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Reader Poll Starting April 25, 2002


#1.   When you come to Las Vegas do you prefer eating at a buffet, fast food style restaurant or a regular sit down restaurant? Why? 


Reader Poll Replies: 

* I prefer to eat at a buffet restaurant for breakfast - eggs, fresh fruit, maybe a pastry, lots of coffee. All other meals, I prefer a sit down restaurant. At buffets you tend to over-eat ALOT - as you can see by looking at many of the people in those buffet lines. At buffets I take heaps of food just because it's right there in front of me and I have absolutely no willpower. If I go to a sit down restaurant - I just order what I really want - and I'm happy with it. Tracy Rollins  Boston, MA

I prefer a sit down restaurant.  I like the selection of foods at buffets, but the food is NEVER hot enough to suit me.  Kris Born

I prefer a regular sit down meal because we usually only eat a couple of times a day. Too much action to spend all your time on dining!!   jdenning

I usually opt for the casinos coffee shops. they run good deals and the food is fine. buffets usually mean lines, i hate lines of any type. good rest. are for me anyway a once a trip must. treating yourself is what its all about. You can't beat a good coffee shops specials.  Watcherboy

In the past when we have come to Vegas my husband and I enjoy the buffets we have tried quite a few of them and the best in our opinion is the Flamingo for the breakfast buffet and the Mirage for the dinner buffet. We hope to be coming out once again in the latter part of Sept into the first week of October and I am sure we will be trying some of the buffets that we have not had the chance to try in the past. I really enjoy the questions on this site that you put forth to your readers and occasionally I feel that my viewpoint might count. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your newsletter each month. Thanks  Beverly Kircher

*  Most of the time we eat at buffets because of all the different foods serviced. about once out of 5 days we go to a sit down restaurant.  sedigv44

*  I enjoy the wonderful variety of buffets Las Vegas has to offer. Particularly for breakfast and lunch. However, I prefer a "regular" sit down style restaurant for dinner. After a day of pounding the pavement in search of the loosest slots, the last thing I want to do is stand in line to eat dinner. I much prefer resting my feet and relaxing with a beverage while waiting for someone to bring my food. Also if we are going to see a show later in the evening sitting down in a nice restaurant just seems to make the evening a little more special.  Kathleen French

I choose to eat at the buffet's. When you travel with large groups their is something for everyone. The prices are good for what you get.  Cathy Valenzuela

Nicer Buffet's!!!!!!    RXHeaven

I prefer buffets, because they offer variety and they are good, one downfall we eat way to much..........  murrdog777

Have been to Vegas several times and enjoy the buffets.  Quick, hot, and great variety.  Gets you in and out to get back to what you want to do.  Ann, Pennsylvania

*  Fast food is everywhere so why travel to Vegas to eat a Big Mac? The buffets vary from outstanding to mediocre and they usually entail a wait to get in and several waits at the different stations. Another draw back to the buffet is I generally load too much on my plate (they always seem to provide extra large plates) and being a frugal person I hate to leave anything on my plate--so I overeat. There are many good restaurants in Vegas which vary from reasonable to extremely expensive. Some of the better, or should I say more expensive, require coat and tie which turns me off. But, I prefer to eat in a good restaurant which is convenient to the action and there is a wide variety to choose from in the city. I like to eat at ethnic restaurants which are not available in my home town and try different places on each trip. I may not always be totally pleased with my choice, but hey that's life!  HBHWANGO

*  When I'm in Las Vegas, I love to eat at the buffets because I can eat what I want and what appeals to me.  It's like playing the slot machines ... you never know when you'll get a winner!  Cathy  from Louisiana

*  I prefer a sit down restaurant. This is a time of relaxation and talk to your friends or family without having to be constantly looking at something to distract your conversation. You can communicate on a one to one basis.   This is an enjoyable time. Carolyn

*  Vegas is so precious when we get to visit that we usually eat most meals on the fly and then get back to the gambling.  However, we do plan at least one meal at a great restaurant each trip.  Ben C.

*  Prefer the buffets, selection is great.  Bob & Vicki Folkmann

*  I like eating in the better sit down restaurants.  I can eat at fast food places back home, do not want to do the same things in Vegas that I can back in Iowa.  Andy, Iowa

*  Buffets are fine with me, it is a fast and easy way to get food and go back to the casino quickly.  Alice  H. 

*  I prefer to eat in fast food restaurants and save my money for the casino tables.  Mark  Gowans

*  The buffets are fine with me....they have a great selection and I can eat at the pace I want to without waiting on people to serve me.  Seems like many restaurants in Vegas are under staffed and the wait just keeps getting longer each trip.  Marian Dawson,  IL 


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