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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for April 25, through May 4, 2004


Rumor has it that an influential politician would like to make Las Vegas Blvd. a one way street. In their opinion it would help relieve traffic problems. What is your opinion of making Las Vegas Blvd. a one way street, Yes or No and Why?

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Reader Poll Replies:

*  I would be in favor of making the Strip one way, it sure would eliminate those long traffic lights.  Dale M.

*  This is a bad idea because of the several businesses that have good locations now that may or may not be properly located after you convert the street to one way.  I think it would hurt the local economy more than help traffic problems.  Valeri Lane

*  Keep it 2 way, I have drove it new years weekend and it wasn't really that bad. Thanks for taking my opinion.  Tim Stuckey

*  Absolutely not!  Has this unnamed politician taken into consideration that there has to be access to all the casinos from the front of the casinos.  Also, if you make Las Vegas Blvd one-way north, what road would you use to go south?  Maybe, this politician wants to force the tourists into using the monorail.  A little serious money making proposition?  Jeanette and Hugh Wilson

*  While it can be very frustrating on Friday & Saturday nights, the side streets such as Koval & Paradise could not handle the increased traffic. the stop & go traffic also allows the tourist a chance to see the lights on the buildings as well as the people walking up & down the strip.  thanx,  Curt

*  Where would it go to? and, what street would bring the traffic back in the opposite direction?  I know of no other street in the vicinity that could handle that kind of traffic flow.  The cost of upgrading and widening another street that travels as far as the Strip does would be enormous.  There would be a lot of property to buy up in an area that has to have one of the highest dollar values per square foot, essentially creating another Strip either to the west of I-15 or to the east of the strip.  If you go east of the strip the other one way road would have to stop at Tropicana Ave as it cannot go through McCarran Airport so any expansion south of Tropicana on Las Vegas Blvd would still be on a 2 way road.   Dan Aldridge

*  I think you should charge a toll of 5.00 to drive down the blvd and give VIP passes to influential politicians. This might help keep people in the casinos and off the streets.  LMILLER108

*  Yes it is a good idea.   Matthew Cleary

*  I don't believe that it would be a good idea to make the Strip a one-way street because I think that it could actually hurt the traffic situation. Vegas is one of the hottest tourist spots, which means that there are a large number of tourists that visit it every day. It's hard enough to go somewhere and not know where you're going and then to top it off, you can only go one way. If you happen to miss something, that means that you'll have to turn around a lot and possibly cause more accidents because you don't want to wait so you swing the car around. Bad Idea.  Heidi Whaley,  Utica, New York 

I think it would be a mistake. Many people go to Vegas to see the strip. Which direction would miss all the lights?  Martha Mantel  Palo Alto, CA

*   Hey!  This opens all kinds of interesting possibilities!  If this were done, the traffic would have to come back on another street. Right? That means another street could be developed as part of the strip.  Imagine, a second strip, or continuation of the strip. WOW! This would allow Vegas and the Strip to really bloom!  More and huge casinos, after buying and tearing down a lot of older and smaller properties. A whole new Vegas. could emerge. Oh, my!  Please consider this option.  And we would also have easier access to places on both sides of the street.  I wonder what they envision happening to the center of the strip? Tearing it out, and allowing for one or two more lanes? That would be nice.  Again, please open up the town, and do it.  WOW, it just blows my mind to think of having twice as much fun with twice as many properties. Boy, I can see in my mind, the new and large casinos that could be developed. Oh, my. Yes, yes, yes! DO IT!  Irvin McClay

*  I have mixed emotions on this issue.  The strip already leans the lights toward traffic coming from the airport.  This would lead to the lights aiming even more at the traffic flow.  Any business that canít afford the changes shouldnít be on the strip. On the other hand, the return trip would put all of the Lookie-Louís that donít watch where they are driving on the same streets I drive to avoid them. My vote is to leave it 2 way (as if my vote counts any more than in it does in Florida).  Doug from Purdue (thatís in Indiana, another reason my vote doesnít count in Florida)

*  Regarding changing Las Vegas Blvd to a one-way.  NO!  Would be a traffic nightmare with drivers spending more time on the road because they missed the entrance to their favorite casino.  A better option would be special pass prices for the monorail when you "park & ride".  Suzanne M

*  Why not make it official, it's already a one way street to our fantasies.  Howard Kendall

*  There is no way this would work correctly, due to there is no immediate street to return on.  If Industrial and/or Koval were thru streets for the entire duration of the strip, then this would be a possible viable idea.  Then for the Taxi cabs.  Just another way for them to get more mileage for their customers.  The customer wants to go two blocks the wrong way and they end up paying a lot more then necessary to get two blocks or more. To bad there was not a plan (Reader pole) when they planed to monorail route.  The monorail should have been on the strip, not a behind the scene ride.  At least the Mandalay to Excalibur is in front as is the Mirage to TI. Even better, there should have been a people mover down the middle of the street and one lane for cabs and one for cars.  Rick Blythe

*  No, I think it would be a terrible idea to make the boulevard a one way street.  Because your gorgeous city has so many tourists, they would have such a hard time locating any hotels, or places of entertainment, if there was a one way street. There are awesome things to do on both sides of the street, and I think it would take away from that other side. Also, could create more accidents as tourists wouldn't be used to a one way there. Lana Stupnikoff  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

*  I have never been to Las Vegas, but have heard from those who have and the folks we booked with that one of the problems of traveling to Las Vegas is driving on the strip. We also see that the monorail is scheduled to be completed very soon. Personally, I HATE one-way streets, even those that alleviate traffic problems in big cities--seems they cause as many problems as they solve. So, wouldn't it make sense to wait until the monorail is completed and see if that doesn't lessen some of the traffic problems on the Boulevard? If not, you can always make it one-way.  Mary Nasfell

*  The best solution to the Las Vegas Boulevard situation is neither making it one way nor keeping it as is.  Las Vegas Boulevard should be a PEDESTRIAN MALL!  This means, of course, that alternate traffic solutions will need to be developed.  With creative planning, a long term solution is possible.  Let's give the boulevard to pedestrians to enjoy the ambience of the Las Vegas experience! William L. Hanousek

*  I do not think this would be a good idea.  This would be very difficult for the buses, CAT, to either pick up visitors or drop them off depending on which direction the one way would be.  I have used CAT for years while visiting Las Vegas to get downtown and back.  I believe this also would be a lot harder for Taxi drivers and riders to get to their destinations timely and most important cost to get them their.  JDault

*  There is no way to avoid congestion and traffic.  People are too interested in seeing the sights. A one way street would just add to the chaos! A better option is encouraging tourists to take the back roads to get to the casinos. Better yet, they should make a law for all the cabbies to use the back roads. That would help considerably. I would say that their driving causes more problems than the tourists.  Amy H

*  No, that is just plain stupid.  It will make for accidents from people trying to get over to get to there destination, and it will create traffic problems for the surrounding streets because people will try to back track down those streets to get to there destinations.  Shadeneestar1

*  Growing up in a city that had two way traffic on our main throughway was exciting because "in my time" (how many times did I hear that from my parents) it was just like American Graffiti, CRUISING THE DRAG. Now that I'm older (52) and Main St USA has now become a one way, I can appreciate the easy access of both sides of the street. My bills, pickup and drop off of my children (now grandchildren) and my socializing from one place to another is so much easier and faster. At first it was a real pain to accept, but after awhile it was a real pleasure getting around. I have been to Vegas and I am going back in August this year. Not only would one be able to go from casino to casino with ease, the trip back to the beginning would also eventually be just as exciting because that new road back would now be redeveloped and be just as inviting as the main strip. My family has enjoyed our past trip to the west coast and am looking forward to many more trips back.  East Coast New Englander

*  The first question would be "which way"? Do you let the cash rich tourists in but after a couple of days, how would they get out? The more I think of it maybe Las Vegas has been one way all along, money in, losers out!  Michael Connolly

*  No way! I've only been to Las Vegas once but think a one way street is crazy. What about the people coming from the opposite direction?  Where are they supposed to go?  I guess travelers going against the flow will have to totally by pass the casinos and start at the end of the strip to get their hotel? Stupid idea......  FireEngDr 

*  In a major activity center of a city with high traffic and many intersections, one-way traffic regulations are usually implemented to improve traffic signal timing, street capacity, traffic speed and safety in a most cost effective manner.  One-way streets allow for optimizing street pavements of differing and unusual width. It is possible to increase the capacity of a street by as much as 50% in this manner, thereby reducing actual congestion (bumper-to-bumper, inch-at-a-time movement). In addition, there are safety benefits to this type of system: traffic studies and experience show that changing a 2-way street to one-way street can reduce accidents by as much as 50% as well. This is because the gaps in traffic provide for safer crossing movements by pedestrians and vehicles at the cross streets. This is due to the fact that the traffic is only coming from one direction. From an efficiency standpoint, travel times can be reduced by up to 50% as well. Coupled with the reduction in accidents with increased traffic, should make this decision a "no brainer. Although unpopular when suggested, one-way streets are an asset to a community when they are implemented, simply from the standpoint that more traffic can be carried quicker and safer on the same surfaces without expending huge amounts of money that it would cost to build more and wider streets. And on a place like the Las Vegas Strip, where would you put more streets?  Bob Adams

*  I'm from Massachusetts and when we come to Vegas twice a year, we do rent a car. I do not believe making Las Vegas Blvd. a one-way would relieve any traffic problems. If anything, for the workers it is unfair. For the tourists who take the bus from one end to the other would cause a great inconvenience. For those using the taxis, there fares would go up even higher.  I am picturing driving from one side of the strip and trying to figure out how we would get to a hotel on the other side. What a hassle that would be for me as a tourist. For the elderly using the bus system to get around-they are accustomed to being dropped off in front of the hotels with less walking to do. One would be on the bus twice as long and maybe have to do transfers. The whole idea is ludicrous. Have patience and deal with it. It's part of life!  Carolyn Brierley  Peabody MA

*  The making of the strip to be a one way street, I think would be a bad idea.  You go up the strip one way and see everything, but if you want to go the other way, you see, what, side streets? Residential streets?  No way!!  Boobies732

I think making Las Vegas Boulevard a one way street is a great idea. I'm handicapped and crossing the street as it is, for the elderly or handicapped is treacherous and really frightening.  We always rent a car to get around Las Vegas ... or take taxi's from hotel to hotel.  Crossing Las Vegas Boulevard is like timing the stock market .... don't even think of it.  Linda Mazzia

* Dear Sirs, we think, that most of those who are driving the Strip, know that it's a busy boulevard and that it takes a lot of time to use it at rush-hours.  So we think, that at lot of users are doing it on purpose. And in our opinion a lot of them are driving there for "sightseeing the Strip".  Others prefer to search their way beyond the Strip. If there would be made a one way street, a flood of cars would additionally block up those "beyond streets", as also the "back going sightseers" would be forced to use the "beyond-streets" on their way back.  That's our -insignificant- opinion (as we are only German guests who frequently visit your wonderful Vegas since 25 years - and the inhabitants should make their own decision).  With kind regards from Bavaria to Vegas (see you soon again in May and June!!),  Gisela Eichinger-Bilke, Rudolf Eichinger, Mali Bilke, Hans Bilke




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