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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting April 15, 2003


This week’s Reader Poll has two parts. First, on April 25, we are requesting each of the 45,000 Newsletter Subscribers to participate in an online Las Vegas Survey. In exchange for taking a few minutes to complete next week’s Vegas survey, we are asking our Subscribers this week to give us a few examples of how we can compensate you for your opinions. For example, my staff has suggested discount show tickets, discount Membership Cards, food discounts, tour discounts, discount or free drinks, etc. Please tell us what you think would be fair for taking a few minutes to complete a Vegas Survey.


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I would complete the survey for free if not too time consuming.  But, a discount on a Membership card would be a nice reward.  Terry O.  Chicago

*  In response to your requesting how you can compensate us (readers) for completing your surveys, I think it's a great idea, and I must say I have no opinion, BUT, for the info you give, I think a survey is a small amount WE should have to pay you for your informative and newsletter.  I won't say I won't take compensation, but I'm saying if you don't give compensation, that's fine also as your newsletter is very informative and it's the least we readers can do.  Thank you,  Jim Lenhart

*  I would be happy to complete you survey for free, I have used your web site for over seven years and it has saved me a bundle of cash and saved me from wasting tons of time by giving me the "insider viewpoint" with any BS.  Thanks.   But since you are willing to give me something for my opinion next week, I would like to be able to buy one of your membership Vegas discount cards at a "bargain" price.  Or maybe a new car. hahaha  Keep up the good work Insider Viewpoint, I look forward to your survey.  Kenneth T.  CA.  

*  I hope the survey results will be made public, it is always good to see other peoples opinions of Las Vegas.  I think a fair compensation would be some type of discount.  Since you have 45,000 subscribers, even if you gave each one a Dollar, it would be very costly for you.  Your company has saved me literally thousands of dollars, so whatever you decided will be fine with me and my husband.  Lynn W.  TX

*  I would like to receive something that I cannot get anywhere else.  Bob Harmon

*  A discount food deal or a discount on your membership card would be great.  Thanks for thinking of us and even considering a reward for our completing the survey, I know of no other web site that is as considerate of their readers as you guys.  I commend your ethics and gracious offer, whatever it is going to be.  James White

*  Show tickets or food discounts would be perfect.  I am going to Vegas in a couple weeks so it would be perfect timing.  Lance Sullivan

*   I think it is a great idea to  give out prizes, such as show discounts, that any Vegas tourist would enjoy.  I believe that if we had something to encourage us to take the polls, more subscribers would participate. Thanks!- Ashley, Tennessee

*  I think discount food tickets would be the thing. Because we all have to eat.  Ray Stephan

*  How about some downtown prizes?  All of the current prizes are for strip or outlying venues.  I have never seen anything for downtown.  Richard Printer

*  I think what would be fair is buy one, get one free at a great buffet.  Or how about buy one pitcher of micro brew beer and get one free?  Mark Evenson

*  I think any type of discount would be fine.  I have won previously on your site and your prizes were always delivered in a timely manner and as described, so anything would be good.  Thanks   D. S.  Ohio

*  Free Buffet's at strip casino's. Drinks are free while one gambles.  Robert Bliss

*  Any discount on food or tours would be fine with us.  M/M D Watkins

*  It would be great to have a discount on show tickets.  Mark W.

With the rising costs of both the buffets and shows, any discount would be good.  Ann, PA

*  I think you should offer either a 2 for one buffet at the person choice or a free buffet most people when in Vegas don't stop drinking or gambling long enough to eat proper a 2for1 or free buffet would really make them thin about eating something good and besides a Vegas buffet only cost the casino a fraction of the price that they sell it for!  I also think a 2for1 show tickets would be a good idea but a good show like Penn and Teller or the Rat Pack at the Greek Isles Casino with dinner if available I visit Vegas at least once a year (not nearly enough!) and I am one of the biggest Vegas nuts out there.  I look forward to you newsletter so keep them coming.  All the best.  Kart King

Discount to dinning gourmet rooms---2 for 1 buffets are easy to come by as well as show tickets.  thegreek  

Dear Insider, I'm not sure we need to be compensated because it is you that are doing us such a great service each week with all the information we need about Vegas. BUT if you must, show discounts would be the most appreciated because of their rising cost.  Cheap food and drinks are not difficult to come by - you showed us how!  Michael Connolly  

Food discounts would be great for completing surveys.  Brenda Manchester

If you really feel readers must be compensated, I think either a pair of tickets to a high end show or a free nights stay at a high end hotel would be a treat to most of your readers.  Lynda Loipersbeck 

Food discounts are much better than show discounts.  The reasons are because shows are only good the first couple of times you see them.  I would imagine that the majority of your subscribers have visited Vegas at least a couple of times.  If you like shows then you see a few every trip.  Giving discounts to shows that you have already see once or twice is not much of an incentive.  Buffets on the other hand you can go to over and over.  Thanks  David Burrup

I think free or discount buffet or show tickets would be great!  Steven Mechels 

*  A Discount on show tickets would be great.    wolfden15

*  Everything that free.   ts doll


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