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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for April 5, through April 14, 2004


Once again someone is trying to bring a professional sports team to Las Vegas.  This time the proposal is to build a $400 million stadium in the vacant land behind the Bally's / Paris Casinos.  This weeks question is.....  Would you attend a professional baseball game when visiting Las Vegas?  Why or Why Not?

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Reader Poll Replies:

*  I would not take my precious gambling time and go to a baseball game.  Dwayne T.

*  It would depend on pricing and how good the team was.  Since it would obviously be a team that was experiencing poor attendance or an expansion team the stars would be few and far between.  George Talbot.  

*  Absolutely yes. My wife and I.  Ted Wegrzyn  New York

*  #1 - I don't think I would spend that much time away from the tables on the strip.  #2 - Unless the stadium had a roof, it would be much too hot to sit through an entire game.  #3 - The traffic would be impossible if they placed the stadium that close to the strip.  Mary E

*  The problem with anything in Sport is the exorbitant ticket prices. So  I personally would expect a 300 dollar nose bleed seat to a hockey game not on my HOT list of things to do in Las Vegas.  rharrow

*  Considering the popularity of baseball in general is on the decline and the stadium would have to be a dome given the scorching summer Vegas heat, and baseball purists (such as myself) hate domes, I can't see it being a rousing success.  However, if my casino host comped me a few tickets and I was on a losing streak why not take a break for a few hours. Go see a show, go to a baseball game - both are the same thing; temporary diversions.  Sara B.

*  I would not go to a professional baseball game while in Vegas. I don't go to the San Francisco Giants games and I live near them. I go to Vegas to gamble. I rarely go outside. I have been known to stay at a hotel for 10 days and never step foot outside. Martha Mantel   Palo Alto, CA

*  I would like to attend a professional sporting event when I am in Las Vegas. It would give me a chance to do something else besides gamble.  Frank Arriola

*  No, I would not attend baseball game while in Vegas because I am from Cols, OH and can go to Cincinnati or up north to see professional baseball, when I travel to Vegas it is for something "different" than what I can find at home.  Cathy

*  When I visit LV I come for the casinos and to get wasted! I'll do shows, shopping etc but it's not likely I'll do a ball game unless it's really something special.  Allen Gilman

*  Sir, I do not even go to games in my home state why would I want to go to one in Las Vegas? That has got to be the dumbest idea yet. I go to Vegas for something different to do. I can stay home and watch sports on TV. (which I do not do) Then consider the extra traffic! That alone would discourage me from going to Vegas. Thanks, John Burns

*  Well considering there is so much to do in Las Vegas already, I am not sure if I would want to go to a game...Vegas is know for the gambling, shows, hotels...I don't think a professional team would make it there.  I would rather go to a show, gamble or visit a hotel, something that I can not do at home. But then again that is just my opinion!!  Sincerely,  Christen Savannah, Baltimore, MD

*  We live in Utah and are frequent visitors to Las Vegas.  We have four kids and are always looking for things to keep them entertained while we are in Vegas.  We've done the amusement parks and video arcades, and we would love the opportunity to go to a baseball game as a change of pace while we are on vacation there.  Since Salt Lake City does not have a Major League team, and Vegas is the next closest city, it makes perfect sense for us.  My friends and I often take girls night out trips to Vegas as well, and we all love going to sporting events (we are avid Jazz fans), so to combine the two would be twice the fun.  The Burgoyne's

*  Hello. While I don't live in Las Vegas. If a major league baseball team moved to the city, I would be there in a heartbeat. Being from St Louis, we follow the Cardinals all over the country. We gotta support the home team. So this would give us a chance to go to Vegas more than our twice a year we go now. I think it would be awesome to get away for a few hours away from the casino to sit in the fresh air and drink some Budweisers and enjoy the national pastime. Thanks for your time. Tim Halbert  St Louis MO

*  You know baseball is in decline I don't believe people would come to Vegas to watch a baseball game my self I love baseball but I'm in a minority young people don't like it.  To slow my son says so in short I'd say no people coming to Vegas want go in big numbers go local that's what they have to do.  BGW673

*  I would absolutely attend a baseball game in Vegas and hope to attend several. I think it would be a great complement to my other Vegas activities. I'm a huge baseball and sports fan and hope Las Vegas lands the Montreal Expos when they relocate.  JR and CMac   Brighton, CO

*   I think that a professional baseball in Las Vegas would be great for the residents of the area, but I do not see it as a big tourist venue. Most people like myself live in or within the area of professional sports venues. The allure of going to Las Vegas is to get away from it all, to experience the lights, sounds, and feel that you normally don't get in you're local town or city. Gambling is and will always be why people venture out to Sin City. I personally do not see tourist spending there gaming or show dollars to see a baseball game.  I do believe that a professional sports team would do well in Vegas, and would be a great diversion for the residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. If of course it was done correctly, and did not have to cost the Nevada taxpayers an arm and a leg. A dome stadium with climate control, ample parking, and reasonably ticket prices would have to be the three basics to make this a reality. Finally and most importantly, you need a professional baseball team. Any new owner will have to be willing to shell out upwards of  $250 million or more to secure a new franchise from MLB. Add that to the cost of the stadium and player salaries and you have one huge price tag to pay.  In short, don't build this stadium for the tourists. Make sure it is finically feasible for the state, and it's residents, because they are the ones that are gonna pay the most for it, and will eventually get the most out of it.  William Pentz

*  No, absolutely not. One does not go to Las Vegas to sit through a long sporting event. I'm sure that if all of the arriving tourist at the airport were polled, I don't think very many would reply that they were here because of baseball. People come to Vegas for to two paramount  reasons, one to gamble and the second to see the shows. There are many other stadiums which are available to to watch baseball games. Plus they are restrictive in nature to be confined to one seat as opposed to being able to move around to select something else. Also have to worry about those immediately around you, as not to block their  view and vice versa. Also leaving your seat for one reason or another. No, definitely not, is my answer for baseball over gambling and the shows.  Chuck Middagh

*  I would attend a professional baseball game when visiting Las Vegas for the following reasons: 1) It would be a welcomed break from all the other action in Las Vegas. 2) It would be a nice event for my children and nephews to attend since they are under age 21. 3) Baseball is a great sport to watch and bring your family and watching it in Las Vegas would make it more exciting. 4) After the game is over, you don't go home. You return back to your hotel and casino for more action. For me, baseball and Las Vegas would be a winning combination.   Richard A. Losardo

*  Yes, take me out to a ball game......! I would especially if they were playing the Cubs, A true childhood that I live too far away and older, I do not get to see them.... I visit Vegas yearly.....Not only good for the income & jobs, but another adventure in Las Vegas!   D.G. Indiana

*  No - I would not attend as I come to Vegas for things I can't find at home....Seattle has excellent stadiums and teams that struggle but keep the fans attention. Trips to Vegas are about food, gambling, tigers, sharks, shows and hot weather to sun in.... Susan Billings, Seattle area

I would not attend a professional baseball team while visiting Las Vegas. I believe that unless you were an avid fan of baseball, you rarely would visit another city's team while on vacation. I enjoy the Cubs, which is to be expected, since I live near Chicago. If the Cubs were playing in Las Vegas the week I was on vacation in Las Vegas, I might be tempted to see them play. When I think about it, I guess I probably wouldn't. Las Vegas in baseball season has got to be HOT!  Nalene Termini





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