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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for August 25, through September 4, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Dress Codes in Las Vegas - are they getting more strict?  Years ago Las Vegas had a strict dress code. Las Vegas has opened many expensive restaurants and new nightclubs and most require a better than normal dress code. Do you like dress codes for Las Vegas and would you patronize places that have dress codes? Yes or No and Why? 


Reader Poll Replies:

* I would like to see a better dress code and go back to the days of quality people dressed appropriately.  Linda NC.

No dress codes. We come to Las Vegas to have fun not to be seen.  Norm Kling

*  I cannot imagine why a dress code would be so important. I have seen men and women in formal clothing act a very offensive way if that is the reason. Vegas is costly enough without insisting people must bring evening clothes. Most of us do not own this type of clothing. Also, men in ties and coats look ridiculous in 110 degree weather. People who enjoy dressing "up" have a choice to do so. The rest of us may choose not to. That is America--a country of choice. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinions:  KH Cahill  Dallas, Texas

* Hi Richard.  Personally I like the idea of a dress code to go to a restaurant or night club. It gives you such a good feeling to be getting dressed up rather than to be in a casual outfit. These people who are in charge of the establishments put a lot of hard work and time into making the place presentable and a place that you would enjoy going to, so why shouldn't we put some effort into our appearances. Thanks for your newsletter. Always enjoy reading it. Bev K  Clifton, New Jersey

Yes, I do favor dress codes.  You cannot have someone who looks like a bum walk into an upscale restaurant and expect to be served when everyone else is wearing tuxedo's.  Roger Faustin  Bay City, MI

*   No, I personally don't like dress codes. We go to Las Vegas for "R & R". We could go a number of places in Houston if we wanted a dress code!!  Marsha Rome  Houston, Tx

* If you can pay the money who cares what people wear, it's a free country and Vegas is a tourist town. Why should someone have to wear a "coat and tie" to dine. It's strictly a personal preference on how you want to be viewed. Personally, "if it's a coat and tie place", I don't go.  Jim Culveyhouse Salem, OR

* Yes I would rather go to a place with a dress code than those without, that way you don't feel uncomfortable when others are dressed differently than you.  Diane Limon  Pacifica CA

Yes, I agree that some of the nicer more elite places in Las Vegas should have a dress code. Some of the clothing worn by folks today is just not acceptable. Like the baggy pants hanging below the butt, belly shirts, tube tops, short shorts or mini dresses are a bit much. Clothing tells a lot about someone. It should be a look of confidence. Regardless of how you feel inside, I believe someone should always try to look the best that they can be.  Pat McAllister  Hardwick, Vermont

* No to the dress code. won't go to places that have dress codes. when I go to Vegas it is for vacation and relax not to dress up.  GJ Smith

I do not like dress codes and I would not go to a restaurant that had one. I personally think no place should require men to wear ties, even offices, and I am a woman.  Martha Mantel Palo Alto, CA

*  I come to Vegas to relax and enjoy not to dress up. At evening events there should be no shorts or muscle shirts but cat and tie is bit much for me.  Jere Wamsley  Billings, MT

* Yes, If you go to most expensive restaurants and new nightclubs I don't think is presentable for any one that could afford to go to places like this dress in street cloth. I do not mean to dress in formal clothing. I think jacket with or without ties should be alright or men and for women they should worn dress. Further more you will be going to places in the evening when the sun is down and therefore it would not be so hot.  Shig Mori  Toronto, Canada

No way will I dress up to come to Vegas and the nite life. I'm on vacation. and my money is still green.  Watcherboy

Yes, I think their should be a dress code. People now a days look so sloppy and unacceptable. Vegas is a beautiful city and the people should dress PRETTY and be well GROOMED. We are all beautiful people and should should show that beauty off.  Kathleen House  Wautoma, Wisconsin


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