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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for August 15, through August 24, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Las Vegas is famous for building "Theme" casinos, we have Roman, Castles, Pirates, Circus, Pyramid, etc.  This weeks reader poll asks, If you could select the next theme for a Las Vegas Casino, what "theme" would you select and why? 


Reader Poll Replies:

* I would select a modern kids theme, I still think Las Vegas is for kids of all ages.  Bonnie T.  CA

*  My ideal casino theme would be Barbarian theme will cavemen and women attire and some sexy outfits.  Ron  TX

*   I would go with ultra modern/chic.....kind of like the casino equivalent of the "W" hotel chain. P.M. Vavra  Niceville, FL

I see the next effective theme being related to the "Digital World"...., Celebrating computers, communications, data processing and related topics. All rooms have video phones, fax, laptop connections. While on the property all guests have pager/cell phones to be notified of; reservations, dinner table availability,, child care. Decorations could focus on; Star Trek, Space exploration, computing, communications. robots, video/voice data transmission, more progressive machines paying at lower $$ amounts.., higher frequencies.  Bruce H Beane  Nashua NH

*  I think London would be good, to compete with Paris. There are a lot of famous London sights that could be duplicated, and it would be welcomed in Las Vegas. John A Kirk.

AFRICA !!!!!!! Show people what Ernest Hemingway knew and loved. Name restaurants, "The Boma", " The Kalahari", "Elephant Walk" Could be the Safari many people dream of taking.  Karen Geampa  Summerton, South Carolina

I would select a Haunted Mansion theme. It would also be fun to see the dealers, waitresses and other workers in the casino dressed up as different scary movie characters. Halloween is such a fun day, and it would be like Halloween every day, although I guess it would be a pain to the workers to have to put on a costume and different make-up.  Tammy Fortier  Chalmette, Louisiana

My "theme" casino would be an Oldies/50's casino with 50's music and memorabilia and entertainers! You could have one of those picture places where you dress in 50's clothes and get your pix taken. Don't know about other baby boomers, but I listen to an Oldies radio station, go to Oldies concerts - Nostalgia is BIG!  Florence Mack  McKees Rocks, PA

"Africa" would be the next theme based casino I'd like to see. Base it on the whole "wild" experience, with themed restaurants, jungle bars, costumes for workers, and rain forest and drought areas. Open air markets for shops, artificial and "live" wildlife exhibits throughout the casino. Dancers, tribe representatives, and cultural artifacts. Make the casino like a "visit" to Africa.  Scott DeWeese  Evans, Washington

Based on the "lord of the rings"  Hotel could be one of the castles ... or a Hobit town for shopping.  Shows could include wizard magic.  Beautiful scenery ... Hobit themed eatery ... a fairies land based casino or hotel rooms , Living in the trees based casino or shopping mall ... room with themes available from many locations ... Even a Dark forest teamed casino .... with the eye on the cards and prizes (like those win a coin games ... wining the ring!)  Water and statues / Burning mountains / Wizard castles Would be fun ... just have to figure out what to do with the forks. 
Melinda Bas

I would like to see a Tarzan theme. Have employees wear loin clothes, etc. The whole jungle thing throughout the casino. It takes you back to a more primitive time, be wild. Bettina Bledsoe  Aurora, CO

*  I suggest that they use the theme of "Romance", and they can have Cupid, with Arrows, and they can have the rooms decorated with bright, pastel, colors, with jacuzzi baths, and champagne on arrival. They can also have shops that carry many romantic items, such as flowers, candy, sexy clothes - reasonably priced, and special romantic restaurants, with the right romantic setting. Maybe have colored candles, and a special table cloths and napkins. The casinos can have sweet sounding music playing, and video monitors spread around showing people interacting in beautiful settings - preferably floral/garden, and oceans.   Ron Schwartz

 I think a Greek theme with the buildings all white on top of a cliff looking down onto the strip, with beautiful marble ruins and statues ,waterfalls, a dinner show with plate smashing and Greek music.  Lesley Macneill  Vancouver BC

*  Space & future.  Was looking forward for the new Moon Resort that was going to be built in Las Vegas, that is going to be built somewhere else.  We think Space theme.  Bob Miller  Chino Valley AZ

 Ancient Greece.  With so much history, mythology, art and architecture,  Olympics, wars and legends it can be a lot of fun for everybody.  Polina Yerkhov  Reseda, CA

 I would choose a British theme for the next themed resort. We have Italy, Paris, Egypt, New York, Asia, Arabian and desert, Wild West, why not Jolly Old England? There could be a myriad of ideas from a miniature Buckingham Palace complete with changing of the guards and a Queen Elizabeth look-a-like to Kensington Gardens. Perhaps the Tate museum can be persuaded to open an exhibit there? Also, English food can be part of the theme. A replica of the Millennium Eye (the huge Ferris wheel) from London would be a great attraction and marquee. Just a thought, the Excalibur is somewhat British, but in folklore only.   George Gryak  West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

If I could build a new theme casino, it would be Jurasic Park type as the real dinosaur bones that are together are massive and phenomenal! Think what things you could do around that. Cave women, etc... slots and gaming with prehistoric, could have caves and waterfalls and the list goes on.  Cindy Hill  Enid, OK

I would have the theme of The USA. A lot of people will never travel to several of the 50 states. Each area has their own climate, food, and industries, and attractions. People should get better acquainted with their own country.   Janice MacFarlane  North Chelmsford, Mass

How about a casino with the theme winter theme with an area of cold air and real snow. You could have shows with arctic animals. That would be a welcome addition to the desert!!   Michelle Cusick  Julian, PA

*  I think an Asian/Chinese theme such as "The Forbidden City" or "The Great Wall" or "The Dragon" would satisfy and/or increase the Asian market share as well as to attract those who appreciate such a themed hotel/casino.  W.V. Kuh Albuquerque, NM

The next theme should be the Eskimo igloo theme. It would be neat to see ice sculptures, nightclubs with the ice look, and it would be cool invitations from the Vegas heat. It could even have a water park, like Blizzard beach in Florida.   Maggie Nagel  Clearwater, Florida

*  I would like an Hawaiian theme with Hawaiian music and waterfalls, a few grass huts. Also have Hawaiian dancers. Each of the suites would be named for each island. The name of the hotel The Hawaiian Hotel and Casino.  Carol

* Hi there - there is only 1 and it is so obvious. The Russian angle based on the Kremlin and red square. I have been there and it is a quite spectacular sight at night to look up on the hill with all the buildings all lit up. It would be quite a visual sight especially recreated here in Vegas. You already have a bit of Russia at Mandalay in the form of red square restaurant and bar so why not go for the full Russian theme? Pia Kilm

* Haunted Mansion,  Just different from everything else. Imagine, a Haunted Mansion on the Strip. Lyda Santiesteban  Miami

Roaring Twenties...because it was a FREE time. A NEW time for cars, clothes, whiskey, smoking, speakeasy theme, music.  Most living today have only seen that era in photos and movies, but a casino and hotel could REPLAY that time for today's generations.  Dorothy Booth

* Hi, I would like to suggest the "Down Under Casino". Australia is certainly far away and exotic. We have lots of Australian style machines in our casinos. Australians are a fun-loving bunch of "blokes". They enjoy shrimp on the barbie, steak and beer. They still have a frontier mentality but different enough from the US "cowboy" style to be a popular destination.  Adrienne & Bill Sheneman

China's Forbidden City would be a likely next choice, no real Oriental Theme ( outside of the IP ) has been used yet in Vegas. Maybe an Oriental theme with the Forbidden City as a part, scale model of the Great Wall of China, Pagoda's, Geisha Girls and Samurai. Top notch Thai, Japanese and Chinese Restaurants featuring cooking from the entire region. There is so much diversity there that the choices are almost endless. You could focus on just one area or blend everything together in one over all theme. Thank you for considering my idea.  Dan Aldrige

If copyrights and such didn't themed casino would be based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "Middle Earth". The books have been popular for years, and now the movies have increased that popularity. I would pay to stay in a Hobbit hole suite or an Elvish paradise. The different towers of the casino would be named after the towers and fortresses from the books. Okay , I'm a geek, I don't mind admitting it!   Barbara Richmond  Clarksville Indiana

I think a casino theme based on the culture of Japan (city of Tokyo and surrounding countryside) would offer many opportunities to explore the current fascination with this culture and cuisine. Regional dishes (like the great buffet at Paris Casino), Japanese gardens, an escape from the hustle and bustle, the newest in electronic gadgetry, etc would be a very attractive addition.  Bill  Diego, CA

* "The Wheel of Fortune" with a huge Ferris wheel at entrance to have great panoramic view of strip, with wheel offering prizes. Vana look a likes roaming around.  John Booth  Diamondhead,MS

An Elvis theme would be fun, with all the impersonators, they would have only the best ones. You could use some of his movies or songs for the different rooms/areas. i mean really who doesn't love Elvis!!!  Rebecca Busha  Bridgewater, Mich.

Since many people enjoy sports, why not a sports theme with slot machines to match. Sections of the casino could be devoted to soccer - hockey - football, etc. Plain and simple, but enjoyable to many.  Mary Lou Drdek  Brooklyn, Ohio


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