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Reader Poll Starting August 25, 2001

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#1. Las Vegas Contests, what would you like to win?  Throughout the year Insider Viewpoint offers an array of contests, what would you like to win, free food, hotels rooms, car rental, airfare,   What items?   Why?

*  If I were to win a contest to Las Vegas I would like either hotel rooms or restaurant freebies (buy one get one free etc.). The casinos win... if I won at a different casino/hotel I would probably stay there instead of my normal hangouts. If I won meals at different restaurants I would probably go ,because it was discounted. If I liked the food and atmosphere I would then come back. That is exactly what I will be doing when I travel to Las Vegas in Oct. We ate at a restaurant at New York New York because we had a discount, we liked the food so we will be going back. That means we will being playing in the casino too. (spending money...that's what is all about). Sincerely, PBryce

*  I would like to win, besides millions, is a year's free pass to the Rio Seafood Buffet, yum!   albertdeliasilva

I would like to win two free airfares with a stretch limo waiting for us when we land, and a large suite in one of the major hotels for our stay. That would be enough. It would be nice to see how the rich enjoy their holidays.  Lynda  Loipersbeck

*  Free car rental. A mid size car for seven days is the biggest expense I incur on a trip to Vegas (excluding the green topped tables). It is one thing that you generally cannot earn comps for from the casino. HBHWANGO

*  I'd like to win a trip that included a stay in a "high roller" suite at one of the big strip hotels. Also how about an entry into the World Series of Poker? Larry Furnace

Must have caught 20 taxis in 3 1/2 days. Free Vegas games ( surrounded By adds ) on your site to win points to buy taxi discounts, advertised on Search engines may improve subscription rate by a large amount. I Believe most all air travelers to Vegas use taxis many times per trip. My price per ride ran $8.50 to $16.50. This adds up quick, which is why I Think a promo such as this would work well if you could work out something With the major taxi companies. Also a list of average taxi trip prices would be helpful to the novice Vegas visitor. Got up early to take my mom from Monte Carlo to airport, no Luggage, no traffic, $13.50. Caught cab back to Monte Carlo 10 minutes Later $ 8.50. Caught cab back to airport that afternoon with my wife & Luggage $8.50.

*  I would prefer to win:   1 - Air fare   2 - Room cost.   These are the 2 highest "cost" items on Las Vegas vacations since we're coming from the East Coast. Also, it would be nice if the prize was for 4 nights with an option to pay the difference for a longer stay. JoanneK

*  I want to win money.  I could impress my girlfriend with more cash.  Bruce T.  CA

*  I personally would not like to win airfare, I enjoy driving to Las Vegas.  However, my friend did win one of your contests last year and they enjoyed the free air fare, hotel package.  I just want to win at the casino.  Keep up the great work of giving us non bias straight forward information is what I win from your web site.   John W. CA

*  I would like to win various restaurant meals.  It seems Vegas is always adding new restaurants.  I would like to try them, but the cost would not be feasible.  Linda Evans, TX

*  I think it would be better to have more smaller prizes like free food or car rental than having just one or two win a free airfare/hotel/food trip.  Let all us little guys win something.  T. Barnes  MI

*  I would prefer to win airfare. Motel rooms and food are cheap in Vegas and you can find places to get free show tickets even. Thanks April R Brummett


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