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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting August 15, 2002


#1.   Describe the wildest thing or event that ever happened to you while in Las Vegas.  (Please, remember this is a family web site and limit your answer to 150 words.) 


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I am an old timer to Las Vegas, so I guess I can say I have seen it all, the original MGM fire, all the various casino implosions, both Stupeck's fires, Las Vegas snowfall - twice, and a bunch more, things really happen around Vegas.  Ben G.    

*  About the strangest thing I ever had happen in Vegas was one night I arrived late from driving from LA, I decided to get a bite to eat at a drive thru fast food place.  While I was in line waiting to pick up my order a gorgeous girl walked up to my car and asked if she could borrow a dollar.  No big deal, except see was wearing nothing!!!!  I mean nothing.  See carried on a conversation just like everything was normal, I gave her a dollar and she continued talking for a couple more minutes, then walked off.  Roger.  CA

*  About the most unusual thing I saw was at the Aztec casino on the strip when the car went into the front of the casino and rammed into the row of slot machines.  I guess no one was hurt be it sure got everyone's attention.  B. LV, NV  

*  Some of the most bizarre things that happened around me in Las Vegas was the night the person crawled up on an empty crap table in the middle of the casino and went to sleep, thinking it was their bed in the hotel room.  Quickly security had to wake this person and gracefully escort them to their room.  D. R.  IL

*  Cat Fights: two to be exact. April of 01. I arrive at the Sahara on the Paradise entrance. decide to have a smoke before going to check in. I hear loud voices and turn around just as two twenty somethings start throwing punches. I thought it was the WWF for a second. they really went at it and no one broke it up. it ended with a winner and a loser.... Palace station. round two . another two babes start with the raised voices . obviously both had one two many. lock hair and start slapping and kicking.. this one only lasted about 30 seconds or so (dang security) the rest of my stay i found myself waiting for round 3 and 4 and 5 etc. it was wild and funny.  cya Watcherboy

*  My first time to Vegas, 20 some years ago, i was walking down the strip tossing dollar coins in the air, i learned that was a signal for prostitutes.

*  Last year during our annual trip to Vegas, my wife and I were at the MGM.  I found a  quarter on the floor as we walked in.  What to do with found money?  I put it into the first machine I came to, and won $25.  Decided that was fun, so I put a $5 in a 5cent machine figuring to play for a few minutes there.  Less than a minute later won $45.  As we sat and watched the other gamblers for awhile while enjoying a drink, I watched this one lady playing a machine at the end of a empty isle of 5 machines. She looked more frustrated as she put in one coin after another for 30 minutes with very little return.  Feeling lucky I stood up and walked down the isle putting a coin in each machine and pulling the lever until I was standing next to this lady. Then looked back to see the results of each play, not expecting to win anything I was going to make a comment to the lady that sometimes when we are not winning maybe its time to go home.  But as each machine stopped, it was a winner, each and every one of them, not big payouts, but enough to cause this poor woman to stand up face to face to me and scream at me. She threw her arms up in the air and screamed that I was absolutely disgusting and continued screaming all the way out the front door of the casino.  I collected my winnings which were enough to pay for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and to rent a mustang convertible for the rest of our stay.  I don't expect that kind of luck again this year, but then again you never know.  Robert, Sequim WA

*  The wildest thing that ever happened to me in Vegas was just last summer when I took my three teenage sons to see the Follies! What a show! They still talk about it. Hey. they like Vegas big time!  Earl Brigham

*  During a visit to Las Vegas in December 1997, it snowed. I mean, it looked like a blizzard. I heard that it was the first time that there was an accumulation of snow on the Strip in some 20 years. That was really bizarre on it's own. But to add the ridiculous to the sublime, sometime in mid-morning, the automatic sprinklers popped up and proceeded to water the snow-covered lawns. Only in Las Vegas!  Ray  Rego Park, NY

*  My wife and I went to a topless bar and was so fascinated that we spent the entire night, I mean from 8p until 7am and it was outrageous.  Not sure I can explain any more, Las Vegas has it all.  Mr. & Mrs. Dunkin 

*  We went to Vegas as soon as I was discharged from the service.  Three friends of mine and I went on a non stop drinking party that lasted almost three days.  Wow, I wish I could remember all the fun things, seems each one of us has bits and pieces of the event.  Viva Las Vegas!  Mike and Friends  


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