started!  Italian Beef* *Italian Sausage* *Chicago Style Pizza* *Vienna Red Hots* *Old Style* *Wrigley Field//Soldier Field//Comiskey Park//Gold Coast//Michigan Avenue.  If there ever was a theme waiting for the right entrepreneur, it's Chicago-Las Vegas.   Sincerely, Jeff

Vegas needs a monorail from the airport to downtown. Yo_Leven

I would like a tram (I think that is what they are called) that goes in and out of the hotels all over Vegas. I hate running for my life crossing the street on the strip. Jerri

*  A Zoo.  Yes, it may sound crazy but I like looking at animals that are not white tigers and live in a casino.  The San Diego zoo is so great, I cannot believe with all the money that floats through Las Vegas someone has not made a world class zoo.  Helen VT

*  This may not be for everyone, but I would like to see prostitution legalized.  I know that many people may not agree with this but the cities that have legal prostitution in Nevada have lower rape and crime statistics than cities without.  Furthermore, it is a lot more classes to have professional prostitutes than some low life hooker walking the streets.  Faith, TX

*  More places to meet good girls.  I do not mean the plastic cocktail waitress/dancer, I mean a nice girl that has morals and is fun to take on a normal date.  Vegas seems to multiply with gorgeous girls that are real gold diggers or have no reality factors.  Build me a place where me and my friends can be around lady's that are in their late 20's to middle 40's.  Maybe this place exists already, if it does I want a lifetime membership.  Carl.  AZ  




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