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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll Starting August 15, 2001

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#1.  Las Vegas is a 24-hour city, many people think it should not be, do you think it should not be allowed to be a 24-hour city and have a drinking shut off time such as 1am,  2 am or 4 am as many cities throughout American has a drinking cutoff?

We love it the way it is 24hrs that is what makes it Vegas. The people that don't like 24hrs need to go someplace else.   sedigv44

*  No it Should Not Be Cut Off.  Thomas Scalia Jr

*  Tell the narrow minded individuals to mind there own business. Don't change Vegas.  My wife and I lived in Las Vegas for over 13 years so I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this. Outsiders and newcomers should mind there own business. If you don't like the traffic and congestion caused by the tourists that bring in the millions of dollars BECAUSE Vegas is a 24 hour town, go somewhere else. This is a big country and there is room for all. Don't try to run everyone's life because of your narrow mindedness. Family maters forced us to move to Florida four years ago and we miss Vegas very much. We will be back as soon as we can arrange it. 24 hour bars and casinos, here we come.  Steve Clemens

*  Las Vegas should be left alone. It's an "Adult Disney Land" with all the freedom other cities don't let you have, and that's the reason so many people from all around the world visit. It's already tamed down from years ago with the promotion of children. And obviously it's not working, people who bring their children to Vegas don't spend the money. Let's keep it "Sin City" and a place for adults to let it all hang out. Lynda Loipersbeck

*  Las Vegas is not just another city in America; it was designed to provide 24 - hour, 7-day-per-week entertainment for visitors from all over the world. It is America's favorite playground; as such, all amenities -- including a choice of beverages should be available upon request at any hour. People are there to get away from the stress of their daily lives, and are willing to pay for it for a few relaxing days. Let them enjoy themselves whenever they choose! Ross Menoher

*  Las Vegas 24 Hr a day fun availability is a large part of what makes it so attractive to millions. The drinking thing is personal. What is the difference if you buy what you drink and take it home and then drink it when you want it, or buy it and drink it at a casino? Too many people are looking to blame everyone and everything for problems when it all boils down to personal responsibility Rick Engstrom

*  Yes, it should definitely stay a 24 hour city with no drinking cutoff. With all the stress of today and everything that people go through, when you go on vacation to a place like Vegas, it's to unwind. What better way to unwind from the everyday, then to be able to place yourself into such a free feeling atmosphere like Vegas. The indulgence of a Vegas vacation is what gives you the ability to forget about the not so interesting parts of all of our daily lives. Work, daily responsibilities, work, personal worries, and work. It's a whole different world. A little escape from reality. That's what a vacation should be! Don't you think? Carl Swartz

*  24-hours definitely! That's one of the great things about Vegas, you can party all night if you want to and it is definitely necessary on the last night there!!   Then you can come home to your boring city and go to bed at decent times of night ho hum.  Shana Reed 

*  NO WAY!!!!! Vegas is known for being a 24 hour city. Take away what made us famous and what's left? That's the main reason it sets us apart from other tourist places. What about the residents who work all hours?   They're not entitled to entertainment when they aren't working? Unemployment rate would also go up. What difference does it make what time an adult goes out for a drink? A lot to consider!!! If that would ever happen, BIG MISTAKE!!!   Ron Miner 

*  Yes it should be left alone that what makes Vegas.  John

*  My husband and I LOVE LAS VEGAS !! It is unique, dazzling, glamorous, exciting and what is appealing to us is that is is 24 hours of whatever we are in the mood to do !! I say "Don't mess with perfection"!  I see people having fun and I don't think people are drinking and driving, they are drinking and walking but mostly looking at the Fabulous sights there!  It is why we escape the schedules, telephones, and follow our nose to eat, sleep, drink, and gamble whenever we want. Keep it as it is forever changing and growing but always Classy !!!   albertdeliasilva

*  Please leave the 24-7 aspect of Las Vegas alone ! With the variety of people that come to Las Vegas, from every time zone in the world you just have to cater to them to keep them coming back!  I enjoy the fact I can get breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, walk anywhere I want on the Strip, gamble in any casino and get a drink anytime day or night.  DieselKing

*  Are you crazy, this is what makes Vegas Vegas, gambling and the ability to have a cocktail any time of day, to change this is to change what Vegas is all about. you might as well play at home from your computer and sip on a coke.  Watcherboy

*  Leave the city alone! If a bar wants to stay open let it. If it loses money consistently it will close during periods of slack sales or go out of business. Many neighborhood bars already maintain scheduled hours. Even the glitzy girly joints are not 24/7 operations. Just let the market run itself and keep the damn regulators out of it. Las Vegas, and most of Nevada, is the last bastion of freedom from puritanical blue laws that plague the rest of the nation. PS: I do not drink.    HBHWANGO

*  Leave it alone, Vegas is the last fun city in the world and no one should change it.  I come to Vegas three times a year just because it is the last frontier of fun, 24 hours a day.  Jim  LA.




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