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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll August 5, 2000

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#1. Visiting Las Vegas more or less?  

Recent years have seen the flood of new casinos opening on Indian Reservations, River Boats, Cruise Ships, Internet, and other under ground casinos and betting parlors. This week’s Reader Poll question is . . . Are you visiting Las Vegas more or less? If you are a fist time visitor, tell us how you selected Las Vegas. If you are a seasoned Las Vegas visitor are you coming to our city more or less than before the explosion of the new casinos.

*  I've been to Vegas about 3 times now, and I enjoy it very much. We usually have about 10 people go and we have fun. We all try to go every 3 years.  We have been going to Tunica Miss and it is nice, almost like a little Las Vegas. I think it's great because you can eat there pretty cheap, Las Vegas that is We plan on returning this Oct. J Lewis.

*  We come to Las Vegas as much as we can,  No the the other casino's haven't made a difference, Hope to be in Vegas soon  Bernard L. Crocker

*  We just returned from Las Vegas last night. I was there last August and my husband and I go every two years. We wouldn't be interested in going to one of the casinos on an Indian reservation, etc. We go primarily for a vacation. We were married in Las Vegas and have been there about six times. But, let me tell you this. We won't be going back for a long time. The money game has finally taken it's toll on us. Everything has become so expensive that we can find another destination with more class and actually have some quiet time together.  The old hotels are being demolished to make room for new ones with higher price tags on the rooms. The shows are out of sight. We can see the same entertainer in our home town for a lot less money. Where will it all stop? It stops this year for us. Could have gone to Maui for what this trip cost us. Just my opinion.  Karen V Bujnoski

*  I have been visiting Vegas for about 25 yrs. Once or twice per year. In resent years I have been visiting more. The new properties are just fantastic. Also there is always something new to see and do. Vegas does a great job reinventing itself so each visit is a new adventure. Also a a slots player I have found nowhere else that can compare with Vegas. Keep up the great job! Can't wait to get out in Oct. to visit the new Aladdin.  JDurkeeVT

*  My husband and I used to visit Vegas at least 4 times a year. Then we had kids, so now we go twice yearly. Though we visit less, this does not mean that we love it any less. It is true that it makes all the difference in the world if you "know" somebody, and in all the years that we have visited, we have had the opportunity to "know" people, both in the executive position in the casinos as well as the maintenance portion of it. I am saddened to say that in my years in Los Angeles, not once have I ever happened upon more hospitable or hard working people than those in Las Vegas, even the transplants. I also am surprised to know that there are lots of people there from Hawaii, where my family is from. The best vacation and entertainment value anywhere in the world, it's still my favorite place on earth beside the Seven Sacred Pools of Hana. Roxanne Cottell  Pomona California

*  Still visit Las Vegas at least once a year. It is the whole experience of Vegas that attracts us, not just the gambling. Other gambling casinos are fine but they can be pretty boring and expensive if that is all there is to do. Vegas is a wonderful place and we will continue to come once or twice a year.   Laurie Bulmann

*  I usually visit once a year. The slots used to be better than in the new casinos with computer slots, elsewhere. Vegas needs to keep reel slots, advertise the payouts and have WINNERS to keep the people coming. The customers pay all the bills !!!!!   John Hays Jr.

*  We have been going to Las Vegas more since the new casinos opened - but not for that reason. We just plain love it.   DT1170

*  Just returned from first trip to Vegas. A wonderful experience, on the whole. I'm likely to return again, but armed with a little more realistic view of the city and its offerings. As far as other gambling venues, I don't see anything anywhere that is even close to the Vegas 'environment'. If all you want to do is gamble, buy lotto tickets.  Jeffrey D. Brandt

*  We were just there in June. Love to come. The other Indian and riverboat casinos don't even compare. We like the lights and all the extras you get in Las Vegas. We like to do other things than just gamble. We make a full vacation out of our trips there. Can do that on a reservation or boat. They are only good for a few hours and then time to get out. B.H. Oklahoma

*  There is no way any of the other casinos can compare to Vegas. We go to Vegas as often as we can afford to!! Though we have Indian casinos available where we live there is no comparison.  Wnr2

*  We go to Vegas every Jan. and love it. We recently went to three different casinos in Michigan. They were ok but nothing compares to Vegas. I like the shows free ones and the ones that cost a bundle to go too. We have always found something to do differently each time we go. And I wish the kids would go to Disney instead of Vegas. Not a place for children.  Jerri

*  We are visiting LV more than we used to. We like most of the changes and seeing the spectacular new casinos. We do wish they would do something about the people passing out pornography on the streets. Much of it is ending on the ground where even children have access to it. These people passing out pornography are pushing it in every ones face-it is very offensive.  ArubaKT

*  Would rather visit is the city itself...not only gambling that makes us visit.... Pat Boytos

*  Planning on coming to Vegas either the last of Oct. or first part of Dec. These cheap river boats they are getting I do not like! I enjoy the excitement of Vegas, the free drinks---which we tip for of course--- and all the good shows you can attend. I feel if you were ever there you would not go to the river boats, no excitement!!!!!! I did like Biloxi Miss when we were there but will take Vegas anytime. Eureta

 *  Just got back from 4 days in Vegas. I am visiting Vegas much less -maybe once a year - partly due to the close proximity of the casino in Windsor, Canada, and to the stunning proliferation of Vegas properties that are actually encouraging children on the premises. Used to visit about 3 or 4 times a year, but no more. The final straw came one day about 5 years (or so) ago, when I had my knee painfully bashed with a stroller ( A STROLLER???????) while playing blackjack at Harrah's, my former hotel of choice.    Marksalot300

*  Will be in Las Vegas soon. Have been coming to Las Vegas for at least once a year since 1978. I love the city and have watched it grow over these 22 years. My favorite show in town if Wayne Newton. One of the only shows that you Get your monies worth. We will be seeing him again at the Stardust. .Patricia A.; Santisi

*  When we moved to Victorville, I went to Las Vegas for the first time, and it was the third time for my sister (who had been to Vegas only before the new Las Vegas casinos). It was great! We had a wonderful time! We like to do other things besides gambling (which we consider boring), and the "new" Vegas provides entertainment and food beyond belief. My sister and I visited a riverboat casino, and what a BORE! The new riverboat, etc., casinos are dull, dull, dull. They are for gambling only, and their video machines are all the same... One big site with cigarette smoke, the same video machine over and over, and a couple of poker tables. Give me Las Vegas anytime!     SHORTWASP1

*  We still travel to Nevada.... and we do not visit casinos anywhere else... not even in Colorado.. We look forward to driving to Las Vegas and visiting Mesquite on the way..... Baertschiger

I have visited Las Vegas more in the last 2 years.  Michael J Charles

Visit just as much.   Stolls


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